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Shopping for sets of fine dining ware has never been easier than at Dark Knight Armoury. Our By Collection category is sorted by collection, as its name implies, ensuring that each section contains only dinnerware that are related to each other in theme and look. This way, when you need to create cohesive spread for your feast, this is the place to look. Each of the different collections offered here have their own specific designs, ranging from classic looks fit for the rich classes of history to more rustic styles befitting the hunt and the fall season. No matter which collection you chose, though, each one features a number of intriguing pieces, ranging from classic table fare like plates, platters, and cutlery to more unique accents, like stylized serving dishes, napkin rings, condiment holders, and more. Many of the collections also offer matched glasses and drinkware, so that you can enjoy a nice beverage in the same style as you can your meal! A handful of our collections are not exclusive either, meaning that they can be mixed and matched for greater appeal! So if you have a theme for your fancy feast or marvelous meal, try browsing through our many collections of fine dinnerware here at Dark Knight Armoury, to see which one might suit your need the best.
Classic Collection, Classic Table Accents, and Classic Serving Wares
Featuring an ornate scrollwork design with curling foliate and heart-shaped touches, the Classic Collection at Dark Knight Armoury embraces a refined look anyone can appreciate on their table. We carry a variety of elegant serving dishes, marble cheeseboards, lidded butter dishes, scrollwork condiment server sets, napkin rings, scrollwork napkin holders, and other table accents for a genteel and sophisticated aesthetic.
Harvest Fine Dining Collection, Thanksgiving Table Accents, Antler Flatware and Autumn Dinnerware
Even when it is subtle, theme is everything for a dinner or a party. Our Harvest Collection is all about the fall season, with autumnal notes that play beautifully all year round, but look especially good in the matching season. Designed to emulate bounty and beauty, this collection is a perfect choice for homey, friendly dinners that echo the beauty of nature and highlight the tasty treats fresh in from harvest.
Lodge Style Fine Dining Collection, Elk Wine Glasses, Antler Cutlery and Antler Dinnerware
The Lodge Style Collection at Dark Knight Armoury is sure to transport you back, its style reminiscent of the same pieces you might find in an old English hunting lodge of a bygone era. Breathtaking and natural in its appeal, these pieces utilize antler and pewter in a way that will leave you stunned. Far from uptight, though, this collection is down-to-earth, making it perfect for more casual uses as well.
Majestic Forest Fine Dining Collection, Oak Forest Dinnerware, Forest Cutlery, Woodland Serving Ware, Acorn Accents and Forest Inspired Drinkware
You need not abandon the dining room to enjoy the beauty of the forest at your next feast or gathering. Instead of taking the meal outside, you can bring the beauty of the forest inside with any number of pieces from the Majestic Forest Collection here at Dark Knight Armoury. These accents recreate the beauty of the woods in materials like elegant hardwood, pewter, and glass.
Medici Fine Dining Collection, Renaissance Dinnerware, Porcelain Flatware, Pewter Cutlery and Fine Drinkware
The House of Medici was a powerful family that first began to flourish in the late 14th century. Gradually they gained in influence and power until they funded the Bank of Medici, which would go on to become the largest in Europe during the 15th century. The Medici Collection at Dark Knight Armoury is named after them not because of their power, though, but instead because of their influence on art and the Renaissance.
Morning Hunt Fine Dining Collection, Hunting Hound Table Accents and Old Hunt Styled Drinkware
Do you want to embrace the tradition of the morning hunt? The self-named collection draws on the appeal of the hunt itself, as well as all it involves, to create an exquisite line of accents to have at your table. Dark Knight Armoury is happy to give you a chance to embrace the tradition, as well as the glorious appeal, by adding some of the Morning Hunt Collection to your dining room table.
Olive Grove Fine Dining Collection, Olive Branch Cutlery, Olive Tree Table Accents and Olive Oil Bottles
For many, the olive branch is symbolic of peace, prosperity, and triumph. At Dark Knight Armoury, we hope that when a piece or two of the Olive Grove Collection graces your table, you experience all three of those. This collection is elegant and simple, offering a select few pieces that are perfect accents to add to almost any style of table setting.
Sea and Shore Collection, Octopus Flatware, Octopus Drinkware and Seashell Trays
Who does not love a trip to the sea? Of course, sometimes, a visit to the sea is easier said than done. Luckily, you do not have to visit the sea to inspire some beach style in your dinner decor. Instead, you can just pay us a visit at Dark Knight Armoury, and we will happily guide you to our Sea and Shore Collection, which is perfect for a dining experience that needs some aquatic appeal.
Song Bird Collection, Feather Trays, Pewter Wing Trays, Bird Serving Plates and Avian Table Decorations
A flutter of feathers might be just what you need to enhance the style of your dining room table. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a selection of great fine dining accents that can provide just that. Inspired by the sweet singers of the avian world, this Song Bird Collection allows you to bring something distinctive to your table, which you and your guests can enjoy even as you feast.
Woodland Creatures Collection, Squirrel Table Accents and Squirrel Serving Ware
Few can deny how charming and quaint a lovely woodland setting can be, especially when it includes adorable critters to scurry about your table settings. At Dark Knight Armoury, our Woodland Creatures Collection can make that setting a reality, allowing you to create a dinner theme that brings the cutest creatures of the woods to your table as guests and as decorations.

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