LARP Oriental Swords

Now you can take weapons from the Land of the Rising Sun into your next live action roleplay battle! Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide you with a selection of LARP oriental swords. And once you get your first taste of how well an oriental blade handles in your own battles, you will be sold on how graceful yet effective these blades can truly be. In the world of swords, some consider the Japanese katana to be one of the finest blades crafted by man. True or not, the fact remains that these LARP katana are quite impressive to behold, recreating the look and form of the Japanese sword with impressive detail. Like all of our LARP weapons, our oriental LARP swords are crafted using a solid, sturdy core that is wrapped in high-durability foam and sealed in latex. Some feature more ornate or impressive detailing, like simulated grips that are wrapped in traditional Japanese fashion or decorative tsuba, or guards, that really show off the oriental styling of these weapons. Of course, Japan is not the only culture from the Orient and so we offer various other styles of oriental LARP swords as well, including various short swords and daggers, like LARP tanto and LARP wakizashi, which make perfect companion blades when used alongside a LARP katana. We also offer a few LARP blades that hail from Chinese descent or other oriental styles, ensuring that if you want something with a decidedly non-European flare, you can find it here. If you are planning to participate in an oriental themed LARP or if your LARP character happens to be of Japanese descent, then any one of these LARP oriental swords are an absolute must-have when it comes to completing the look and feel of your live action roleplay character!
Aether LARP Dao
The Aether LARP Dao is a latex foam weapon perfect for fantasy LARP characters who attack with magic and want a blade to match. This latex foam hybrid LARP sword is based on a traditional Chinese sword design given a fantasy twist.
Price: $129.00
Aether LARP Jian - Purple
Inspired by the swords of ancient China, the Aether LARP Jian in Purple has a long, straight blade that does not taper until its point. This latex foam blade has a rippled purple coloration that can represent lightning or magic.
Price: $129.00
Aether LARP Katana
The ghostly weapon that is the Aether LARP Katana is a shadowy blade that finds its home in the hands of deadly assassins and vengeful warriors. Ethereal lightning crackles along its dark blade, a grim glimpse of the aether.
Price: $128.00
Alluvium Dao LARP Sword
Extra-dimensional weapons such as the Alluvium Dao LARP Sword bear scars from the magic that tore them from their home plane on their blade. This magical essence makes them more powerful, and more mysterious, than any blade on Earth.
Price: $128.00
Alluvium LARP Jian - Blue
The Alluvium LARP Jian in Blue has a long, narrow blade with dark ripples across its surface to represent the powers of the deep. This water-themed fantasy LARP sword draws structural inspiration from traditional Chinese weaponry.
Price: $129.00
Alluvium LARP Katana
If you wish to wield a weapon that has been imbued with the power of a lightning storm, look no further than the Alluvium LARP Katana! The long blade of this foam latex weapon appears to crackle with the electric energy of a storm!
Price: $128.00
Assassin LARP Katana
With a matte black finish, this Assassin LARP Katana is an excellent choice for stealth missions and midnight maneuvers. This latex sword displays the curved blade and circular guard of the katana, favored by samurai and ninjas.
Price: $23.90
Black Foam Samurai Sword
Fight with the skill and honor of a Samurai warrior using a Black Foam Samurai Sword! Inspired by the famous weapons of the Samurai, this play safe weapon is great for children and adults young and old, cosplay, and costumes.
Price: $23.90
On Sale For: $21.51
Black LARP Shuriken
A silent and deadly weapon is the best weapon for assassins. For those who want to take a page from the legendary ninja, few throwing weapons can match the grace and capability of the lethal looking Black LARP Shuriken.
Price: $8.00
Bushido LARP Katana
An exceptional weapon both for its eye catching appearance and swift, strong strikes, the Bushido LARP Katana is the perfect weapon for you to embody the role of a legendary samurai warrior throughout your next LARP battle.
Price: $74.95
Dai Katana LARP Sword
Become a fearless samurai of the Edo Period with the Dai Katana LARP Sword in your grasp. Your movements are both swift and graceful as you rid the village of the ruthless bandits that have harassed the peasants for far too long.
Price: $84.00
Foam Sai Set
Inspired by the blocking, parrying, and jabbing weapons that originated in ancient Asia, the Foam Sai Set includes two steel colored sai in the traditional style, now made safe for costume and play through their foam construction.
Price: $31.90
Fruit Ninja Black LARP Katana
Perfect your fruit slicing technique with this Fruit Ninja Black LARP Katana. Officially licensed by the mobile game Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick, this fantasy foam sword also makes a splendid addition to any Japanese cosplay ensemble.
Price: $27.90
Gold Foam Samurai Katana
Wield a weapon with historic flair as well as safety when you add the Gold Foam Samurai Katana to your costume or cosplay. This prop weapon has the look of an ancient Japanese samurai sword made safe by its foam construction.
Price: $27.90
Japanese Ninja LARP Sword
Displaying a chisel point, square guard, and a straight blade, the Japanese Ninja LARP Sword is a longer version of the ninjato, a short sword said to have been the preferred weapon of the secretive and covert Shinobi of feudal Japan.
Price: $31.90
Jian LARP Sword
Inspired by the traditional Chinese weapon, the Jian LARP Sword is a remarkable LARP blade that pays tribute to its Eastern origins with a beautifully detailed hilt cast from polyurethane foam, sure to impress any LARP sword wielder.
Price: $79.00
Jian Long LARP Sword
An elegant foam latex weapon inspired by the traditional Chinese blade that long ago defended the Ancient Empire of China, the Jian Long LARP Sword is a beautiful and trustworthy blade to wield at your next live action roleplay event.
Price: $84.00
Jian Short LARP Sword
Out of the four major weapons of Chinese martial arts, the straight sword or Jian is considered the gentleman of all weapons. The Jian Short LARP Sword takes inspiration from this ancient blade and proves its worth during battle.
Price: $74.00
LARP Chai Sword
Our LARP Chai Sword is from our Ready for Battle line. The Ready for Battle line is a less costly line that is durable, but is not as detailed, making them very affordable and great for beginners or those on a small budget.
Price: $40.00
LARP Dai Katana
Anxious cries from the village captures the attention of a wandering samurai. Without hesitation, the Japanese warrior unleashes revenge upon the bandits. The LARP Dai Katana handles smoothly in the masterful grasp of the ronin.
Price: $84.00
LARP Jade Dao - 100cm
A fearsome broadsword from ancient China, the Dao is a blade that finds its home amongst martial artists and daring warriors. The LARP Jade Dao - 100cm is a blade truly fit for master fighters and heroes of legendary tales!
Price: $99.00
LARP Jade Dao
Smite your foes with the strength of eras past when you wield the LARP Jade Dao. The detailed hilt of this LARP sword harkens back to the artistry of ancient civilizations without lessening the menacing appeal of its dramatic blade.
Price: $93.00
LARP Tanto
Our LARP Tanto is sidekick for any of our LARP Katanas or oriental weapons. This latex tanto features a classic ninja blade. This is a great quality LARP weapon and affordable LARP dagger without sacrificing quality and style.
Price: $34.00
LARP Throwing Kunai
In the days of the ninja in ancient Japan, the kunai was as much a tool as it was a weapon. Now, you can bring the versatility of this age-old blade to your LARP battles by arming yourself with this LARP Throwing Kunai!
Price: $8.00
LARP Wakizashi
Among samurai, the wakizashi was a companion blade. A samurai may have left their katana, but they were never without a wakizashi. Now you can keep one close at hand, too, when you go into battle armed with this LARP Wakizashi.
Price: $49.00
Light Blue Foam Samurai Sword
Honor the code of the samurai with this Light Blue Foam Samurai Sword. This sword is safe for cosplay use and features realistic details. Anyone can find a fun way to use this affordable, realistic, and sturdy samurai LARP weapon.
Price: $17.50
On Sale For: $15.75
Long Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword
From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a blade fit for a warrior who never leaves the shadows. This Long Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword carries with it the shape of the Japanese sword that the shinobi favored as their primary weapon.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $85.00
Musashi Katana II LARP Sword
One of the iconic weapons of Japan, the katana makes a fantastic primary weapon, perfect for pairing with the matching wakizashi (CL-191). The Musashi Katana II LARP Sword makes a great historical blade to wield.
Price: $165.25
Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword
One of the iconic weapons of Japan, the wakizashi makes a fantastic secondary weapon, perfect for pairing with the matching katana (CL-192). The Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword makes a great historical blade to wield.
Price: $148.75
Ninja LARP Bastard Sword
The ornate katana of the samurais would not have been appropriate for a ninja, as their jobs usually required them to be concealed as much as possible. The Ninja LARP Bastard Sword is ideal for attacking when it is least expected.
Price: $99.25
Oriental LARP Nodachi
The legendary samurai of Japan were well-known for wielding powerful blades, and this Oriental LARP Nodachi sword does not disappoint. In Japanese style, this weapon will turn any LARP swordsman into a formidable samurai warrior!
Price: $118.00
Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword
From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a blade fit for a warrior who never leaves the shadows. This Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword carries with it the shape of the traditional sword that the shinobi once favored as their primary weapon.
Price: $97.00
On Sale For: $80.00
Ready For Battle Dao LARP Sword
The ingenuity, grace, and power of an ancient culture comes to you in this addition to our Ready for Battle line. The Ready for Battle Dao LARP Sword echoes oriental design in a LARP blade that is durable, strong, and affordable.
Price: $44.00
Red Foam Samurai Katana
Harkening back to the age of samurai, the Red Foam Samurai Katana is inspired by traditional Japanese blades. Made out of safe, dense foam, this prop weapon features a bold red color creating a wrapped look along its black hilt.
Price: $27.90
Your LARPing character is a master of martial arts and requires a battle-ready weapon that befits their calm yet fierce nature. The RFB LARP Tai is the perfect blade for any zen warrior! Its graceful shape lends a sense of harmony.
Price: $59.00
Samurai Katana
Of all the warriors, samurai were among the greatest. Even more legendary then their skill is the Samurai Katana, a blade that, in samurai hands, was capable of near surgical precision that could end fights with one cut.
Price: $79.95
Samurai Legend LARP Katana
The blade of a Japanese sword must be sharp enough to slice effortlessly through a silk sheet. It moves gracefully with its wielder. The Samurai Legend LARP Katana is a suitable weapon for the ninja assassin or samurai warrior.
Price: $74.00
Silver Foam Samurai Katana
A weapon of antique beauty made safe through a modern foam construction, the Silver Foam Samurai Katana is based on the traditional samurai blades of ancient Japan. This foam sword is ideal for costumes, cosplay, or play fighting.
Price: $27.90
Tai Chi LARP Sword
Inspired by the jian swords used in martial arts training, the Tai Chi LARP Sword displays a gold guard and pommel with brown cord wrapped around the grip. This Asian foam sword makes a fantastic addition to any cosplay ensemble.
Price: $38.50
Tanto II LARP Sword
More practical in certain situations than a katana, the Tanto II LARP Sword can be easily used in tight spaces since it does not restrict the movements of the wielder, making it perfect for hasty retreats and close combat.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $60.00
Traditional LARP Katana
This high-quality LARP sword comes in a design favored by samurai during the feudal period of Japan. The Traditional LARP Katana features a straight, single-edged blade that has been hand-painted for an authentic metal appearance.
Price: $74.00
Viridian LARP Dao
A blade once shattered can never be the same, but through the use of magic, it might become something stronger than it was. The Viridian LARP Dao has become something more, with vibrant emerald light holding its blade together!
Price: $128.00
Viridian LARP Jian
An elegant blade forged from a rare viridian colored metal, the Viridian LARP Jian is a sword that knows no equal. Its rough-hewn blade is the only indication of its violent nature, for it excels at defeating the enemies it faces.
Price: $128.00
Viridian LARP Katana
The vibrant green metal of the Viridian LARP Katana is a rare and beautiful material fit for a heroic blade! The green and black colored swords that are forged from this metal are highly valued due to their incredible durability!
Price: $128.00
Wakizashi LARP Short Sword
A long journey from the East to West has led you to a grand castle. You wait patiently in the shadows for the perfect opportunity to strike. The Wakizashi LARP Short Sword aids you in exacting revenge on behalf of your fallen clan.
Price: $69.00
Zephyr LARP Jian - White
The Zephyr LARP Jian in White has a massive blade designed to look like deadly white ice, making it the perfect weapon for fantasy-themed LARP warriors who wish to wield a bladed LARP weapon befitting both their power and fight style.
Price: $129.00
Zephyr LARP Katana
Forged from the West wind made solid, the Zephyr LARP Katana is a blade that cleaves the very air in front of it as it rends down upon its enemies. Its pale blade will look beautiful on your sword belt if you are worthy enough.
Price: $128.00

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