Medieval Hair Accessories

Adorning yourself in medieval accents may begin with necklaces and rings, earrings and bracelets, but it certainly does not end there! Not when you can still adorn yourself in fashionable and elegant medieval hair accessories! Dark Knight Armoury is happy to bring you a delightful array of fine elements that are perfect for accenting your look with medieval and Renaissance style. Crafted in a broad variety of forms, this section is home to hair sticks, barrettes, clips, and more, all of which feature a distinctive medieval look and appeal that makes them great for a variety of uses. Artisanal pieces in this section add eclectic appeal and unique beauty to any look, sporting vibrant metallic shades and natural designs that work well in creating an accent that is truly eye-catching. Other hair accessories in this section feature more traditional medieval elements, displaying classic sigils and symbols of the era, including fleur de lis icons, Tudor roses, and even some heraldic patterns! Some of the accessories in this section are perfect for wearing casually, allowing you to add some historic beauty and detail to your everyday look, while others are historically styled, making them great additions to your ensemble when you dress yourself up in a fashion fit for a princess or a queen! Whichever way you go, you are almost certain to find the right hair accessory that you need to make your look work when you shop here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Autumn Leaves Stick Barrette
Do you love to admire the changing colors of the leaves in the fall months? If so, then you will delight to see this artisan hair accessory! The Autumn Leaves Stick Barrette affixes to your hair easily with a slender hair stick.
Price: $36.00
Daffodil Stick Barrette
What flower better encapsulates the promise of spring better than the daffodil! With a design inspired by this beautiful blossom, the Daffodil Stick Barrette affixes easily to your hair with a slender hair stick.
Price: $36.00
Fall Leaves Stick Barrette
The colors of the changing leaves during the autumn months serve as one of the loveliest sights of any season. The Fall Leaves Stick Barrette captures just a hint of the seasonal glory with three large metal leaves on the band.
Price: $36.00
Mixed Metal Leaf Barrette
Adorn yourself with a unique take on natural style. The Mixed Metal Leaf Barrette is a handcrafted artisan hair accessory featuring a whimsically detailed brass and copper leaf design decorating its silvery, stainless steel surface.
Price: $30.00
Rhinestone and Pearl Flower Headband
Elegant and dainty, the Rhinestone and Pearl Flower Headband is the perfect accessory for medieval and Renaissance princess, queen, or lady-in-waiting looks. This gorgeous metal headband is accented with rhinestones and pearls.
Price: $22.00
Rhinestone and Pearl Royal Headband
The Rhinestone and Pearl Royal Headband brings a queenly elegance to medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy looks. This beautiful royal headpiece has swirls and low peaks of bright rhinestones combined with loops of white pearls.
Price: $61.00
Rhinestone Flower Petal Hair Bun Cover
Add something glittering and regal to your next medieval hairstyle with the Rhinestone Flower Petal Hair Bun Cover. This beautiful womens hair piece is made of a multitude of rhinestones arranged in loops like the petals of a flower.
Price: $46.00
Rhinestone Heart Petal Hair Bun Cover
For a look that shines with elegance and romance, wear the Rhinestone Heart Petal Hair Bun Cover over your next medieval hairstyle. This rhinestone hair accessory features heart-shaped loops around the center of its wire structure.
Price: $43.00
Rhinestone Pointed Petal Hair Bun Cover
Adorn yourself with the elegance of a flower and the glamour of jewels when you wear the Rhinestone Pointed Petal Hair Bun Cover. Add a gleam of royal beauty to medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy looks with this hair bun accessory.
Price: $43.00
Rising Sun Stick Barrette
Greet the new day with the gleaming metal appearance of this artisan hair accessory. The Rising Sun Stick Barrette features a brilliant sun icon over the face, its slender stick allowing you to affix the piece to your hair.
Price: $36.00
Scrollwork Stick Barrette
Offering a charming design while helping you keep your hair out of your face, this artisan hair accessory displays a gleaming metal appearance. The Scrollwork Stick Barrette affixes to your hair with a slender hair stick.
Price: $36.00
Six Circle Stick Barrette
Dress up your favorite outfits with unique hair accessories like this artisan barrette. The Six Circle Stick Barrette features an abstract design that displays six joined circles and wavy lines across the curved band.
Price: $36.00
Spiral Stick Barrette
You may start to feel a bit dizzy if you stare at this artisan hair accessory for too long! The Spiral Stick Barrette displays four spiral whorls across its curved metal band, forming an eye-catching design.
Price: $36.00

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