Imperial LARP Collection

From members of the Round Table to adventuring Crusaders, the Imperial LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armoury is sure to suit a variety of knightly characters. Including hammers, halberds, daggers, and, of course, swords, these LARP weapons feature a realistic, historic-inspired appearance. Many are embellished with symbols of power, such as the Crusaders cross. Made of sturdy, shred resistant foam surrounding a fiberglass core, these latex coated weapons are sure to serve you well in many LARP battles. An elastic gloss finish helps protect them from everyday damages, so with proper maintenance, they will keep you battling at event after event. Their expertly colored, authentic look ensures they will suit any live action roleplay theme that calls for characters of a noble nature.
Black Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Characters of a darker nature will love the Black Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield. Made of durable, shred resistant polyethylene foam, this heater-shaped shield provides the ideal defense for medieval re-enactors or LARP warriors.
Price: $155.96
Blue Imperial Commander LARP Shield
Whether you are leading your troops into battle or at rest after a long day of training, the Blue Imperial Commander LARP Shield is the something you will want at your side. This tall shield displays a ton of detail and character.
Price: $263.18
Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield
Make sure you take the Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield with you next time you engage in a historical re-enactment or LARP battle. This medieval heater-shaped shield boasts a realistic look and provides full functionality and safety.
Price: $204.70
Blue Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Confidently charge into battle with the Blue Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield. This durable, closed cell foam shield is shred resistant and has a strong latex coating, giving it a high level of safety for use in a variety of events.
Price: $155.96
Green Imperial Commander LARP Shield
The Green Imperial Commander LARP Shield is perfect for those who are looking to impress both their friends and foes at their next roleplay event. This shield is made from shred resistant polyethylene foam and features many details.
Price: $263.18
Green Imperial Major LARP Shield
Let your opponents know that you mean business when you are carrying the Green Imperial Major LARP Shield. This heater-shaped LARP shield is constructed from shred resistant polyethylene foam, with a latex coating and gloss finish.
Price: $204.70
Green Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Going into battle with the right protection is something that all great warriors do to achieve victory. You will find yourself well equipped when you carry the Green Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield into your next re-enactment or battle.
Price: $155.96
Imperial Commander LARP Long Sword
A sword can be the most valuable piece of equipment for a brave knight who is charging into battle. The Imperial Commander LARP Long Sword is an intimidating weapon, sure to leave your enemies struck with fear at the sight of it.
Price: $107.22
Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer
With the Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer in your hands, you are sure to strike terror and awe in any opponent. The wickedly grinning skulls of kings long past decorate this medieval and fantasy-inspired double-headed war hammer.
Price: $165.70
Imperial LARP Long Dagger
With iconic medieval cross details inspired by the emblems of the Crusade, the Imperial LARP Long Dagger is a must-have weapon for any holy knight. With its exceptional length, this LARP knife is ideal for close combat intimidation.
Price: $53.60
Imperial LARP Long Sword
No medieval knight is truly armed without a trusty sword. The Imperial LARP Long Sword is expertly crafted and realistically colored for an authentic, medieval-inspired look any knight would be proud to wield at a LARP event.
Price: $97.47
Imperial Major LARP Hammer
Realistic enough to intimidate any foe, the Imperial Major LARP Hammer threatens of both crushing and stabbing action, A hammer and a spike adorn opposite ends of its head, decorated with a medieval, Crusader-inspired cross detail.
Price: $146.21
Imperial Sergeant LARP Hammer
Inspired by war hammers of the late medieval era, the Imperial Sergeant LARP Hammer is crafted with authentic looking detail. Atop the wooden-looking shaft rests a metallic colored, double headed hammer featuring medieval crosses.
Price: $116.97
Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword
Charge into battle with the might of a medieval Crusader when you wield the Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword. A medieval cross, in realistic golden color, adorns the pommel of the weapon as a token of the ancient wars long past.
Price: $87.72
Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword
Stately in design and realistic in detail, the Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword is fit for a noble knight embarking on a crusade. The golden colored pommel of this live action roleplay weapon takes the shape of a square medieval cross.
Price: $82.85
Red Imperial Commander LARP Shield
The next time you engage in a LARP battle, be sure to take the Red Imperial Commander LARP Shield with you. This shield is similar to a medieval heater shield, but it sports a distinctive shape and offers plenty of terrific detail.
Price: $263.18
Red Imperial Major LARP Shield
Featuring bright colors and an authentic design, the Red Imperial Major LARP Shield is a great choice for your next medieval re-enactment or LARP battle. This polyethylene foam shield does not shred and has a strong latex coating.
Price: $204.70
Red Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Carrying the proper piece of defensive equipment can mean the difference between victory or defeat on the battlefield. Defeat will never even cross your mind when you have the trusty Red Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield for protection.
Price: $155.96

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