LARP Shields

Swords, axes, blades, bows, bludgeons, pole arms, spears, staves, and halberds. The list goes on and on when it comes how many ways Dark Knight Armoury offers you when it comes to beating your opponent in a live action roleplay battle. But when it comes to defense, nothing else will come close to the same level of protection offered by a good LARP shield. Nothing protects quite like a good, solid shield, if only because a shield offers a level of versatility that can scarcely be beaten. Not only can you move and shift your shield to provide immediate protection where you need it, but you can also use it to deliver a good, solid bash, which can catch your opponents off-guard or even smack their weapon or defenses out of the way to allow you a good chance to win the battle. We offer shields in all different shapes and sizes, ensuring that no matter what type of shield you seek, you can find it here. If you want a round shield, we have plenty, many of which feature a realistic wood look. Looking for a kite shield or a triangular shield? Look no further for such a powerful protective piece. And turn to a tower shield if you want a potent shield that will help you defend yourself from head to toe. We have Viking shields and crusader shields and Roman shields and Spartan shields, for all those warriors who want something that hails from an era of history. We offer elven shields, orc shields, and demon shields for those who want a look that features a touch of fantasy in their defense. Like our LARP weapons, our shields are made with fiberglass cores, durable foam, and latex coatings. Are you heading into battle? Do you worry for your personal protection? Well, worry no more, because as long as you have a good, solid LARP shield in-hand, you will have a great defense that will serve you well for years of LARP battling.
Ancient Roman LARP Shield
Keep your guard up in battle with the Ancient Roman LARP Shield. Made of shred resistant foam and displaying a vibrant red color, this LARP shield is ideal for defending yourself during Roman-inspired live action roleplay activities.
Price: $194.95
Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover
The Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover is specifically intended to fit the LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386). This sturdy cotton canvas shield cover features two contrasting colors divided into quadrants for an authentic medieval look.
Price: $16.00
Berengar Shield
Made from a thick uncoated weapon foam, the Berengar Shield is a LARP essential. The versatile rectangular design makes it excellent for blocking the attacks of opponents, and the corners of the shield are given a rounded look.
Price: $80.00
Berengar Shield Cover
Designed to perfectly fit the foam LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386), the Berengar Shield Cover is available in a multitude of bright medieval colors, ideal for easily adding style and distinction to the front of your shield.
Price: $16.00
Berengar Two Color Shield Cover
When it comes to distinguishing your LARP shield from the rest, try the Berengar Two Color Shield Cover. Made from cotton canvas, this medieval shield cover is colorful, sturdy, and easy to both attach and detach to your shield.
Price: $16.00
Black and Gold Chaos LARP Battle Shield
You never know when danger could strike, which is why it is a good idea to carry the Black and Gold Chaos LARP Battle Shield on all your adventures. This accessory is inspired by fantasy design and provides excellent protection.
Price: $151.08
Black and Gold Chaos Round LARP Shield
You need more than just protection from your opponent, you need the right protection. With the Black and Gold Chaos Round LARP Shield, you cannot go wrong. This shield provides excellent protection and is crafted with unique style.
Price: $141.33
Black and Gold Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield
When you have the right protection on the battlefield you can feel unstoppable. With the Black and Gold Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield, you can become an undefeatable warrior. This shield has an authentic design and realistic look.
Price: $126.71
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler
Make sure you stand out on the field of battle by carrying a distinctive shield that your fellow warriors will recognize. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler displays a design that is simple yet eye-catching.
Price: $40.00
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield
Intimidate your enemies in battle with the look of this solid black kite shield on your arm! The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield shows off a golden strip around the edge, simulated to look like riveted metal.
Price: $49.00
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield
This fantastic round LARP shield provides the protection you need in the heat of battle along with a striking design. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a solid black center to intimidate your enemies.
Price: $49.00
Black and Silver Chaos LARP Battle Shield
Danger can appear when you least expect it, which is why it is a good idea to carry the Black and Gold Chaos LARP Battle Shield on all your adventures. This accessory is inspired by fantasy design and provides excellent protection.
Price: $151.08
Black and Silver Chaos Round LARP Shield
Go out and conquer the world one city at a time with the Black and Silver Chaos Round LARP Shield. Enter battle without this shield, and it could mean the difference between you proudly walking away or being dragged off in defeat.
Price: $141.33
Black and Silver Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield
You never know what your opponent might throw at you on the battlefield. Find yourself without the proper defense, and you could easily fall. Luckily, the Black and Silver Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield is here to ensure your guard.
Price: $126.71
Black Eagle LARP Heater Shield
Eagles have appeared in heraldry to symbolize courage, strength, and immortality. Inspired by the imperial banner of the Holy Roman Emperor, this Black Eagle LARP Heater Shield also makes a fantastic addition to any costume ensemble.
Price: $22.50
Black Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Characters of a darker nature will love the Black Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield. Made of durable, shred resistant polyethylene foam, this heater-shaped shield provides the ideal defense for medieval re-enactors or LARP warriors.
Price: $155.96
Black Medieval Gralsritter LARP Shield
It is about more than just having protection during battle. You have to have the right protection! With the Black Medieval Gralsritter LARP Shield, you get a piece with an authentic design that provides superb protection and style.
Price: $180.33
Black Medieval Hochpaladin LARP Shield
Displaying a colorful, detailed design on the front, the Black Medieval Hochpaladin LARP Shield is an intriguing piece that will draw many eyes. It is made from safe and durable, shred resistant polyethylene foam with a latex coating.
Price: $233.94
Black Medieval Knight LARP Shield
For characters who enjoy a darker color scheme there is the Black Medieval Knight LARP Shield. Inspired by medieval shield shapes, this simply styled shield features a rich black color on its face and gold coloring around the edges.
Price: $131.59
Black Medieval Paladin LARP Shield
A deep black with gold detailing separates the Black Medieval Paladin LARP Shield from the rest. Made of quality polyethylene foam, this latex coated shield presents a striking, historic-inspired look with a resilient gloss finish.
Price: $190.07
Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield
Grab your sword and fall into rank with the Black Roman Calvary LARP Shield. You cannot head into battle without the essentials, so complete your costume with this realistic shield that balances looks with function.
Price: $84.00
Bloody Chaos Round LARP Shield
You need the right protection when engaging in close quarters combat, since one wrong move can lead you being dragged off with a fatal wound. With the Bloody Chaos Round LARP Shield, you can reduce this risk and do it in style.
Price: $141.33
Blue Imperial Commander LARP Shield
Whether you are leading your troops into battle or at rest after a long day of training, the Blue Imperial Commander LARP Shield is the something you will want at your side. This tall shield displays a ton of detail and character.
Price: $263.18
Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield
Make sure you take the Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield with you next time you engage in a historical re-enactment or LARP battle. This medieval heater-shaped shield boasts a realistic look and provides full functionality and safety.
Price: $204.70
Blue Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield
Confidently charge into battle with the Blue Imperial Sergeant LARP Shield. This durable, closed cell foam shield is shred resistant and has a strong latex coating, giving it a high level of safety for use in a variety of events.
Price: $155.96
Blue LARP Elven Shield
Guard yourself against harm under the assurance that comes with Elven smithing when you bring the Blue LARP Elven Shield into battle! Made from a hard EVA foam, this elegant shield will aid you in deflecting enemy sword blows.
Price: $118.00
Blue Medieval Gralsritter LARP Shield
With the Blue Medieval Gralsritter LARP Shield you will feel like a real knight. Whether storming a castle, rescuing a damsel in distress, or stepping onto the dangerous battlefront, this LARP shield will provide superb protection.
Price: $180.33
Blue Medieval Hochpaladin LARP Shield
You will not be very successful on the field of battle without a good shield. Lucky for you, the Blue Medieval Hochpaladin LARP Shield is the perfect companion for most warriors. It features incredible detail and distinctive styling.
Price: $233.94
Blue Medieval Hochritter LARP Shield
Defend your kingdom with the Blue Medieval Hochritter LARP Shield. The primary color of this fine defensive shield is a deep blue. The shape of this medieval LARP shield features two cutouts that give this piece subtle panache.
Price: $165.70
Blue Medieval Knight LARP Shield
No one is ever safe on the field of battle. However, you can drastically increase your chances of survival with the Blue Medieval Knight LARP Shield. This polyethylene foam defense is a must-have for medieval-themed LARP events.
Price: $131.59
Blue Medieval Paladin LARP Shield
The Blue Medieval Paladin LARP Shield is so pretty that you might never want to let it see battle. This realistic looking shield features ornate design work on the front, featuring bright golden hues and deep blues like the night sky.
Price: $190.07
Celtic Braced LARP Shield
Deflect another blow and send your enemy crashing to the ground with the Celtic Braced LARP Shield. This LARP weapon follows a traditional design inspired by the wooden shields used by various cultures during the early Middle Ages.
Price: $79.00
Chaos Bloody LARP Battle Shield
If you are in need of a protective piece with visually appealing style, the Chaos Bloody LARP Battle Shield is a great choice. Drawing on fantasy inspiration, this accessory has a unique design and will provide superb protection.
Price: $151.08
Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield
With blood splatters across its surface, you know the Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield is ready to face the fiercest of frays. Made of a thick, high quality polyethylene foam, this round shield is made for use during LARP events.
Price: $126.71
Chaos Lord LARP Shield
Look no further than the Chaos Lord LARP Shield if you are in search of an impressive piece of protection. Tall, stylized, and providing great defense, this unique fantasy shield combines authentic design with realistic aesthetics.
Price: $233.94
Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield
A good shield is as important as any weapon, and the Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield is a fantastic choice for defending yourself on the LARP battle field. This authentic-looking shield is made of high quality polyethylene foam.
Price: $126.71
Copper LARP Buckler Shield
One of the most popular shields throughout history, the round buckler was used extensively during the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. The Copper LARP Buckler Shield displays a woodgrain finish with metallic trim and shield boss.
Price: $67.50
Crusader LARP Shield
With a pale green finish and a large golden cross, this Crusader LARP Shield is a supreme accessory for Templars, Hospitallers, Teutons, and paladins on holy quests. Grab your favorite latex sword and prepare for the call to arms!
Price: $76.50
Deluxe Ancient Roman LARP Shield
Guard yourself in authentic, Roman-inspired style with the Deluxe Ancient Roman LARP Shield. This shred resistant foam shield is a dynamic and eye-catching way to add defense to any Roman-inspired live action roleplay ensemble.
Price: $233.94
DIY RFB Kite Shield
All knights have their own heraldries, which are made up of color schemes and crests. Put your own knightly heraldry on a foam-latex LARP shield by using the DIY RFB Kite Shield to make a personalized, unique LARP kite shield!
Price: $40.00
DIY RFB Large Shield
The Ready For Battle line of LARP swords and shields is known for its quality, which makes items like the DIY RFB Large Shield so attractive. It combines the quality of the RFB line of LARP equipment with the personalization of DIY.
Price: $64.00
DIY RFB Round Shield
If you enjoy the Ready For Battle line of LARP weapons and shields, but you wish it had a shield with a certain pattern or image on it, why not make it yourself? The DIY RFB Round Shield is an uncoated LARP shield for you to work on!
Price: $40.00
Double Headed Eagle LARP Heater Shield
In heraldry, the double headed eagle symbolizes empires, power, and dominion. Inspired by the flag of the Republic of Albania, this Double Headed Eagle LARP Heater Shield also makes a fearsome addition to any costume ensemble.
Price: $22.50
Dragon Wing LARP Shield
Rely fully on the strength of your ancient reptilian kin by wielding a defensive weapon crafted from their enchanted remains. Fashioned from the appendage of a legendary ancestor, the Dragon Wing LARP Shield radiates a magical aura.
Price: $128.00
Elven LARP Buckler
You have run out of arrows and now have no choice but to engage in close quarters combat. Confidently protect your hand or arm with the stylish Elven LARP Buckler, while fighting with a sword or wielding daggers.
Price: $99.00
Felix Childrens Shield
Perfect for younger fans of the medieval ages wanting to join in the fun, the Felix Childrens Shield is sized just for youth. It is made of uncoated foam in a dark metal color, excellent for use in LARP and historical reenactment.
Price: $51.00
Felix Childrens Shield Cover
The Felix Childrens Shield Cover is made to fit the Felix Childrens Shield (MY100380) perfectly with a variety of color options and adds fun style to this foam LARP shield intended for the youngest fans of historical reenactment.
Price: $9.00
Fleur de Lis LARP Heater Shield
A stylized lily or iris, the fleur de lis is a popular heraldic symbol throughout Europe. Displaying a blue fleur de lis as a single charge, this Fleur de Lis LARP Heater Shield also makes a fantastic addition to any costume ensemble.
Price: $22.50
Footmans Tower Shield
Our Footmans Tower LARP Shield provides full protection when blocking a close-combat attack from a sword, pole weapon, or axe. Its great height makes it possible to deflect arrows when forming a barrier with your fellow soldiers.
Price: $158.00
Gaelic Baldur LARP Shield
More than just protection, a trusted shield reveals what you stand for in battle. Whether you fight for your family, team, or yourself, the Gaelic Baldur Shield ensures you will be represented in style at your next LARP event.
Price: $194.95
Gaelic Blue LARP Shield
Going into battle with the right protection can give you an immediate advantage over your opponent. The Gaelic Blue LARP Shield is a Celtic-inspired piece that is ready to capably defend you at your next live action roleplay event.
Price: $141.33
Gaelic Brown LARP Shield
When you face your opponent on the battlefield, it is important to let your foes know you are serious. With the Gaelic Brown LARP Shield there will be no doubt about that. This Celtic-inspired shield is built for your protection.
Price: $141.33
Gaelic Green LARP Shield
Presenting the color of ancient forests, detailed with silvery, metallic hues, the Gaelic Green LARP Shield is a stunning LARP defense tool. Made of polyethylene foam, this shield is ready to defend during your next LARP battle.
Price: $141.33
Gaelic Morfang LARP Shield
Over a background of bright red, a golden dragon curls in an endless circle. The Gaelic Morfang LARP Shield displays this Celtic-inspired design on its front with excellent attention to detail, expertly crafted for an authentic look.
Price: $194.95
Gaelic Red LARP Shield
Defense is essential during any LARP battle, and the Gaelic Red LARP Shield is ready to protect in authentic style. Made of polyethylene foam, this LARP shield has been expertly crafted with eye-catching and realistic details.
Price: $141.33
Gaelic Skimir LARP Shield
On a field of green, golden-colored Celtic knot work swirls and twists in an infinite pattern. The Gaelic Skimir LARP Shield handsomely displays this historic-inspired look while providing excellent defense at your next LARP event.
Price: $194.95
Green and Black Ready For Battle Round Shield
Show off the colors of your realm by carrying this excellent round LARP shield! The Green and Black Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a dual-colored design with half of the piece showing solid black and half bright green.
Price: $49.00
Green and Black Striped Ready For Battle Large Shield
When you need a large shield with a distinctive look, be sure to look up this fantastic option! The Green and Black Striped Ready For Battle Large Shield displays a bright green diagonal stripe across the black background color.
Price: $79.00
Green and White LARP Eagle Shield
Historically, shields were an important device for knights to show off their heraldries, which told people who they were, like a battle-ready business card. Show off your identity with the Green and White LARP Eagle Shield!
Price: $99.00
Green Checkered LARP Shield
With the Green Checkered LARP Shield on your arm, bravely defend yourself on the live action roleplay battlefield. The face of this slightly curved kite shaped shield features a beautifully detailed checkered heraldry pattern.
Price: $119.00

"This is adorable and perfect! A fun, inexpensive accessory to a costume, but still sturdy and well-made. The purple glass is really pretty. Thank you!"

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