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It is natural to want the best. Warriors want the best equipment. Dark Knight Armoury strives to be the best when it comes to providing you all the LARP, reenactment, medieval, and fantasy gear you need. And in this section we offer to Palnatoke LARP weapons, who are brought to you by a gentleman who wanted to make the best weapons in the business. And you know what? He is not too far off, either. These weapons are all made using a multi-foam material that is incredibly durable, yet still offering just enough spring to ensure that the weapons are soft enough to use on fellow LARPers. They also have a carbon fiber core for durability. But what really sets these weapons apart is their look and their balance. Modeled after the swords of history and fantasy, these blades offer a superb performance that makes each one a fantastic weapon for any LARPer, be they a beginner or an expert. The blades come in a variety of styles, emulating a knights sword, a Celtic ragers blade, the legendary Japanese katana and ninja-sword, elf blades, and more! Most swords are offered in either a regular or a longsword version, and there are also a handful of daggers too. When it comes to LARP, you want to wield the best, just like any good warrior would, and you will be hard-pressed to find better, at a lower price, than these Palnatoke LARP weapons.
Battle Worn Marauder LARP Shortsword
The Battle Worn Marauder LARP Shortsword was found buried alongside an ancient warrior king. The sword had served the monarch faithfully for years, and when you grasp the hilt, you feel that it is ready to sing in battle once more.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $90.00
Battle Worn Orcish LARP Longsword
Appearing to be scarred from many previous battles in which it has been used, the Battle Worn Orcish LARP Longsword is a magnificent weapon for LARPers who wish to assume the persona of a battle hardened, veteran of war.
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $95.00
Bloody Marauder LARP Longsword
A terrific weapon for the LARPer who desires a look of unrelenting brutality, the Bloody Marauder LARP Longsword is an exceptionally well-made LARP friendly longsword which will have your foes quivering in its presence.
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $95.00
Bloody Orcish LARP Longsword
Although the Bloody Orcish LARP Longsword is safe for use in LARP events, it will have your enemies cowering in fear of its realistic blood splattered finish, sleek metallic looking blade, and devastatingly swift strikes.
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $95.00
Celtic LARP Sword
In the early days of warfare, the sword was a weapon designed for offense and nothing more. The Celtic LARP Sword draws on the style of the Celt, creating an effective blade that lends itself well to attacking and defeating ones enemies.
Price: $117.00
On Sale For: $98.00
Drow Lord LARP Longsword
Dark Elves, or Drow as they are sometimes known, are sinister elves that are known for their cruelty and their skill. And like their cousins, the Drow favor weapons that are effective yet graceful, like this Drow Lord LARP Longsword.
Price: $127.00
On Sale For: $93.00
Elven Lord LARP Sword
Grace and beauty are two things that elves often weave into their works, including art, armor, or weapons. This Elven Lord LARP Sword is a straight blade with plenty of appeal, both as a weapon and as a fine accent for your character.
Price: $117.00
On Sale For: $98.00
Illustrious Elven LARP Dagger
Crafted for use in close combat situations on the LARP battlefield, the Illustrious Elven LARP Dagger is perfect as either a secondary weapon or for use by those who prefer the supreme maneuverability and mobility offered by daggers.
Price: $67.00
On Sale For: $55.00
Illustrious Elven LARP Longsword
Embodying the weapon styling of woodland Elves, the Illustrious Elven LARP Longsword is crafted for safe use in LARP events and features a sleek, single-edged design which is perfect for completing your unique warrior persona.
Price: $127.00
On Sale For: $93.00
LARP Swordholder
Between battles, you need a convenient place to store your characters sword. The LARP Swordholder is an affordable and classically styled option for keeping your LARP approved sword safely at your side at all times.
Price: $15.00
LARP Weapons Silicone Spray
Palnatoke has been using this LARP Weapons Silicone Spray for over 15 years on their LARP weapons and now it is available in a handy 30mL size! This spray on application cleans and conditions the latex coating, extending its life.
Price: $10.00
Long Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword
From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a blade fit for a warrior who never leaves the shadows. This Long Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword carries with it the shape of the Japanese sword that the shinobi favored as their primary weapon.
Price: $110.00
On Sale For: $85.00
Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword
From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a blade fit for a warrior who never leaves the shadows. This Oriental Ninjato LARP Sword carries with it the shape of the traditional sword that the shinobi once favored as their primary weapon.
Price: $97.00
On Sale For: $80.00
Squire LARP Dagger
Never underestimate what a short blade can do you for you, both on and off the field. For those who LARP, this Squire LARP Dagger is an effective version of the traditional medieval dagger for your character to always carry along.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Squire LARP Longsword
If you seek something straight-forward and effective to wield against your foes, but want something a bit longer than the traditional sword, than this Squire LARP Longsword might be a blade to consider thanks to its long blade.
Price: $97.00
On Sale For: $80.00
Tanto LARP Dagger
Before the samurai used the katana and the wakizashi, they used the tachi and the tanto. Straight-edged and with a chisel tip, this Tanto LARP Dagger recreates the shape of this Japanese weapon for a LARPer to use in their battles.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Two Handed LARP Greatsword
Fit for the finest Highland warriors, the Two Handed LARP Greatsword is specifically designed with live action role playing in mind. The LARP greatsword features an extra layer of PUR foam for increased durability.
Price: $214.95
On Sale For: $180.00
Woodland LARP Sword
This slim-line scimitar offers a look that fits well into a wide variety of styles. Woodsman, ranger, elf, duelist, foreigner - all of these character ideas can utilize this Woodland LARP Sword to further their look in any LARP event.
Price: $97.00
On Sale For: $80.00
Youth Orc LARP Sword
When the occasion calls for a softer sword for play, LARP, or anything else, this Youth Orc LARP Sword is a perfect weapon to turn to! Combine with the weapons impressive look, this a stellar arm for any age warrior to wield!
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00

"Just received my order in the mail! I couldn't be happier with my items that I bought. Everything is professionally created and has such a high quality of craftsmanship. Super fast shipping speed so I will be all set and ready for this Saturday!! What a tremendous A+++ finding out about your shop. Thanks so much!!! You have made my week."

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