LARP Maces

If you find yourself facing a foe that is encased in heavy plate armor, the weapon to turn to is a mace. And if you are in a live action roleplay, a LARP mace from Dark Knight Armoury will serve to make short work of just such an opponent, and in a manner that is consist with how real warriors from history dealt with their armored foes, too! Maces come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from the very simple to the very complex, yet all of them are made for one reason, and that reason is bashing. With a good LARP mace, you can bludgeon your opponent into submission and bash them into defeat! And luckily, all of our LARP maces happen to be very, very good indeed. Each and every one of these maces is crafted with a fiberglass rod as its core, which makes the weapons flexible yet durable, while also possessing durable layers of foam that work wonders for creating a soft yet effective weapon that will easily stand up to the rigors of LARP combat. Some of our maces are simple studded clubs that are made for bashing and smashing, while others are impressive and complex weapons that feature ornate flanges that look like they could rip through armor with ease. And for the discerning LARPer, we even offer a few modern day bludgeons, like nail studded bats, pipe wrenches, crowbars, lead pipes, and more, all of which make for a perfectly suitable modern-day mace substitute! Swords and spears and axes are all well and good, but if you are looking to really clobber an armored foe, then you will definitely want to head into battle with one of our LARP maces. Plus, a lot of them look really cool, making them perfect armaments for knights, Templars, mercenaries, undead hunters, zombie slayers, and so much more!
Barbed Wire LARP Baseball Bat
Perfect for a zombie horde campaign or a supervillain scenario, this Barbed Wire LARP Baseball Bat is an exceptional choice for any post apocalyptic shenanigans. The silver wire design shows brightly against the deep brown bat.
Price: $27.90
Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench
A trusted tool from the workshop can now be your next weapon in LARP battle. The Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench has the look of a large, weathered wrench and is made completely out of highly durable, latex-free Calimacil foam.
Price: $48.00
Battle-Worn Dentist Studded LARP Club
Your enemies will not know what hit them when you bash and crush with the Battle-Worn Dentist Studded LARP Club. Ultra durable and safe for LARP, this latex-free foam weapon has the look of a battle-scarred, studded wooden club.
Price: $95.00
Battle-Worn Kiefer LARP Mace
Whether used as the weapon of choice for a dark lord, orc warrior, resourceful knight, or fearsome adventurer, the Battle-Worn Kiefer LARP Mace is a fantastic choice for LARP battle. Hand finishing creates its battle-scarred look.
Price: $125.00
Battle-Worn Odo LARP Mace
Whether as the weapon of a brutal warlord, warrior orc, or any other fearsome medieval fighter, the Battle-Worn Odo LARP Mace is a fantastic addition to any LARP arsenal. This LARP war mace has a hand detailed, battle-scarred look.
Price: $95.00
Big Bertha Wrench
The Big Bertha Wrench is a very realistic reproduction of a metal wrench, which is perfectly suited to our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $49.50
Chaos LARP Mace
Nothing says destruction quite like a mace, and the Chaos LARP Mace is no exception. With its expertly crafted details, this latex coated foam weapon is sure to strike your opponent with fear when you step onto the LARP battlefield.
Price: $116.97
Dark Priest Arn LARP Skull Mace
A devoted priest of the dark faith, Arn fought a heretic warband with ghastly zeal, falling upon the battlefield in the middle of his slain foes. His skull was made a part of the Dark Priest Arn LARP Skull Mace to fight his enemies.
Price: $134.00
Demon Slayer LARP Mace
Streams of molten lava glow beneath your feet, and the agonized wails of the undead pierce the air, but your courage never falters. With the Demon Slayer at your side, you prepare to exact revenge on the armies of the netherworld.
Price: $69.00
Dragon Egg LARP Battle Mace
Covered in gold spikes, the silver head of this battle mace resembles the egg of a fearsome dragon. With a long black handle, this Dragon Egg LARP Battle Mace will scramble the thoughts of any opponents not wearing proper headgear.
Price: $51.00
Freeman LARP Crowbar
A radioactive mutant or a flesh-hungry zombie may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but that is only when you are not equipped for the task. Pick up your trusty Freeman LARP Crowbar, and you will be ready to take on the zombicalypse.
Price: $91.00
Gilded Bruiser LARP Mace
Perfect for orcs, trolls, barbarians, and other brutish races, this Gilded Bruiser LARP Mace features a padded golden mace head with silver spikes. This fantasy foam mace also makes an impressive addition to any cosplay ensemble.
Price: $41.00
HK Walter Studded Club
Great for all sorts of bashing, the HK Walter Studded Club is a versatile addition to an LARP weapon arsenal. Made of weapon foam, this LARP club displays a wood-like appearance adorned with two metallic colored studded bands.
Price: $16.00
Homerun LARP Bat
Perfect for modern day and post-apocalyptic LARP settings, the Homerun LARP Bat is a unique addition to any LARP arsenal. With its realistic, slightly weathered steel color, this Calimacil foam bat also makes a great stage prop.
Price: $76.00
Ironclaw Pipe Wrench
Our Ironclaw Pipe Wrench is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large pipe wrench similar to the ones we see in those horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere.
Price: $66.25
Kiefer LARP Mace
Savage warriors, bloodthirsty monsters, and dark warlords will love the sound of bones breaking under the Kiefer LARP Mace. This weapon is easy to use and can be used by warriors in battle or by simple travelers for protection.
Price: $124.00
Kings LARP Mace
There was some debate as to whether to call the Kings LARP Mace the grinder. Set with five wicked flanges, each of which is set with four teeth, this wicked mace is one weapon that your foes will certainly learn to fear in battle!
Price: $108.00
Large Lead LARP Pipe
What makes a weapon valuable is not necessarily how it looks, but how well it can perform in a pinch. The Large Lead LARP Pipe is a LARP weapon you can count on when more traditional tools of attack are nowhere to be found.
Price: $113.00
LARP Barmace
While limited in use throughout history, the bar mace has remained a popular choice among enthusiasts. And now, we are happy to offer you a chance to use one safely in your role-play battles with this traditional looking LARP Barmace.
Price: $55.00
LARP Baseball Bat - Dark Moon Collection
The Baseball Bat is so authentic looking that, without touching it, it is hard to tell that this is made of foam. The Dark Moon Baseball Bat is perfect for futuristic LARPs and makes a great character accessory or prop.
Price: $73.00
LARP Bloody Bat
A villainous weapon for your post-apocalyptic hijinks, our LARP Bloody Bat strikes fear into those who cross your path. Crafted from a dense latex foam, our bloody bat gives off the impression that you are not afraid to use it.
Price: $25.90
LARP Fleur Mace
The LARP Fleur Mace enacts powerful blows with royal flair. This medieval LARP weapon has a head shaped like a fleur-de-lis, historically a symbol of royalty. Bring regal style to your LARP battles with this latex foam LARP mace.
Price: $94.00
LARP Footmans Mace
A weapon does not have to be fancy or over done to be deadly - that goes for real battling as well as for LARP conflicts. This LARP Footman Mace offers a traditional mace design that will leave your foes battered and beaten before you.
Price: $64.00
LARP Imperial Mace
The LARP Imperial Mace takes inspiration from the weaponry of the 12th century European knight, but possesses a sinister flair that makes it perfect for an evil warlord, goblin warrior, or undead minion from a high fantasy kingdom.
Price: $79.00
LARP Nail Club - Dark Moon Collection
The Dark Moon Nail Club is made from extremely durable foam that does not shred. The Nail Club is a wicked looking LARP weapon, perfect for any futuristic LARPs. It makes a great character accessory or prop.
Price: $44.00
LARP Noble Mace
The LARP Noble Mace will clearly establish your might on the LARP battlefield with its large, bludgeoning head and regal brass accents. Made of shred resistant foam, this medieval mace is safe and sturdy for live action roleplay.
Price: $94.00
LARP Simple Mace
This LARP Simple Mace is an effective weapon against any foe, whether they are heavily or lightly armored. From our Ready for Battle line, this piece lacks detail but makes up for it with solid, reliable construction.
Price: $47.00
Medieval Knight LARP Mace
In metallic gray reminiscent of steel, the flanges of the Medieval Knight LARP Mace threaten with their authentic-looking detail. Made of foam, this live action roleplay mace is a realistic replication of historic bludgeoning weapons.
Price: $73.10
Medieval Paladin LARP Mace
Maces are known for their powerful, often devastating blows. The Medieval Paladin LARP Mace presents this familiar bludgeoning weapon with a touch of historic elegance. Its many flanges are shaped like metallic fleur de lis.
Price: $73.10
Mercenary LARP Mace
Deal out deft blows on the LARP battlefield with the Mercenary LARP Mace. Based on bludgeoning pole weapons from the medieval era, this latex coated foam version has been expertly constructed for use in live action roleplay combat.
Price: $87.72
Neo LARP Lead Pipe
Nothing quite stands up to the strength and durability of a lead pipe. Now, you join in the fight to survive the zombicalypse, you can arm yourself with the Neo LARP Lead Pipe, to ensure that when you hit your foes, you hit them hard.
Price: $82.75
Odo LARP Mace
A studded mace is a unique weapon, one that would likely not be expected from characters who stand for peace. Because everyone needs to stay protected, the Odo LARP Mace is ideal for cleric characters who have sworn not to draw blood.
Price: $91.00
Odo the Studded War Mace
Who says that a weapon has to be fancy to be fun, much less wildly effective? This Odo the Studded War Mace is a LARP weapon that looks like a wooden shaft capped with a steel head that looks capable of splitting shields and skulls.
Price: $91.00
Ogre's Club
Ogres are creatures that rely on pure, brute power to defeat their enemies, and when you wield this frightening Ogre's Club in your next LARP event, you can channel some of that power and use it to crush your foes into powder.
Price: $84.95
Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat
When you hear strange noises in the night, having the Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat on hand is sure to provide some reassurance to your nerves. This nifty bat serves as a great modern roleplaying weapon for urban warfare.
Price: $58.00
Short LARP Mace
Deal out powerful blows made safe for LARP combat when you wield the Short LARP Mace. Modeled after a medieval mace, this LARP weapon has an intimidating, realistic look made safe through its shred resistant latex foam construction.
Price: $59.00
Skull Crusher LARP Mace
Our Skull Crusher LARP Mace is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.
Price: $69.00
Starburst LARP Battle Mace
Displaying scalloped coronas of spikes across the rounded silver head, the Starburst LARP Battle Mace has a fearsome design perfect for bashing in helms. This medieval foam mace also makes a memorable addition to any cosplay ensemble.
Price: $51.50
Steel LARP Mace
Unleash mighty swings of destructive force onto the LARP battlefield with the Steel LARP Mace. This highly realistic, wicked-looking LARP weapon is made of safe, soft, and shred resistant foam with a protective latex coating.
Price: $84.00
Stone LARP Mace
At its core, a mace is a weapon for delivering powerful blunt force blows. Perfect for barbarians, orcs, and resourceful survivors, the Stone LARP Mace has the look of a primitive weapon, a large rock serving as its mace head.
Price: $69.00
Stun Rod - Dark Moon Collection
What does it take to put down your opponent? All you require to win the battles in your future is this fantastic Stun Rod from the Dark Moon Collection, which combines a medieval mace with a futuristic Taser design.
Price: $108.00
On Sale For: $98.00
The Dentist Studded Club
The Dentist is a realistic reproduction of a studded club, which is perfectly suited to the context of our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $99.25
Wooden LARP Club
The Wooden LARP Club looks like a choice branch pulled straight from the forest and repurposed as a powerful bludgeon. Skillfully crafted to look like dark wood, this woodland fantasy mace is made of soft and durable latex foam.
Price: $64.00

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