Celtic Pendants

We have the perfect Celtic pendant to complement any outfit. Our Celtic knot pendants can be worn by men, women, and children with the addition of a chain or cord of your choice. These knotwork pendants do not come with a necklace, but chains can be purchased elsewhere on our site. Crafted from fine materials like pewter, white bronze, and sterling silver, these high-quality Celtic and Scottish pendants are suitable for any occasion and make great gifts. We carry designs like Celtic cross pendants, triquetra pendants, triskele pendants, Scottish thistle pendants, tree of life pendants, Greenman pendants, Celtic cat pendants, shamrock pendants, and many more. Check back regularly to see our latest additions!
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Celtic Moon Pendant

Item # PS-TPD421
With Celtic inspiration and your choice of gem, this crescent pendant is a unique way to celebrate the beauty and importance of the moon. This piece has been created to celebrate the importance of the moon in Pagan and Wiccan rituals.

Celtic Nimbus Cross Pendant

Item # CE-200-600
The Celtic Nimbus Cross Pendant is ideal for those who understand the rich cultural and religious history of this symbol. Show your appreciation for Celtic artwork and enjoy the fashionable side of this elegant accessory.

Celtic Ornate Claddagh Pendant

Item # CE-835-A57
You must proceed gently if you are holding someones heart in your hands. Remember this idea with the elegant Celtic Ornate Claddagh Pendant, which shows that your love and loyalty will never fade as time goes by.

Celtic Quaternary Knot Pendant

Item # CE-836-117
The Celtic Quaternary Knot Pendant is ideal for anyone who loves the complexities of Celtic designs. A fantastic item like this will become a standout item within your collection and have everyone admiring your new look.

Celtic Rectangle Horse Pendant

Item # CE-834-367
If you admire them on the race track or just grazing in a field, then the Celtic Rectangle Horse Pendant is for you. Horses are creatures of true elegance, and with this item you can always keep one of them near to you.

Celtic Round Knot Pendant

Item # CE-200-602
The Celtic Round Knot Pendant is nothing short of dazzling. This item showcases the intricate nature of Celtic artwork in a fashionable accent. A stunning piece of jewelry like this will add style and freshen up your look.

Celtic Round Triskellion Knot Pendant

Item # CE-200-601
A unique balance of history and art, the Celtic Round Triskellion Knot Pendant is sure to add style to any collection. This stunning piece is the true definition of elegance, while drawing attention to complex lines.

Celtic Serpent Knot Pendant

Item # CE-200-546
The Celtic Serpent Knot Pendant is a great accent piece for those who appreciate Irish artwork. A great item that will stand out within your collection, this pendant combines dazzling looks and a rich cultural background.

Celtic Shamrock Knot Pendant

Item # CE-834-598
The Celtic Shamrock Knot Pendant is ideal for St. Patricks day or for anyone who wants a little luck of the Irish. This dazzling pendant is inspired by a clover and wonderfully captures the essence of Irish culture.

Celtic Single Loop Cross Pendant

Item # CE-200-510
The Celtic Single Loop Cross Pendant captures the beauty of Celtic art and mixes it with a traditional symbol. This cross boasts a unique and stunning design that will make you the talk of the town when you proudly wear it.

Celtic Sorceress Pendant

Item # PS-TP241
Meticulously crafted from sterling silver with a shimmering black onyx gemstone, the Celtic Sorceress Pendant showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition. Adorn yourself with this Celtic pendant to show your love of all things Celtic.

Celtic Square Quaternary Knot Pendant

Item # CE-200-610
The Celtic Square Quaternary Knot Pendant showcases an exceptional design within a traditional shape. Engraved to capture the essence of Celtic fashion this pendant will accent any outfit that you can pair it up with.