Celtic Necklaces

We offer a great selection of Celtic necklaces that can be worn by both men and women. All our Celtic necklaces include a chain, often made of sterling silver, or a necklace cord for wearing. Some Celtic necklaces feature pendants with detailed Celtic knotwork, Celtic crosses, Celtic Claddagh, Celtic dragons, the Celtic Tree of Life. We also offer unique lockets that you can keep small treasures in, and so much more. We carry a large variety of Celtic necklaces that are beautiful to wear with Celtic dresses or medieval outfits. Wear our Celtic necklaces at medieval events, Renaissance fairs, weddings or as part of your everyday look.
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Celtic Knot Necklace

Item # CCJ222
The Celtic Knot Necklace is a great piece to add to your Celtic jewelry collection. The necklace is made of lead free alloy and comes with an adjustable chain. The Celtic Knot Necklace makes a great gift for a friend or family member.

Celtic Knot Symbol Necklace

Item # SC2509
Introduce the smooth design of the Celtic Knot Symbol Necklaceinto your current wardrobe and shake things up. This modern take on a traditional design will easily impress your friends and family, so grab one while you can.

Celtic Locket

Item # SC2506
This charming Celtic Locket makes for a perfect gift for your special someone. The Celtic Locket is functional. The amazing Celtic knotwork symbolizes unity and love. The Celtic Locket is a great gift to show your appreciation.
$30.00 $27.00

Celtic Lyonesse Necklace

Item # 090-LT12
Born of legend, the lands of Lyonesse are said to have sunk mysteriously beneath the waves in Arthurian lore. Only one man survived, and from the lore, this Celtic Lyonesse Necklaceis born, with all the glory of that fabled, sunken land.

Celtic Medallion Necklace

Item # SC2820
If you have been searching for a stunning and regal accent, then the stylish Celtic Medallion Necklacemay be the solution. This innovative piece of jewelry will become a treasured addition to your personal collection.

Celtic Mjolnir Hammer Necklace

Item # CCJ295
The Celtic Mjolnir Hammer Necklace is an artistic interpretation of the hammer of the Norse god, Thor. Named for its strike, the hammer was a mighty weapon when wielded by Thor, and it became a symbol of justice, strength, and power.

Celtic Moonstone Necklace

Item # PS-TN224
Celtic Knotwork is characterized by the endless knot with no beginning or end, representing eternity in all its glory. This intricate Celtic Knotwork necklace in sterling silver with gemstone accent is a reminder of eternity.

Celtic Necklace

Item # CCJ221
The Celtic Necklace is a great piece to add to a Celtic jewelry collection. The necklace features a circle with six green jewels around the edges. The inside is covered in Celtic knots, and three points come from the middle of the circle.

Celtic Necklace

Item # SC2967
Welcome the dazzling and fashionable Celtic Necklace into your personal collection today, and you will not be disappointed. This original jewelry item has a stunning design that can easily complement any outfit in your wardrobe.

Celtic Necklace of Courage

Item # 090-CS08
Inspired by Boudica, the great Celtic warrior of Albion who led her people in an uprising against the Romans, the Celtic Necklace of Courage is a stunning and meaningful reminder of the bravery and tenacity that lives in you.

Celtic Necklace with Green Gem

Item # CCJ225
The Celtic Necklace with Green Gem would make a stunning addition to your Celtic jewelry collection. This necklace features a single Celtic Knot pendant on a silver adjustable chain. There is a small green gem in the center of the knot.

Celtic Northern Knot Necklace

Item # 090-TVP03
To many, the Celtic knot is more than just a winding pattern of twisting loops and endless curves. A knot, like the one featured in this Celtic Northern Knot Necklace, is a powerful symbol that represents the bond between individuals.