Viking Jewelry

The Vikings are well-known for being excellent warriors and incredible sea-farers, but they also possessed a rich mythology and culture. The Viking jewelry here at Dark Knight Armoury shows one aspect of that culture with our fantastic selection of Viking necklace, Viking pendants, Viking rings, Viking wristwear, Viking earrings, and Viking charms. Many pieces reveal influence from Norse mythology, depicting gods and goddesses, the Valkyrie, and items like the hammer, Mjolnir. Other pieces show off common Viking weaponry and tools like Viking axes, Viking shields, longships, and Viking helmets. Still other designs feature runes and knotwork patterns crafted by the Vikings, ensuring that you have a wealth of looks to choose from. Browse through these Nordic jewelry categories to find the perfect pieces to go with a Viking costume or your daily outfits!
Viking Charms, Viking Keychain Charms, Viking Bracelet Charms, and Viking Phone Charms
Fans of Viking culture can show off their interest with the simple addition of a Viking charm from Dark Knight Armoury to their look! This section features fantastic Nordic charms showing off Viking knotwork, runes, and other popular Viking designs. Each Norse charm hangs from a small loop that makes it easy to add to a cell phone, charm bracelet, or keychain for a bit of Viking flair.
Viking Earrings, Norse Earrings, and Nordic Earrings
Be sure to check out the fantastic pairs of Viking earrings that are available here at Dark Knight Armoury! Our selection includes a number of Nordic earring designs inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture and art. Most of our Viking hook earrings and Viking stud earrings require pierced ears in order to wear. Try matching our Norse earrings with other pieces of our Viking jewelry to create a complete look for your ensemble.
Viking Necklaces, Mjolnir Necklaces, Rune Necklaces, and Nordic Necklaces
Dark Knight Armoury is pleased to offer a wide selection of fantastic Viking necklaces to add a touch of striking Viking flair to your outfit. We carry many designs inspired by Norse mythology, culture, and art, including iconic Viking symbols and motifs like Mjolnir, longships, Viking knotwork, and runes. Each necklace in this section comes with its own chain or cord for wearing. Browse to find a great piece to add to your look!
Viking Pendants, Mjolnir Pendants, Nordic Pendants, and Viking Ship Pendants
Find the perfect Viking pendant for your costume or outfit here at Dark Knight Armoury, where we host a number of fantastic Nordic pendants in eye-catching styles. Our pendant designs show off Norse gods and goddesses, Viking ships, Viking warriors, runes, and other iconic Viking motifs and symbols. None of the Norse pendants in this section come with a chain or cord, enabling you to choose how to wear these pieces.
Viking Rings, Nordic Rings, and Rune Rings
Perfect for men or women, the Viking rings available from Dark Knight Armoury come in a range of sizes to ensure that anyone can show off Norse style! We carry an assortment of Nordic rings featuring runes and other details from Norse mythology and culture. Additionally, several of our pieces depict historical rings found at burial sites and treasure hoards. Take a moment to browse and find the ideal Viking ring for your look.
Viking Wristwear, Viking Bracelets, Viking Watches, and Viking Wrist Bands
Our Viking wristwear from Dark Knight Armoury comes in styles suitable for men and women, ranging from Viking watches to Viking bracelets to Viking wrist bands. Our designs span woven leather bracelets to twisted torc bracelets and everything in between. Inspired by Norse mythology and culture, these pieces provide stunning looks for Viking costumes or daily attire. Check out our selection to find the perfect accessory for your outfit.

"'I'm huge fan because of your wonderful, large selection of high quality LARP, costume gear, and amazing movie replicas! My favorites being the renaissance and dragon leather outfits and all your beautiful bows! I also love all the collectibles, such as dragon figurines, dragon (which are my favorite, and I have a larger collection thanks to you), as well as fairies, and so many other wonderful pieces. You offer such a massive collection of awesomeness everyday, and you keep adding more!! Your site is the first I visit if I am looking for something new to add to my dragon collection, or something to make or add to a costume. It's also prefect for shopping for gifts for my LARP friends or fantasy lovers!"

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