Mercenary LARP Collection

If you favor the cutthroat attitude of a blade for hire, check out the Mercenary LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armour. This collection includes a variety of LARP swords, shields, LARP halberds, LARP daggers, LARP hammers, LARP maces, and more, all in realistic detail resembling the authentic steel and wooden versions used in the medieval era. Featuring LARP weaponry based on the blades used by the Landsknecht, famous historic mercenaries, as well as unique LARP pole weapons, this LARP collection is sure to impress comrades and intimidate foes at your next live action roleplay event. The Mercenary LARP shields come in many shapes and are authentically crafted for a Viking aesthetic. All of this weaponry is made safe for live action roleplay use. Its thick, closed cell polyethylene foam construction is resistant to tearing and layered over a reinforced fiberglass core. Over a coating of latex, each weapon also sports an elastic gloss finish for added resiliency. Become the next fearless mercenary at your upcoming LARP event with this high quality and historic inspired collection.
Mercenary Holbein LARP Dagger
Weapons of every size have their own unique advantages, and blades like the historic-inspired Mercenary Holbein LARP Dagger are perfect for close combat, covert attacks, or final defenses at your next live action roleplay altercation.
Price: $48.73
Mercenary LARP Boar Spear
Once used to hunt wild boars in the early middle ages, the boar spear found its way onto the battlefield due to its unique and useful features. The Mercenary LARP Boar Spear is expertly detailed to resemble this historic pole weapon.
Price: $185.20
Mercenary LARP Buckler Shield
The ideal size for fending off the blows of an attacker with careful precision and speed, the Mercenary LARP Buckler Shield is a must-have defense for close range encounters at your next medieval-themed live action roleplay event.
Price: $97.47
Mercenary LARP Claymore
With its realistic coloration and details, like its angled cross guard that features metallic colored clover shapes, the Mercenary LARP Claymore is ideal for any LARPer looking to wield the might of a traditional Scottish weapon.
Price: $155.96
Mercenary LARP German Messer Sword
Take your sword game to the next level with the Mercenary LARP German Messer Sword. This unique live action roleplay weapon features characteristics of a drop point blade knife on the long blade of a historic-inspired sword.
Price: $92.60
Mercenary LARP Grosse Messer Sword
Somewhere between a dagger and a sword, the Mercenary LARP Grosse Messer Sword combines elements of both in one terrific weapon. Its long blade ends in a clip point style sure to strike your opponent with fear during your next LARP battle.
Price: $112.09
Mercenary LARP Halberd
The Mercenary LARP Halberd is a long range live action roleplay weapon to be reckoned with. Atop its long pole is a fearsome blade inspired by medieval weaponry that combines the wickedest elements of a spear and a battle axe.
Price: $194.95
Mercenary LARP Heater Shield
When it comes to keeping your defense up in battle, nothing protects like a good shield. The Mercenary LARP Heater Shield, with its medieval-inspired design, is a fantastic way to guard yourself in live action roleplay combat.
Price: $136.46
Mercenary LARP Katzbalger
The signature sword of Renaissance mercenaries, a katzbalger is known by its unique guard. Crafted with attention to detail and historic inspiration, the Mercenary LARP Katzbalger features a distinctive figure eight shaped guard.
Price: $92.60
Mercenary LARP Mace
Deal out deft blows on the LARP battlefield with the Mercenary LARP Mace. Based on bludgeoning pole weapons from the medieval era, this latex coated foam version has been expertly constructed for use in live action roleplay combat.
Price: $87.72
Mercenary LARP Metallic Buckler Shield
Slightly curved to help fend off blows from various angles, the Mercenary LARP Metallic Buckler Shield is an excellent defense to add to your live action roleplay battle ensemble. It is made of sturdy, closed cell polyethylene foam.
Price: $82.85
Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff
Mastering any weapon takes discipline, and the Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff is no exception. Expertly crafted, this foam LARP weapon displays a dignified, dark wood appearance and metallic coloration surrounding a fiberglass core.
Price: $126.71
Mercenary LARP Targe Shield
With its sturdy and thick polyethylene foam construction and its realistic, medieval-inspired appearance, the Mercenary LARP Targe Shield is ideal for defending yourself at your next historic-themed live action roleplay battle.
Price: $136.46
Mercenary LARP War Hammer
Inspired by medieval war hammers that weaponized the attributes of the age old crafting tool, the Mercenary LARP War Hammer is a formidable force ready to strike against your foes at your next historic live action roleplay event.
Price: $87.72
Mercenary Renaissance LARP Halberd
Combining an axe blade that curves like a crescent moon with the range of a long spear, the Mercenary Renaissance LARP Halberd is a wickedly stylish and versatile foam and fiberglass pole weapon to wield at your next LARP event.
Price: $194.95
Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer
Give yourself a hand on the battlefield when you wield the Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer. This expertly crafted polyethylene foam pole weapon is unexpectedly detailed to look like a metallic fist holding a flat-headed spike.
Price: $116.97

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