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There are too many cool gadgets when it comes to steampunk style. The question, though, is how to carry them all?! Dark Knight Armoury has a solution to that issue, though. We offer a number of great steampunk belts and accessories. Not only does this give you a versatile belt that you can use to accent your look but it also gives you a way to build your very own utility belt, filled with all the steampunk trinkets that you want and need! Many of our steampunk belts are hand-crafted in quality leather right here in our shop, and those that are not are made from quality materials as well, to ensure a stellar look that brings a great touch of pseudo-industrial, neo-Victorian style to your look. The section also features a number of cool belt accessories that allow you to build up your ideal Steampunk styled belt too. From pocket watch fobs and holders to vial slides and holsters, we offer a number of cool accents that you can add to your belt. And for those accents that you already have or are planning to carry, our belts also accommodate some handy pouches as well, which you can slide onto the belt so that you extra space, without having to load down your pockets! Attractive and helpful, our selection of steampunk belts and accessories here at Dark Knight Armoury is hard to beat, especially when you consider that not many places let you build your own steampunk utility belt! So start building it today!
Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials
Called to attend the lady of the manor, the alchemist removes a curious pouch from his belt. Releasing the clasp of the Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials, he opens the leather satchel, selecting from among the tonics secured within.
Price: $75.00
Alchemist Sword Frog
The rogue adjusted the Alchemist Sword Frog on his belt as he left the apothecary shop. After checking that the corks were secure on the three vials of murky liquids, he walked slowly, melting into the raucous crowd of shoppers.
Price: $29.00
Celtic Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide
Whether you are battling the bean sidhe, the pooka, or the dreaded Saxon army, this Celtic Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide will hold your potions in style. Create your own utility belt with this Celtic-inspired leather belt slide.
Price: $30.00
Five Bottle Steampunk Belt Slide
The Five Bottle Steampunk Belt Slide is ideal for giving fantasy outfits a fresh look. Keep your potions close at hand with this easy-to-wear leather accessory. Available in black and brown, the hardware is antique brass in tone.
Price: $12.00
Geared Steampunk Pistol Holster
Danger can be just around the bend in a steampunk setting, which is why you should never go anywhere without your weapon of choice. And if that weapon is a pistol, you can carry it in style with this Geared Steampunk Pistol Holster.
Price: $55.00
Geared Steampunk Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide
Perfect for Neo-Victorian alchemists, steamship engineers, and inventors, this Geared Steampunk Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide makes a fantastic addition to a utility belt. The gear accent adds a touch of whimsy to your ensemble.
Price: $30.00
Pocket Watch Belt Slide
If wearing a wristwatch is not to your personal style, you may like this Pocket Watch Belt Slide. Add it to your belt and have a working timepiece close at hand at all times. This versatile belt accent fits up to a 1.75 inch belt.
Price: $16.00
Small Round Glass Bottle
It is hard to know when a potion may come in handy. That is why you should always carry one around! And with one of these Potion Bottles with Clasp, carrying a spare potion has never been easier! It can literally just hang on your belt!
Price: $16.00
Steampunk Belted Pouch
When you are on the go and need to add some functionality to your stylish steampunk ensemble, this belt can serve as a useful accessory. The Steampunk Belted Pouch supports a pocket at your waist, perfect for storing necessities.
Price: $44.00
On Sale For: $39.60
Steampunk Clock Belt
Emphasize your trim waistline while reveling in steampunk style while wearing this thick, leather-like belt. The Steampunk Clock Belt supports an exposed clock face and its inner workings as its ornate hands point to the time.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $54.00
Steampunk Gear D-Ring Belt
You will have the makings of your very own utility belt when you wear this Steampunk Gear D-Ring Belt! Crafted from quality leather, this belt offers several D-ring mounts that allow you to customize the belt to your hearts content.
Price: $45.00
Steampunk Leather Belt Pack
If you need a functional accessory when you are on the go in your steampunk ensemble, consider giving this belt bag a try! The Steampunk Leather Belt Pack supports a pouch that is perfect for holding your necessities.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Plated Corset Belt
Accessorizing an outfit is only one of the many intriguing puzzles that the Neo-Victorian must solve. Stop for a moment and ponder the many fantastic ensembles your clever mind will create with the Steampunk Plated Corset Belt.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Steampunk Utility Belt - Plain Belt
When it comes to being prepared in a steampunk setting, a utility belt is a must-have. It will easily carry everything you could possibly need. For those who want to do it themselves, this Plain Steampunk Utility Belt is a perfect base.
Price: $18.00
Steampunk Utility Belt Add-On - Bullet Loop Slide
Like a car or a Swiss army knife, a utility belt should have plenty of options. Added to your belt, this Bullet Loop Slide puts six extra rounds at your hip, so that if you find yourself in a shoot-out, you have the extra ammo you need.
Price: $12.00
Steampunk Utility Belt Add-On - D-Ring Slide
Like a car or a Swiss army knife, a utility belt should have plenty of options. This D-Ring Slide is one such addition to any Steampunk Utility Belt that allows you to clip, hang, and secure all sorts of add-ons to your belt!
Price: $2.00
Steampunk Utility Belt Add-On - Pocket Watch Slide
Like a car or a Swiss army knife, a utility belt should have plenty of options. And with this Pocket Watch Slide option added to your belt, you will always know the time, thanks to a stylish accent held securely at your hip for use!
Price: $18.00
Steampunk Utility Belt Add-On - Triple Vial Slide
Like a car or a Swiss army knife, a utility belt should have plenty of options. The Triple Vial Slide is one such option that you can add to your utility belt. It ensures that you always have a few vials of some concoction close at hand.
Price: $12.00
Steampunk Utility Belt Pouch
What do you do when one pouch just is not enough? Well, you could get more. Or if you pre-empted that disaster, you could save time and just adorn yourself with this Steampunk Utility Belt Pouch, which offers three compartments to use.
Price: $65.00
Steampunk Utility Hip Pouch Belt Slide
When a simple belt wont carry all that you need at hand, consider this Steampunk Utility Hip Pouch Belt Slide. This attractive and highly adaptable leather accent fits onto your belt with other pieces to create a custom utility belt.
Price: $85.00
Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide
You will always be well equipped with potions, magic dust, or specimen samples when you add this Three Bottle Holder Belt Slide to your kit. This leather accent is perfect for LARP battles, fantasy events, or Steampunk gatherings.
Price: $25.00
Universal Belt Frog with Clasp
How often have you found yourself wishing you to easily carry something at your side, but lacked the right feature on your belt to do so? No longer is that a worry - especially not with this Universal Belt Frog with Clasp!
Price: $9.00
Western Leather Gunslinger Holster
A pistoleer should never leave home without their trusty pistol at their hip, safe and secure in a holster. And nothing suits the style of a lone gunslinger quite like this Western Leather Gunslinger Holster, with its bullet accents.
Price: $49.00
Wrist Cuff with Small Pouch
When your utility belt is at full capacity, consider this Wrist Cuff with Small Pouch for an additional storage slot. Also great for anyone who travels light, this leather accessory will keep your treasures secure and easy to reach.
Price: $32.00

"I adore these bottles! I bought 2 and was very pleased with them. They got here quick and were a wonderful last minute addition to my fantasy costume. Great quality! Thank you sooooo much! "

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