Leather Mempos and Masks

The warriors of ancient Japan wore leather masks to protect their faces when they went into battle. Such a mask was called a mempo, as well as a mengu or a men yoroi. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have taken inspiration from these oriental warriors of old and added some leather mempo to our stock, allowing you to add another amazing detail to your armored look. As the name of the category implies, our mempos are all made entirely from high quality leather, and several of them are made right here in our shop! All of our mempo reflect a traditional design, covering the chin, mouth, nose, and part of the cheeks when worn. That is where any similarities end though. Some are more traditional, offering a straight-forward design that goes great with a variety of armored looks, including the traditional appearance of the Japanese Samurai. Others are inspired by various elements of fantasy, offering up the mempos of different genres and cultures from the realms of fiction. For instance, we have mempo that feature touches of scrollwork styling and dark appeal, making it a perfect choice for the dark elf warrior or assassin. We also offer a mempo or three with a more modern twist, like burns, bullet holes, and even wicked biohazard symbols! Perfectly styled for warriors and rogues alike, one of the leather mempos from Dark Knight Armoury is sure to be a perfect addition to your look, especially when you want both protection and a bit of mystery about your identity.
Classic Leather Mempo
Once, the mempo was a classic element of the armor of a samurai. In this Classic Leather Mempo, it gets an upgrade. Still perfect for that use, this mempo is also a stellar leather mask that can find a variety of other uses too!
Price: $28.00
Dark Elven Warrior Mempo
Samurai were not the only ones who could wear intimidating face masks into battle! This Dark Elven Warrior Mempo re-purposes the historic mempo and transforms it into an epic piece of fantasy armor, fit for any dark warrior to wear.
Price: $30.00
Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask
If you find yourself fighting zombies, or monsters and mutants of any kind, a face mask can be a life-saver. This Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask combines an old Japanese protection with a modern twist to suit just such a need.
Price: $30.00
Leather Japanese Mempo
A mempo, or menpo, was a piece of Japanese armor that was designed to cover and protect the face. The Leather Japanese Mempo recreates its design in quality leather so that you can armor yourself as the legendary Samurai once did.
Price: $27.00
Leather Killer Face Mask
There is a sinister sort of style to this Leather Killer Face Mask. Inspired by the mempo armors of ancient Japan, this mask is part leather face protector, and part incredible accent that is sure to stick with anyone who sees it.
Price: $30.00

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