Celtic Necklaces

We offer a great selection of Celtic necklaces that can be worn by both men and women. All our Celtic necklaces include a chain, often made of sterling silver, or a necklace cord for wearing. Some Celtic necklaces feature pendants with detailed Celtic knotwork, Celtic crosses, Celtic Claddagh, Celtic dragons, the Celtic Tree of Life. We also offer unique lockets that you can keep small treasures in, and so much more. We carry a large variety of Celtic necklaces that are beautiful to wear with Celtic dresses or medieval outfits. Wear our Celtic necklaces at medieval events, Renaissance fairs, weddings or as part of your everyday look.
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Celtic Teardrop Necklace

Item # CCJ224
With its delicate appearance, the Celtic Teardrop Necklace is a beautiful personal accessory that can be worn on a daily basis. It features an elegant and elongated Celtic knot, from which hangs an attractive black gemstone accent.

Celtic Thistle Trio Gem Necklace

Item # PS-WZTN118
A Scottish emblem that symbolizes nobility of character, the thistle possesses sharp leaves and prickles all over the plant. The Celtic Thistle Trio Gem Necklace displays a central thistle with a slightly smaller one on each side.

Celtic Tree Of Life Necklace

Item # CCJ131
The Celtic Tree of Life Necklace is a beautiful, symbolic piece that makes a great addition to a Celtic jewelry collection. The Celtic Tree of Life Necklace is made of hand painted, lead free alloy and comes with an adjustable chain.

Celtic Wolf Necklace

Item # CCJ010
The Celtic Wolf Necklace features the outline of a wolf head. The inside of the head is filled with green gems. This necklace is made of lead free alloy and comes on an adjustable chain. This wolf necklace would make a great gift.

Celtic Zoomorphic Necklace

Item # WR-IZP
This Celtic Zoomorphic Necklace is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a waxed cord. The information card is full color on the front and has historical information on the reverse about Celtic tradition and animals.
$12.00 $10.80

Charming Celtic Knotwork Necklace

Item # PS-TN116
This intricate and unusual Celtic Knotwork necklace in sterling silver with gemstone accent is a powerful reminder of the fullness of eternity. Adorn yourself with this lovely Celtic necklace to show your love of all things Celtic.

Claddagh Keepsake Necklace

Item # 090-LV8
One of the most meaningful Celtic symbols is the Claddagh, which stands for love, loyalty, and friendship. Make this symbol even more special by keeping a heartfelt memento always near your heart in this Claddagh Keepsake Necklace.

Copper Triquetra Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0187
Welcome the ancient and fashionable design of the original Copper Triquetra Jewelry Set into your wardrobe today. This stunning collection will become a game changer for your look and make you a true fashion guru among your peers.

Copper Triquetra Spiral Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0176
Update your current fashion resume with a Celtic inspired item like the Copper Triquetra Spiral Jewelry Set. This original collection will become a game changer for your wardrobe, so purchase them while you still have the chance.

Crossover Celtic Knot Necklace

Item # 090-P04
Celtic knots can have many meanings, as each twist and turn can be translated in a myriad of ways. This Crossover Celtic Knot Necklace is representative of love and friendship, as the winding knot emphasizes the bonds between others.

Dance of Rhiannon Necklace

Item # 090-MY7
Named after the strong minded goddess of Welsh mythology, the Dance of Rhiannon Necklace features Celtic-inspired imagery in an artful display. Three golden hares dance around a triskelion as intricate knotwork adorns their bodies.

Divided Antique Copper Celtic Knot Necklace and Earring Set

Item # AJ-0142
The Divided Antique Copper Celtic Knot Necklace and Earring Set is unique thanks to the design of its Celtic knot. Instead of a typical knot, this jewelry set features a knot that is diagonally broken and equally divided.