Celtic Necklaces

We offer a great selection of Celtic necklaces that can be worn by both men and women. All our Celtic necklaces include a chain, often made of sterling silver, or a necklace cord for wearing. Some Celtic necklaces feature pendants with detailed Celtic knotwork, Celtic crosses, Celtic Claddagh, Celtic dragons, the Celtic Tree of Life. We also offer unique lockets that you can keep small treasures in, and so much more. We carry a large variety of Celtic necklaces that are beautiful to wear with Celtic dresses or medieval outfits. Wear our Celtic necklaces at medieval events, Renaissance fairs, weddings or as part of your everyday look.
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Brass Triquetra Spiral and Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0177
It is time to amplify your fashion presence in the room with the magnificent Brass Triquetra Spiral and Jewelry Set. This dazzling accessory will set you apart from everyone else in the room, so pick up this collection while you can.

Call of Annwn Necklace

Item # 090-MY4
Let the melodic howls of this celestial hound guide you to paradise. The Call of Annwn Necklace features a crescent moon and hound design, inspired by the Otherworld of Welsh mythology, called Annwn and ruled by the King Arawn.

Celtic Alphabet Necklace

Item # CCJ001
The Celtic Alphabet Necklace is an attractive necklace that looks similar to a letter from a runic alphabet. With its subtle curves and beautiful Celtic knotwork, this Celtic necklace is a great personal accessory for all occasions.

Celtic Anchor Necklace

Item # SC2670
The Anchor Pendant displays beautiful Celtic knotwork. The Anchor Pendant would make a great gift for a loved one or yourself. The Anchor symbolizes hope and religious dedication. Add the Anchor Pendant to any ensemble to turn heads.

Celtic Bird Necklace

Item # SC2508
Made of lead-free pewter, the Celtic Bird Necklace is an eye-catching piece of neckwear. The knotwork detail includes two Herons which symbolize love and fidelity. The Celtic Bird Necklace is a lovely accent to any attire.

Celtic Blue Stone Necklace

Item # SC2933
The smooth curves and fine twists of this Celtic Blue Stone Necklace make it a fine addition to any attire. It can be worn interchangeably as a subtle accent in your everyday apparel or as a centerpiece that adds appeal to your looks!

Celtic Boar Necklace

Item # WR-CBPP
An emblem of fertility, fearlessness, and strength, the boar held an important role for the Celts, served as a meal to honored guests. The Celtic Boar Necklace mimics ancient Pictish carvings with the curling lines on its body.

Celtic Cat Necklace

Item # PS-MNC047
The cat has long been a revered companion of man, sharing our lives and more since the time of the early Egyptians. The Celtic Cat Necklace is a great way to show your love for mans eternal feline friend.

Celtic Cat Necklace with Knotwork

Item # PS-TNC049
The cat has long been a revered companion of man, sharing our lives since the time of the early Egyptians. This beautifully crafted feline is adorned with Celtic symbolism to add meaning to the naturally mysterious character of the cat.

Celtic Circle Necklace

Item # CCJ194
The Celtic Circle Necklace would make a lovely addition to your Celtic jewelry collection. This necklace features a circle filled with Celtic knots. The connector piece between the pendant and the chain features a red rhinestone.

Celtic Crescent Necklace

Item # CCJ192
The Celtic Crescent Necklace would make a great gift for any friend or family member. This necklace is made of lead free pewter. The connector between the necklace and the pendant is adorned with rhinestones.

Celtic Cross Knot Necklace

Item # SC2795
Embrace the artistic and religious values that can accompany the elegant Celtic Cross Knot Necklace, which can easily accent any outfit. This unique piece of jewelry offers a modern design that is rich with history and meaning.