Pirate Earrings

Among pirates, earrings were kind of a big deal. Among the most important reasons to wear them was status. Pirates often wore their wealth, and fine earrings indicated a successful pirate. Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of pirate earrings that will not only show your success and style as a pirate, but also help bring some of that old fashioned scallywag style into your more modern day looks, too. Our selection of pirate earrings takes inspiration from a broad array of subjects in the world of piracy, ranging from the iconic Jolly Rogers to more casual themes and items that pirates would have seen and used in their daily life. For a classic touch of pirate style, nothing beats skulls and crossbones hanging from your ears. A more fearsome pirate can adorn herself with pistol earrings, to ensure that she is always armed. A wealth conscious pirate can forego classic symbols, though, and instead hang doubloons and pieces of eight from her ears, allowing her to literally display her wealth as a part of her attire! Made in fine metals like sterling silver and pewter, these pieces are also sometimes plated in silver and gold, adding further appeal to their design. Dark Knight Armoury says it is time to let your pirate flag fly, and you can easily do so by adding any of these pirate earrings to your collection.
Pirate Captain Earrings
Those days you have spent fantasizing about traveling the world can be channeled into the Pirate Captain Earrings. This dazzling jewelry set is sure to turn heads when you proudly wear them to your next social event.
Price: $6.00
Pirate Dagger Earrings
Now you can safely introduce a taste of the outlaws life into your personal look with the dazzling Pirate Dagger Earrings. A set like this is sure to turn heads when you proudly wear them during your next social event.
Price: $6.00
Pirate Ship Anchor Earrings
Whether the idea of buried treasure draws your interest or the lure of adventure entices you, you may enjoy the aesthetic appeal of pirates. The Pirate Ship Anchor Earrings feature sterling silver anchors entwined with ropes.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $26.00
White Bronze Compass Rose Gem Earrings
The compass is an ancient seafaring instrument, symbolic of the sea and the many voyages mankind has taken to traverse the globe. The White Bronze Compass Rose Gem Earrings display many points radiating out from the center.
Price: $43.00

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