Celtic Pendants

We have the perfect Celtic pendant to complement any outfit. Our Celtic knot pendants can be worn by men, women, and children with the addition of a chain or cord of your choice. These knotwork pendants do not come with a necklace, but chains can be purchased elsewhere on our site. Crafted from fine materials like pewter, white bronze, and sterling silver, these high-quality Celtic and Scottish pendants are suitable for any occasion and make great gifts. We carry designs like Celtic cross pendants, triquetra pendants, triskele pendants, Scottish thistle pendants, tree of life pendants, Greenman pendants, Celtic cat pendants, shamrock pendants, and many more. Check back regularly to see our latest additions!
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Alban Elfed Stag Charm Pendant

Item # 090-BC12
To the Celts, the stag was not solely a prey animal, but instead a beast of noble bearing, possessed of dignity and endurance. This Alban Elfed Stag Charm Pendant represents all of the stag's qualities, in the form of a pendant to wear.

Brigid Cross Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD3036
Often made of woven rushes or straw, the Brigid cross arises from the story of one of the patron saints of Ireland. The Brigid Cross Pendant displays a stylized cruciform design with a central square and four radials.

Bronze Brigid Pendant

Item # DD-ZPD-745
At once a midwife, blacksmith, and poetess, Brigid is a vast Celtic deity who could assist her followers in any endeavor. The Bronze Brigid Pendant artfully depicts her as three sisters, each performing one of her unique roles.

Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant

Item # DD-ZTP-1613
Lend a little wildness to your days when you wear the Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant. Often a form taken by the Celtic god Cernunnos, the stag here appears as an elegant accessory ready to help you embrace the spirit of the forest.

Bronze Celtic Knot Wolf Pendant

Item # DD-ZTP-1616
Emblems of the moon in Celtic mythology, wolves were said to represent loyalty, intelligence, and communication. The Bronze Celtic Knot Wolf Pendant depicts an elegant dancing wolf entangled in swirling lines of unraveled knotwork.

Bronze Celtic Swirl with Hidden Pentacle Locket

Item # DD-ZPD-3099
Usually, it is up to you to fill a locket with your own trinkets or memoirs, but in the case of this Bronze Celtic Swirl Locket with Hidden Pentacle, it comes with a surprise already held within, to accommodate your own unique style!

Bronze Cernunnos Pentacle Pendant

Item # DD-ZPD-1218
Cernunnos, the Horned God, is a deity with many aspects and connotations. He is pagan, more specifically Celtic in origin, and in this Bronze Cernunnos Pentacle Pendant, his appearance echoes that of the historic Gundestrup Cauldron.

Bronze God Lugh Pendant

Item # DD-ZPD-1051
Known as the God of Fire in ancient Druid myth, Lugh was a Sun God whose name meant Shining One. The Bronze God Lugh Pendant depicts the deity with intricate detail, sitting peacefully as he is surrounded by an artistic ring of fire.

Bronze Morrigan Pendant

Item # DD-ZTP-3016
In practice, the goddess Morrigan can be a great aid to those who invoke her, but to those who offend her, she is a powerful enemy. This Bronze Morrigan Pendant depicts the goddess as she once appeared to the Gaelic warrior, Cu Chulainn.

Bronze Tree Pentacle Locket

Item # DD-ZTP-2976
This pendant is distinctive and unique, featuring a double-faced design that serves well a wide variety of styles, which makes this Bronze Tree Pentagram Locket quite the versatile accent that will enhance your look considerably.

Celtic 3D Blade Pendant

Item # CE-834-402
If you have always loved the beauty in knives, then the Celtic 3D Blade Pendant could be for you. This stylish piece of jewelry is modeled after a blade to provide you with a fashionable yet not so deadly accent item.

Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant

Item # CE-834-234
Love is a boundless connection that two people can share for a lifetime. Memorialize that notion with the Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant. This dazzling piece of jewelry is a great gift for someone that you care about.