LARP Hammers

Nothing intimidates quite like a war hammer, and for good reason, as this is a weapon that has more than earned its reputation. And indeed, just like the war hammers wielded by warriors of old, you can crush your enemies and bludgeon them into submission and defeat when you march into battle armed with one of Dark Knight Armourys fearsome LARP hammers. You may ask why, why is the hammer worthy of fear? In a world where armors steady rise made blades and axes completely ineffective at the worst of times, the war hammer remained a viable and darn effective alternative that was more than capable of making armor at best a hindrance and at worst, a death sentence. Of course, these LARP hammers are infinitely safer than their medieval cousins, although you would not guess so just by looking at their appearance. Each of these LARP hammers features a stunning appearance, possessing detail enough that it could be mistaken for the real thing! Many are patterned after the mauls and war hammers of old, complete with a broad, brutally effective pounding surface. What separates a war hammer from a maul is that war hammers were designed for use with one hand while the mauls echoed the look of a war hammer but with a longer haft that offered greater leverage and made excess force easy to generate. There are even more than a few pick hammers available, which combines the effectiveness of a hammer with the brutality of a piercing pick head, making it a great weapon to use against your armored LARP foes! Maybe your opponents do not fear the war hammer right now, and that is ok. All it will take is one good, solid swing from one of Dark Knight Armourys LARP hammers and they will quickly learn that the war hammer is a weapon that is worthy of fear.
Archangel Sweatshop Bonecrusher LARP Hammer
This LARP Archangel Sweatshop Bonecrusher Hammer serves as a Steampunk style weapon for your arsenal. The tough layered foam, high quality latex, and the specially developed paint used have been researched for long lasting play.
Price: $180.00
Battle-Worn Percefer LARP Warhammer
Trusty and efficient for most LARP combat, the Battle-Worn Percefer LARP Warhammer has its hammer head paired with a formidable back spike. Hand detailing creates the battle-weathered look throughout its latex-free foam structure.
Price: $80.00
Battle-Worn Vordr LARP Hammer
Brutal warrior or mysterious mage, the Battle-Worn Vordr LARP Hammer has a powerful fantasy look that makes it suitable for both. Incredibly durable and highly detailed, this foam LARP hammer has a weathered, battle-scarred look.
Price: $114.00
Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer
Invoke the ferocity of a dragon when you wield the Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer in battle. Twin dragon heads form the double-sided head of this fantasy LARP warhammer. This ultra-sturdy LARP weapon is made of latex-free foam.
Price: $216.00
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer is a weapon worthy of the gods and made for man. It is a perfectly brutal armament fit for the hands of any LARP barbarian or monster-hunter, with just a touch of Viking style.
Price: $148.53
Dark Guardian Warhammer
Rescue your allies from a legion of foes with the Dark Guardian Warhammer. Whether the battle requires close combat, or a high-impact attack while on horseback, this LARP weapon proves useful for bludgeoning through the enemy line.
Price: $84.00
Dorgen LARP War Hammer
Very few weapons give the same bone chilling effect that a powerful war hammer does. The Dorgen LARP War Hammer is the perfect pole weapon for brutish, rough natured characters such as trolls, barbarians, monsters, and dwarves.
Price: $190.00
HK Tom Hammer
You can never doubt the usefulness of a hammer, and the HK Tom Hammer makes a great basic addition to any LARP weapon arsenal. Despite its unadorned simplicity, this foam hammer is quite versatile and sure to become a trusted staple.
Price: $14.00
Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer
With the Imperial Inquisitor LARP Hammer in your hands, you are sure to strike terror and awe in any opponent. The wickedly grinning skulls of kings long past decorate this medieval and fantasy-inspired double-headed war hammer.
Price: $165.70
Imperial Major LARP Hammer
Realistic enough to intimidate any foe, the Imperial Major LARP Hammer threatens of both crushing and stabbing action, A hammer and a spike adorn opposite ends of its head, decorated with a medieval, Crusader-inspired cross detail.
Price: $146.21
Imperial Sergeant LARP Hammer
Inspired by war hammers of the late medieval era, the Imperial Sergeant LARP Hammer is crafted with authentic looking detail. Atop the wooden-looking shaft rests a metallic colored, double headed hammer featuring medieval crosses.
Price: $116.97
Jack the Sledge Hammer
When it comes to putting zombies down for the count, nothing works as well as Jack the Sledge Hammer. In fact, this impressive LARP weapon serves well in putting any of your enemies down for the count in any great LARP events!
Price: $99.25
LARP Dwarven Greathammer
Fit for a dwarven king of a vast mountain realm or any LARP warrior who wishes to strike with heavy, devastating blows, the LARP Dwarven Greathammer is an impressive fantasy LARP weapon made highly safe for live action combat.
Price: $239.00
LARP Hammer of Sol
Become your guardian when you wield the LARP Hammer of Sol. Inspired by the weapon wielded by the powerful titan class from Destiny, this LARP weapon mimics the majesty of a regal bird of prey with its LARP-safe, foam form.
Price: $138.75
LARP Hand Mallet
Sometimes you just need to smash something. When those times hit during a LARP battle, we offer to you the LARP Hand Mallet, which takes the wood mallet and shrinks it down so you have a pint-sized pounder to carry in your battles!
Price: $40.00
LARP Sledge Hammer
Break down your enemies or the walls that separate you with our LARP Sledge Hammer. Crafted from latex foam with a fiberglass fusion core, this sledge hammer is a durable and lightweight option for overcoming any obstacle.
Price: $24.50
LARP Sledge Hammer - Dark Moon Collection
The Dark Moon Sledge Hammer is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. The Sledge Hammer is perfect for futuristic LARPs and makes a great character accessory or prop.
Price: $66.00
LARP Stone Hammer
The LARP Stone Hammer is a live action roleplay weapon to be reckoned with. Sculpted and hand painted to look just like a heavy stone encased in dark metal, this elongated warhammer is ideal for crushing enemies, even at a long range.
Price: $168.00
LARP Sun Hammer
Strike with the might of the sun when you deal out devastating blows with the LARP Sun Hammer. Made of durable, shred resistant foam, this medieval fantasy LARP weapon features a sun insignia on the sides of the hammer head.
Price: $220.00
LARP War Mallet
Wield the LARP War Mallet in battle for the ultimate in massive, crushing blows. Formidable and devastating, this LARP weapon has been expertly crafted to make it safe, easy, and satisfying to use for live action roleplay combat.
Price: $148.00
Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer
An epic looking weapon, the Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all who stand in your way. Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer also suits brutes like Trolls, barbarians, and other monsters.
Price: $198.25
Lonnars LARP Hammer
Astonish allies and opponents alike when you wield Lonnars LARP Hammer. This fantasy LARP war hammer has a pair of impressively detailed, steel colored ram heads as its double-sided head, accented with golden Celtic knotwork.
Price: $176.00
Lonnars LARP Throwing Hammer
Lonnars LARP Throwing Hammer is a very unique weapon. Shaped like a ram-headed, double-sided war hammer, but small, soft, and flexible enough to safely throw, this fantasy LARP weapon is an impressive addition to any LARP arsenal.
Price: $22.00
Medieval Warhammer
Our Medieval Warhammer is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.
Price: $79.00
Mercenary LARP War Hammer
Inspired by medieval war hammers that weaponized the attributes of the age old crafting tool, the Mercenary LARP War Hammer is a formidable force ready to strike against your foes at your next historic live action roleplay event.
Price: $87.72
Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer
Give yourself a hand on the battlefield when you wield the Mercenary Renaissance LARP War Hammer. This expertly crafted polyethylene foam pole weapon is unexpectedly detailed to look like a metallic fist holding a flat-headed spike.
Price: $116.97
Orc's Big LARP Hammer
Orcs are well-known for their brutality, and this Orcs Big LARP Hammer is the weapon to take advantage of a warriors brutal strength. Luckily, this weapon is made from LARP foam and latex, safe materials with a deadly look.
Price: $172.00
On Sale For: $155.00
Percefer the LARP Warhammer
Almost any character type can find a use for Percefer the LARP Warhammer, whether for offense or defense. This foam LARP hammer has a steel-colored head with gold details for a striking realism, while the handle is wooden in appearance.
Price: $74.50
Red Calfera LARP Hammer
The druid Lonnar crafted the Red Calfera LARP Hammer after escaping the lair of the red dragon in the heart of a volcano with the egg of the beast. Transformed into a weapon, this battle hammer shares the heat and energy of the dragon.
Price: $227.00
Regal Lion LARP War Hammer
A crushing weapon for blacksmiths, dwarves, trolls, and ogres, the Regal Lion LARP War Hammer has a lethal design for any roleplaying campaign. This medieval foam hammer also makes a stunning addition to any cosplay ensemble.
Price: $55.50
Spiked LARP Warhammer
Crowned with three large gold spikes across the top, this Spiked LARP Warhammer will rule the battlefield. A double ended gold arrow decorates the side of the head, while the handle displays gold accents and a cord wrapped grip.
Price: $44.50
The Hobbit - Fili's LARP Warhammer
Many of the company of dwarves that went with Thorin carried swords, but the true weapon of a dwarf was either the hammer or the axe. Fili, his nephew, brought along a brutal war hammer that would leave his enemies battered before him.
Price: $109.99
Vibro Hammer - Dark Moon Collection
Sometimes bigger is better. When you wield this Vibro Hammer from the Dark Moon Collection, it is easy to see why. Size makes this hammer a sight to behold, while its technological enhancements will leave your foes intimidated.
Price: $197.00
Vordr LARP Hammer
Hand painted for a dark steel look, two rams make up the head of the Vordr LARP Hammer. Celtic-inspired runes and knotwork add to its mystic and ancient look. This remarkable LARP is ideal for dark sorcerers and medieval magicians.
Price: $124.00

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