Celtic Necklaces

We offer a great selection of Celtic necklaces that can be worn by both men and women. All our Celtic necklaces include a chain, often made of sterling silver, or a necklace cord for wearing. Some Celtic necklaces feature pendants with detailed Celtic knotwork, Celtic crosses, Celtic Claddagh, Celtic dragons, the Celtic Tree of Life. We also offer unique lockets that you can keep small treasures in, and so much more. We carry a large variety of Celtic necklaces that are beautiful to wear with Celtic dresses or medieval outfits. Wear our Celtic necklaces at medieval events, Renaissance fairs, weddings or as part of your everyday look.
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Pict's Knot Necklace

Item # 090-CMP38
Inspired and named after the style of the Picts, a group of Celts to who once called Northern Scotland their home, this Picts Knot Pendant is a stylized showing that fuses a trio of triangles into a single impressive design.

Red Gem Celtic Knot Necklace

Item # SC2966
The stylish and magnificent Red Gem Celtic Knot Necklace balances the worlds of fashion and history to create a modern accent. You will be the topic of discussion at your next social event while proudly wearing this original jewelry item.

Red Jeweled Celtic Heart Necklace

Item # CCJ190
Featuring intricate Celtic knots as well as an attractive heart design, the Red Jeweled Celtic Heart Necklace is an elegant and beautiful accessory that complements a variety of looks and styles with its tasteful appearance.

Round Celtic Flower Necklace

Item # CCJ016
The Round Celtic Flower Necklace is a simple yet attractive pendant that is made from lead free metal. It features a rounded shape decorated with an intricate and eye-catching Celtic knot with a subtle red accent at its heart.

Round Celtic Necklace

Item # SC2507
Now you can capture the beauty and essence of an ancient design that is crafted into the Round Celtic Necklace. This dazzling piece of jewelry can be a fun and innovative addition to your personal wardrobe, which can accent any outfit.

Round Stone White Bronze Celtic Knot Necklace

Item # PS-WZTN224
The triquetra is a Celtic symbol representing the patterns of three in the universe, such as earth, sea, and sky. The Round Stone White Bronze Celtic Knot Necklace displays a gem between two extended triquetra knots.

Runic Celtic Cross Necklace

Item # 090-NLCC03
Knowledge is a powerful thing, and both men and gods have long sought to attain all they can of it. This Runic Celtic Cross Necklace is symbolic of such pursuits, embodying lore in the runes and a Norse gods sacrifice for knowledge.

Scottish Thistle Necklace

Item # WR-STHP
According to a 13th century legend, this prickly flower cut short an ambush attempt by Norse invaders. Since then, it has become the proud emblem of Scotland. Celebrate its rich history and culture with the Scottish Thistle Necklace.

Scottish Unicorn Necklace

Item # WR-SUNP
The Scottish Unicorn Necklace depicts a beast said to be both powerful and chivalrous among many admirable traits. As the natural enemy of the lion, which served as Englands herald, it was the perfect symbol for 15th century Scotland.

Silver and Copper Celtic Cross Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0182
The impressive Silver and Copper Celtic Cross Jewelry Set is a perfect balance between ancient art and spiritual symbols. These original accents can enhance the tone of any outfit within your wardrobe, so grab this collection today.

Silver and Copper Spiral Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0249
If you have been searching for dramatic and original accessories then consider the Silver and Copper Jewelry Set. This collection can take your look to new heights and have everyone admiring your daring sense of fashion.

Silver and Copper Triquetra Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0184
Your search for a quality talisman is over after you pick up the Silver and Copper Triquetra Jewelry Set. This elegant collection will become your personal style signature after your proudly wear it to your next social event.