Celtic Earrings

Our Celtic earrings will make the perfect accent to any outfit, whether you are dressed for everyday or a Renaissance fair. Our gorgeous Celtic jewelry is an excellent way to show pride in your heritage or your appreciation of traditional Celtic designs. Many of these Celtic hook earrings and Celtic post earrings are crafted from fine pewter, white bronze, brass, copper, or sterling silver metals, and a number are decorated with colorful crystals. The majority of the knotwork earrings we carry do require pierced ears in order to wear them. Our inventory contains a wide variety of styles. We carry Celtic cross earrings, Claddagh earrings, triquetra earrings, triskele earrings, Celtic heart earrings, Greenman earrings, tree of life earrings, shamrock earrings, Celtic moon earrings, Scottish thistle earrings, and many more beautiful designs. These Celtic knot earrings pair extremely well with our other Celtic jewelry and work great as gifts.
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Celtic Endless Knot Teardrop Gem Earrings

Item # PS-WZTE107
Combining shimmering gemstones with intricate Celtic knotwork, the elegant Celtic Endless Knot Teardrop Gem Earrings offer a compelling look for anyone who enjoys showing off these ancient Celtic designs in their attire.

Celtic Extended Quaternary Earrings

Item # PS-WZTE1124
The unbroken, interwoven appearance of Celtic knotwork stands for continuity and the eternal nature of the world. The Celtic Extended Quaternary Earrings show off four point knots that have been stretched from one corner.

Celtic Extended Triquetra Earrings

Item # PS-WZTE2870
The Celtic Extended Triquetra Earrings utilize a traditional knot design with an altered trinity knot shape to create a mute appeal to the power of the eternal, hanging from one stretched corner of the triquetra.

Celtic Flower Knot Earrings

Item # CC10053
Celtic art often draws upon the natural world for inspiration in its designs. The Celtic Flower Knot Earrings mimic the petals of a flower in their twisting design, showing off a green crystal accent.

Celtic Heart Earrings

Item # PS-TER378
To speak volumes without saying a word is the magic of symbolism. In antiquity, the Celtic Heart was an outward expression of inner love, passion, and strength, and the Celtic Knot contained within each heart represents eternity.

Celtic Heart Jewelry Set

Item # PS-SET004
The Celtic Heart has traditionally been symbolic of endless love, passion, and strength, and the tasteful and intricate design of the knotwork woven into the Celtic Heart Jewelry Set adds a dimension of eternity to the concept.

Celtic Horses Earrings

Item # PS-TER995
Horses played an important role for the Celtic people, who had many gods such as Rhiannon, Epona, and Macha. These important animals along with the intricate Celtic knot design make the Celtic Horses Earrings a great piece of jewelry.

Celtic Knot Dangle Earrings

Item # PS-TE864
The Triquetra is an ancient Celtic symbol that speaks of the power of three in all things - earth, sea, and sky, birth, death, and rebirth, and the maiden, mother, and crone aspects of the Goddess, as well as past, present, and future.
$38.00 $22.77

Celtic Knot Earrings

Item # CCJ036
These attractive knotwork earrings feature a beautiful Celtic knot and are an ideal accent for any medieval woman. The Celtic Knot Earrings feature an elongated Celtic knot that is beautiful to look at and appropriately sized.

Celtic Knot Harmony Earrings

Item # PS-TER1568
Balance and harmony are themes that have graced every culture in one way or another. In a magnificent fusion of the East and West, the Celtic Knot Harmony Earrings provide stunning accessories that are graced with eclectic charm.

Celtic Knotwork Dangle Earrings

Item # PS-TE2290
The basic symbolism of Celtic Knotwork is that of the great cosmic loom of the universe. Stylishly framed with silver, these Celtic Knot earrings spread their quiet message with an eloquent appearance for you to add to your look.

Celtic Mandala Earrings

Item # SC2794
Dress to impress the next time you are hitting the town with the Celtic Mandala Earrings, which can accent any look. This stunning set is ideal for any who love stylish designs that balance ancient inspirations and modern fashion.