Table Accents

Does your dining table look a bit bare? If so, come check the variety of fine table accents we have available here at Dark Knight Armoury! This category contains a delightful array of napkin rings, candelabra, place card holders, candlestick holders, napkin holders, table statuettes, and other fine pieces that add artistry to the design of your table. Our products appear in intricate designs varying from classical scrollwork to undersea creatures to forest plants and animals. Whether you are planning a Romantic candle-lit dinner or a grand Thanksgiving feast, we have excellent accents to suit your occasion. Crafted from the finest pewter, stoneware, real antler, and other quality materials, our selection of products will help you decorate your table with many great looks to impress your guests.
6 Taper Elk Head Candelabrum
Magnificent and stunning, this elk candleholder displays a highly detailed statue of an elk head handcrafted from luxury pewter. The 6 Taper Elk Head Candelabrum features an actual full rack of real shed antlers.
Price: $4,200.00
Acorn and Oak Leaf Candelabrum
Add soft romantic lighting to your night time escapades with this pewter Acorn and Oak Leaf Candelabrum. This nature-inspired candelabrum holds up to three taper candles that will add glowing light to your environs.
Price: $385.00
Acorn and Oak Leaf Candlestick Holder
Elegant natural decor and soft romantic candlelight are readily on hand when you decorate with the Acorn and Oak Leaf Candlestick Holder. Illuminate an enchanting dinner or a festive evening with this attractive candleholder.
Price: $57.00
Acorn and Oak Leaf Hurricane Candle Lamp
Chase away dark shadows with the unique Acorn and Oak Leaf Hurricane Candle Lamp. Attention to detail and design is on full display in this tall candle lamp, making it an excellent choice for mood lighting within your home.
Price: $286.00
Acorn and Oak Leaf Hurricane Candleholder
Set the just the right mood with a candle held in the expertly designed Acorn and Oak Leaf Hurricane Candleholder. The nature-inspired design of this candleholder offers a handsome and functional piece for your table or mantel.
Price: $265.00
Acorn Oak Napkin Holder
A regal nod to natural beauty, the Acorn and Oak Leaf Napkin Ring adds the perfect touch of style for an inviting natural or holiday-themed table. Every guest will appreciate the detail you put into your seasonal table setting.
Price: $23.00
Acorn Place Card Holder
The seating of your guests requires planning and ingenuity as you create the perfect balance of people at your dinner party. The Acorn Place Card Holders will delight and amuse your guests as they find their places at your table.
Price: $11.00
Acorn Stoneware Napkin Ring
Natural beauty in the world inspires the craftsmanship of many pieces, including table settings like this decorative napkin ring. Finish an elegant, nature-inspired table with accents like the Acorn Stoneware Napkin Ring.
Price: $15.00
Antler Rack Hurricane Candleholder
Two half rack antlers extend from an exquisitely detailed wreath of acorns, pinecones, and oak leaves around the base of the pillar candleholder. The Antler Rack Hurricane Candleholder makes an elegant centerpiece in any home.
Price: $440.00
Antler Stem Candelabrum
The Antler Stem Candelabrum adds a regal touch to any room of your home or special occasion with its classic design. This elegant antler candleholder is crafted from fine luxury pewter and accented with hand-turned antler.
Price: $545.00
Candlestick Holder with Antler Stem
The versatility of this shed antler candlestick is almost unlimited. The Candlestick Holder with Antler Stem can be placed anywhere in your home to set the proper mood for your formal dinner or other elegant social gathering.
Price: $185.00
Classic Cookbook Holder
When cooking and baking for your loved ones, protect your favorite recipe books from the mess with this stand. The Classic Cookbook Holder props up your book for easy reading while keeping it away from the mess of the ingredients.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $85.50
Classic Heart Paper Towel Holder
Things can quickly get messy when you are cooking and baking in the kitchen, making paper towels a necessary item! The Classic Heart Paper Towel Holder makes a functional and ornamental addition to your home!
Price: $90.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Classic Napkin Ring
Though the original use of napkin rings was to identify the owner of each napkin, napkin rings have become popular table decorations for formal events. The Classic Napkin Ring features an elegant scrollwork heart design.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Classic Placecard Holder
Ensure that each guest can easily find their intended seat with this charming piece! The Classic Placecard Holder supports a card or business card to indicate the seating arrangements around a dinner table.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $20.25
Corn Napkin Rings
Fresh from the farm, this high quality pewter Corn Napkin Ring is delightfully detailed, expressing the natural beauty of your favorite harvest bounty. Decorate the place setting of guests with these charming napkin rings.
Price: $19.00
Elk Single Taper Candlestick Holder
Light your home with this wonderful Elk Single Taper Candlestick Holder. With exquisite detailing in the fur and features of the elk, this rustic candlestick holder displays a stag figural with a full rack on a wooden base.
Price: $83.00
Five Taper Songbird Candelabrum
Accented by a pair of detailed pewter songbirds sweetly singing to each other, the Five Taper Songbird Candelabrum displays one delicate bird perched on a gracefully curved arm, while the other one rests on the base.
Price: $440.00
Fleur-de-Lis Bamboo Lazy Susan
At your next medieval feast or casual get-together, make serving a breeze with the Fleur-de-Lis Bamboo Lazy Susan. This tabletop turntable has a regal fleur-de-lis accent at the center and an elegant vine pattern along the outer edge.
Price: $25.00
Fleur-de-Lis Metal Trivet
Add historical elegance to your special occasion dining experiences or everyday eating with the Fleur-de-Lis Metal Trivet. This kitchenware staple keeps hot dishes up off of surfaces and brings a timeless royal symbol to your decor.
Price: $15.00
Fleur-de-Lis Round Sandstone Trivet
Bring regal style to your kitchen or dining table with the Fleur-de-Lis Round Sandstone Trivet. This medieval trivet is made of natural sandstone that absorbs both heat and moisture, great for holding hot and cold dishes and drinks.
Price: $12.00
Fleur-de-Lis Square Travertine Trivet
Present plates with royal style when you use the Fleur-de-Lis Square Travertine Trivet. This natural limestone pot holder is generously sized to hold a variety of dish sizes and is printed with a gorgeous, full color fleur design.
Price: $14.00
Four Socket Pewter Octopus Candelabrum
A creature of mystery and myth to humankind, the octopus and other beings that live under the sea captivate the imagination. With the Four Socket Octopus Candelabrum, you can shed some light on this master of the oceans.
Price: $715.00
Medium Classic Pewter Candle Stand
Inspired by the simple classicism of federal era design, the Medium Classic Pewter Candle Stand features a domed circular base that supports a graceful column accented by rounded tooling and a platform for a pillar candle.
Price: $225.00
Noble Elk Statues
The extraordinary detail in the Noble Elk Statues is due to the amazing versatility of the high quality pewter. Perfect finishing touches for a table centerpiece or mantel and nook displays, the elk figures offer great rustic style.
Price: $253.00
Oak Leaf Napkin Holder
For a naturally elegant table design, finish off your table decorations with the realistic Oak Branch Napkin Ring. Inspired by the handsome appearance of the oak tree, this ring curves in an irregular circle around your napkin.
Price: $12.50
Ocean Life Candelabrum
This charming Ocean Life Candelabrum displays innovation in a style that is as fresh as an ocean breeze. This detailed and functional aquatic creation is cast in pure pewter that gleams in the candlelight when lit.
Price: $495.00
Octopus Stoneware Napkin Ring
Topped by a splendid, kraken-style cephalopod finial in amazingly detailed pewter, the Octopus Stoneware Napkin Ring helps you set your table with shore side spirit at your upcoming beach house or marine-themed party.
Price: $17.00
Olive Tree Menorah
Combining the beauty and symbolism of the olive tree and glow of candle light in its design, this handsome, detailed Olive Tree Candelabrum fills your home with cheery light and tranquility during any time of the year.
Price: $506.00
Owl Napkin Ring
Big, bright copper eyes define the appearance of the delightfully realistic, pewter Owl Napkin Ring. The wings curve to the back around your cloth napkin, forming a clever decoration for a formal place setting at your table.
Price: $17.00
Pewter 2-Branch Oak Tree Candlestick Holder
This majestic oak candelabrum defines nature artistry in pewter. The Pewter 2-Branch Oak Tree Candlestick Holder displays exquisite craftsmanship with a lightly antiqued pewter finish that allows you to see each and every detail.
Price: $275.00
Pewter Feather Napkin Ring
Evoking the timeless grace of scrolls and quills, the Pewter Feather Napkin Ring possesses the soft beauty of angel wings and forest songbirds. This lovely curled feather napkin ring is perfect for using with cloth napkins.
Price: $13.00
Pewter Fox Napkin Ring
Curled around your fine cloth napkin, this furry creature peers up at you with wary curiosity. The Pewter Fox Napkin Ring shows off a figural fox design that wraps around your napkin with its long bushy tail.
Price: $19.00
Pewter Octopus Napkin Rings
Of all the undersea creatures, the octopus carries with it a sense of mystery and awe from ancient times. This delightful Pewter Octopus Napkin Ring is delicately detailed with tentacles that curl around your cloth napkin.
Price: $34.00
Pewter Pheasant Statuettes
This pair of intricately detailed pure Pewter Pheasant Statuettes are so realistic you may want to offer them some bird seed! These charming bird replicas come in a matched pair for display anywhere in your home.
Price: $202.00
Pewter Pumpkin Candle Snuffer
Useful as well as decorative, this charming Pewter Pumpkin Candle Snuffer transforms a pretty pumpkin into a luxury pewter candle extinguisher. A long vine extends up from the stem to form the handle, ending in a graceful curl.
Price: $70.00
Pewter Squirrel Napkin Ring
Delightfully inquisitive, the Pewter Squirrel Napkin Ring is a great addition to any festive or fun-loving table. This decorative napkin ring adds fantastic charm to a table with its nature-inspired and detailed design.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $24.48
Pewter Three Taper Antler Candelabrum
Crafted with exquisite detail to capture the natural beauty of antler in regal metal, the Pewter Three Taper Antler Candelabrum offers a charming option for illuminating your dinner table with rustic flair.
Price: $440.00
Pheasant Stoneware Napkin Ring
Perched atop an oval stoneware napkin ring, an intricately detailed, tiny pewter pheasant stands among a bed of acorns and leaves. The Pheasant Stoneware Napkin Ring offers a charming display of wildlife beauty in its design.
Price: $17.00
Pheasants Hurricane Candleholder
A stunning centerpiece for any table, the Pheasants Hurricane Candleholder is a masterpiece of fine glass and pewter artistry. The clear glass candleholder rests on a bed of foliage, guarded by a trio of pheasant statuettes.
Price: $847.00
Pine Cone Hurricane Candleholder
Set just the right mood for your dinner party with a pillar candle held in the expertly designed Pine Cone Hurricane Candleholder. This forest candleholder makes a fantastic table centerpiece to decorate and light your meal.
Price: $830.00
Short Antler Candlestick Holder
The versatility of this shed antler candlestick is almost unlimited. The Short Antler Candlestick Holder can be placed anywhere in your home to set the proper mood for your formal dinner or other elegant social gathering.
Price: $145.00
Squirrel Stoneware Napkin Ring
A charming pewter rendition of a squirrel snacking on an acorn tops the classic Squirrel Stoneware Napkin Ring. This pewter squirrel is wonderfully detailed from the acorn clinched between his tiny forepaws to his happy bushy tail.
Price: $15.00
Turkey Napkin Ring
The glorious plumage of a wild turkey adds to the unique design of the pure pewter Turkey Napkin Ring. Each ring is a perfectly detailed miniature of a Tom with a full feathered tail spread wide in a dramatic display.
Price: $35.00
Two Taper Songbird Candelabrum
The unique asymmetrical style of this songbird candleholder is completed by the delicately detailed pewter sparrow perched between its gracefully curved arms. The Two Taper Songbird Candelabrum suits nature-themed decor.
Price: $165.00

"I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Alecia in your customer service department. I had ordered something that was out of stock and she gave me several options that I may be interested in and also suggested ordering another size. I asked her some questions regarding the other size and she was quick to respond (within hours!) and had a great attitude. She was quick to respond and because of her great customer service I would gladly recommend this company for ordering products and I will also continue to order products. Even though I didn't get what I initially ordered I believe the different size will work just as well."

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