Celtic Pendants

We have the perfect Celtic pendant to complement any outfit. Our Celtic knot pendants can be worn by men, women, and children with the addition of a chain or cord of your choice. These knotwork pendants do not come with a necklace, but chains can be purchased elsewhere on our site. Crafted from fine materials like pewter, white bronze, and sterling silver, these high-quality Celtic and Scottish pendants are suitable for any occasion and make great gifts. We carry designs like Celtic cross pendants, triquetra pendants, triskele pendants, Scottish thistle pendants, tree of life pendants, Greenman pendants, Celtic cat pendants, shamrock pendants, and many more. Check back regularly to see our latest additions!
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Celtic Cat Silver Pendant

Item # PS-TPD333
Intricate Celtic knotwork decorates this charming cat, who is ready to accompany you on any endeavor. This fine sterling silver Wicca and Pagan jewelry celebrates the cats long relationship as a companion to practitioners of Wicca.

Celtic Circle Cross Pendant

Item # CE-836-119
The Celtic Circle Cross Pendant is a great way to show your love and appreciation of Celtic art. This pendant has been designed to replicate ancient Celtic styles so that it could accent any outfit in your wardrobe.

Celtic Circle Knot Pendant

Item # CE-834-182
Accent your outfit with the dazzling Celtic Circle Knot Pendant and become the talk of the town. This elegant pendant will make you stand out from the rest, when you proudly wear this image of Celtic inspired artwork.

Celtic Claddagh Eternal Knot Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD641
Offering a unique take on the traditional Claddagh design, the Celtic Claddagh Eternal Knot Pendant features sections of intricate knotwork overtop the design of hands holding a crowned heart and along the arms.

Celtic Claddagh Pendant - Gold Finish

Item # MCI-5035
The claddagh ring is an old Irish ring that was traditionally given as a token of friendship or love. First designed in the 17th century, the symbol has remained a popular one and is now reimagined as this gilded Celtic Claddagh Pendant.

Celtic Classic Claddagh Pendant

Item # CE-834-112
The Celtic Classic Claddagh Pendant is designed with a traditional Irish look. The symbol is associated with love, loyalty, and friendship, and is an elegant way to show your true feelings for that special someone.

Celtic Classic Triskele Pendant

Item # CE-834-183
The Celtic Classic Triskele Pendant is a symbol that is centuries old but has always found a way into the modern world. This elegant piece of jewelry is sure to be recognized by many when they see you proudly wearing it.

Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant

Item # CE-834-164
The moon has always captivated man, and now with the Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant you can unlock some of those mysteries. This elegant and dazzling item will impress your friends when they see you proudly wearing it.

Celtic Cross and Irish Claddagh Pendant

Item # PS-TP1704
This pendant combines two traditional Irish symbols, the Claddagh and the Celtic cross. The Celtic Knotwork Collection has been created to celebrate Celtic heritage and capture the intricate designs that have inspired mankind for ages.

Celtic Cross Claddagh Pendant

Item # CE-851-011
Combining two ancient beliefs, the Celtic Cross Claddagh Pendant is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Balance between traditional symbols and contemporary design has been found within this elegant accessory.

Celtic Cross Pendant

Item # PS-TP1031
This beautiful Celtic knotwork cross features the intricate details of ancient carvings found on ornate Celtic crucifixes. It was created to celebrate Celtic heritage and capture the knot designs that have inspired mankind for ages.

Celtic Cross Pendant - Gold Finish

Item # MCI-5006
The Celtic Cross is a widely popular symbol and has different meanings to different people. Whatever special meaning the Celtic Cross has to you, you can display your heritage or love of all things Celtic with this beautiful pendant.