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Whether you have participated in many LARP events or this will be your very first time, be sure to check out the fantastic LARP Packages that we have available at Dark Knight Armoury as you create your ensemble. We offer many affordable LARP bundles for various skill levels, as well as LARP archery sets. These kits make it easy to create LARP warrior outfits without the hassle of having to pick out each individual piece. Many of our LARP package deals include some combination of shield, weapon, belt, frog, bracers, and maintenance silicone spray. Most of our packages offer some level of customization in the color or design of the pieces, enabling you to pick out the appearance you want. These LARP sets look great on medieval knights, peasants, woodland archers, and fantasy characters, among others. Take a moment to browse through this section to find the perfect deal for your needs!
Intermediate LARP Package - Medieval Knight
When you equip yourself with our Advanced LARP Package, the Medieval Master, you will be ruling the kingdom in no-time! This kit grants a regal weapon and fine accessories that will mark you as a noteworthy warrior.
Price: $226.00
On Sale For: $204.00
Beginner LARP Package - Medieval Peasant
Are you looking to get into LARPing but do not know where to start? Equip yourself with our Beginner LARP Package, the Medieval Peasant, to give yourself a fighting chance in your first battle.
Price: $149.60
On Sale For: $134.64
Ready for Battle Bow with Arrows and Quiver
If you have ever wanted to give the bow a shot in LARP, then this is the kit for you! Our Ready for Battle Bow with Arrows and Quiver is a starter set for any LARP enthusiast who has an interest in archery.
Price: $138.15
On Sale For: $124.33
Ready For Battle LARP Package
Are you ready for battle? You will be when you equip yourself with this Ready for Battle LARP Package, which includes a trio of items that will help get you ready for your next, or your first, live action roleplay.
Price: $126.90
On Sale For: $114.21

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