Celtic Pendants

We have the perfect Celtic pendant to complement any outfit. Our Celtic knot pendants can be worn by men, women, and children with the addition of a chain or cord of your choice. These knotwork pendants do not come with a necklace, but chains can be purchased elsewhere on our site. Crafted from fine materials like pewter, white bronze, and sterling silver, these high-quality Celtic and Scottish pendants are suitable for any occasion and make great gifts. We carry designs like Celtic cross pendants, triquetra pendants, triskele pendants, Scottish thistle pendants, tree of life pendants, Greenman pendants, Celtic cat pendants, shamrock pendants, and many more. Check back regularly to see our latest additions!
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Celtic Cross Pendant - Silver Finish

Item # MCI-5014
The Celtic Cross is a widely popular symbol and has different meanings to different people. Whatever special meaning the Celtic Cross has to you, you can display your heritage or love of all things Celtic with this beautiful pendant.

Celtic Cross Pendant with Birthstone

Item # PS-TP3252
Ancient crosses decorated with ornate knotwork are the cornerstones of traditional Celtic design. Our Celtic Birthstone Collection combines the excellence of sterling silver and rich symbolism with your choice of birthstone.

Celtic Cross with Knotwork Pendant - Antique Brass Finish

Item # MCI-5016
The Celtic Cross Pendant features intricate detailing on both sides and is available in a nice antique brass finish. It measures approximately 1.375 inches in diameter. A necklace chain is not included, but may be purchased separately.

Celtic Double Infinity Loop Pendant

Item # CE-200-598
The Celtic Double Infinity Loop Pendant beautifully captures the notion of Infinity, which describes something that is without limits. An elegant symbol that carries a unique meaning, this piece can accent any outfit.

Celtic Double-Sided Horse Knot Pendant

Item # CE-834-256
You have always been intrigued with horses since childhood, and now with the Celtic Double-Sided Horse Knot Pendant you can finally own one. A stunning piece, this item will easily accent any outfit you may pair it with.

Celtic Double-Sided Knot Pendant

Item # CE-200-536
If you want to introduce elegance into your wardrobe then try the Celtic Double-Sided Knot Pendant. This stunning piece will dazzle all who see it when you proudly wear this Celtic inspired pendant to your next outing.

Celtic Elegance Cross Pendant

Item # PS-MPD1356
Intricately designed with lines that twist into the shape of a cross, this Celtic pendant makes a lovely piece to add to an outfit. The Celtic Elegance Cross Pendant offers a stunning tribute to the long history of Celtic art.

Celtic Eternal Knot Heart Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD635
This stylish heart pendant is infused with Celtic knotwork that symbolizes eternity, making it a unique statement of everlasting love. The Celtic Eternal Knot Heart Pendant features an intricate endless knot design.

Celtic Harmony Pendant

Item # PS-TPD960
In light of the natural opposites they lived with, light to darkness, winter to summer, the ancient Celts were devotees to harmony and balance. This Celtic pendant is the symbol of that harmony and balance.

Celtic Heart Pendant - Antique Brass Finish

Item # MCI-5017
The Celtic Heart Pendant features lovely Celtic knotwork inside a heart. Celtic knotwork symbolizes eternity, as the knotwork has no starting point and no ending point. When paired with a heart, this pendant speaks of eternal love.

Celtic Horsehead Pendant

Item # PS-TPD360
Because of its relationship with man, the horse has a special place in history and a special place in the hearts of many. Horses embody grace, beauty, and strength, traits you can honor wearing the Celtic Horsehead Knotwork Pendant.

Celtic Knot Cross Pendant

Item # CE-200-599
The Celtic Knot Cross Pendant wonderfully displays the intricate level of detail found in Celtic style artwork. This piece is a great symbol for ancient designs and religious overtones, so be sure to grab one while you can.