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Revisit Middle Earth at any time of year with the fantastic assortment of Hobbit hoodies and Hobbit jackets available here at Dark Knight Armoury! We offer a selection of Hobbit sweatshirt designs from all three of the films, including a number of images of characters like Bilbo Baggins, Smaug, Thorin Oakenshield, Azog the Defiler, and Bard the Bowman. The Hobbit logo and stylized graphics decorate other designs. Most of the prints appear on a black or gray base material. Comfortable and warm, these Hobbit hooded sweatshirts and jackets make an excellent addition to casual attire during the colder months of the year. Show off your enthusiasm for the incredible tale of J.R.R. Tolkien with one of these fantastic jackets or hoodies.
Map of Middle Earth Pull-Over Hoodie
The next time you go on an adventure across the various lands of Middle Earth, make sure you have the Map of Middle Earth Pull-Over Hoodie as a guide. Middle Earth can be tough to navigate and dangerous if you do not know your way.
Price: $52.00
Smaug Smolder Hoodie
Exemplifying the magnificent terror Smaug is known to incite, the Smaug Smolder Hoodie features an eye-catching image of the main antagonist in the Hobbit storyline, a terrifically greedy and fearsome dragon named Smaug.
Price: $52.00

"We love Medieval/Magical/Mythical themed stuff so so much, so we LOVE Dark Knight Armoury. In fact, we are such big fans of this theme that we named our dogs Phoenix and Gryphon, since they go with that theme. We love collecting items that relate to this theme. Of course we want absolutely everything that has a phoenix or gryphon on it, to match our dogs' names, and Dark Knight Armoury has plenty. We also love collecting dragons, unicorns, fairies, and more. In fact, we recently had a Medieval themed birthday party for our golden retriever Gryphon, and Dark Knight Armoury was perfect for prizes, goody bag items, and decorative accents for the party. Here is a collage with photos from the Medieval party, which Dark Knight Armoury was a big part of. Everyone dressed as knights at the party, with helmets and armor vests. We decorated the room with all sorts of medieval scenes, like knights jousting, a maiden in a tower, a medieval banquet, and more. We also made snacks to match, like cookie targets with pretzel arrows, torches out of ice cream cones and orangey snack flames, and crests made from cheese and crackers. We had all medieval themed games, and the guests especially loved the prizes, which included dragon and unicorn boxes and necklaces, which we got from your site. As you can see, we are definitely Dark Knight Armoury Superfans and would recommend your site to everyone!"

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