Celtic Charms

When you want to add a touch of Celtic elegance to your life, check out the delightful Celtic charms we have available here. Our selection includes a number of designs like Celtic knot charms, Claddagh charms, Celtic Green Man charms, Celtic cross charms, shamrock charms, and many more. Our Irish jewelry charms are meticulously crafted from fine metals like white bronze and sterling silver to ensure a gorgeous appearance. Certain charms may also come with gemstone options. Peruse the intricate knotwork and other designs featured in this section to find the perfect piece to add to a phone, keychain, or bracelet!
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Celtic Dragon Charm

Item # 090-BC06
According to the Celts, dragons are the guardians of earth and the other realms, making them one of the most powerful creatures in the world. With the Celtic Dragon Charm, you can sport the strength and secrecy of these mighty wyrms.

Celtic Greenman Charm

Item # PS-TCM053
With subtle Celtic inspiration in its design, the Celtic Greenman Charm offers a unique interpretation of the legendary Greenman image. His iconic leafy face appears with fine twisted knotwork details in his brows and beard.

Celtic High Kick Dancer Charm

Item # PS-WZCM036
Celebrate your Irish pride with this charm that combines three iconic Celtic symbols in its delightful design. The Celtic High Kick Dancer Charm shows off a dancer in mid-kick above a Claddagh heart design.

Celtic Knot Cross Charm

Item # PS-WZCM107
Displaying a beautiful design that draws the eye, the Celtic Knot Cross Charm features an intricate knotwork cross that hangs from a small loop. The elegant cross has equidistant bars and a subtle knotwork nimbus.

Celtic Knotwork Heart Charm

Item # PS-WZCM047
The combination of intricate Celtic knotwork and an elegant heart creates the perfect symbol of eternal love. The Celtic Knotwork Heart Charm makes a great addition to a necklace, bracelet, anklet, keychain, or phone!

Celtic Moon Charm

Item # PS-TCM052
With Celtic inspiration this crescent moon charm pendant is a unique way to celebrate the beauty and importance of the moon. The Blue Moon Collection has been created to celebrate the place the moon occupies in Pagan and Wiccan rituals.

Celtic Spirit Triquetra Charm

Item # PS-WZCM054
Ancient Celtic designs represent motion and the changes of nature with their winding spirals and intricate knotwork. The Celtic Spirit Triquetra Charm displays an elegant endless knot hanging from a small ring.

Celtic Triquetra Knot Charm

Item # PS-WZTC125
The triquetra speaks of various concepts of three with its three-pointed design, ideas such as past, present, and future or maiden, mother, and crone. The Celtic Triquetra Knot Charm hangs an elegant threefold knot from a simple loop.

Celtic Twin Triquetra Charm

Item # PS-WZCM055
Ancient Celtic triquetras represent various elements of the natural world with their three winding loops that form the triangular knot. The Celtic Twin Triquetra Charm displays a pair of knots hanging from a small ring.

Four Point Celtic Knot Silver Charm

Item # PS-TCM100
A classic Quaternary Knot is captured in sterling silver, allowing you to wear one of the oldest Celtic symbols and express your love for this ancient art. The Four Point Celtic Knot Silver Charm showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition.

Imbolc Charm

Item # 090-BC02
In Celtic tradition, Imbolc was a midwinter festival celebrating the halfway point to spring and the goddess Brighid, later known as St. Brigid. The Imbolc Charm embodies the spirit of this holiday while staying true to Celtic designs.

Morrigan Charm

Item # 090-BC14
In Celtic mythology, the Morrigan was a fearsome goddess of death, earth, and sovereignty who took the form of a raven to interact with mortals. The Morrigan Charm takes the goddess in her avian form and further immortalizes her.