Womens Modern Clothing

Who said you have to wear historic or antiquated clothing to have that touch of fantasy or medieval style? Dark Knight Armoury offers a whole selection of womens modern clothing that features a distinctive look that is perfectly casual and well-suited to bringing a new-aged or subtle medieval look to your style. So take a moment to browse through our selection to find something that suits you. Ranging from lovely skirts that have jagged edges to fine blouses that are loose-fitting and comfortable, we have a garment to suit any ladys look and style. All our pieces of modern clothing are made from quality fabric, so whether they are velvet, cotton, viscose, or anything else, you can bet that they are soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Grab a jacket from this section at Dark Knight Armoury and you will have a casual everyday garment to don on the go. Pick up a skirt and you will have a fine choice casual and evening wear. Try a blouse and you will find that it goes great with almost anything, making it a foundation garment for you to use when building dozens of different looks. So the next time you find yourself needing add something to your selection of garments, why not pick out a choice selection from our array of fine womens modern clothing?
Balloon Print Net Dress
This striking steampunk dress will send your fashion to new heights with its charming hot air balloon print! The Balloon Print Net Dress features a fitted bodice trimmed with brown gimp braid and a ribbon bow at the neckline.
Price: $85.75
On Sale For: $78.00
Bell Sleeve Hooded Light Jacket
Really, no good reason exists to let cold weather ruin your style. Not when this Bell Sleeve Hooded Light Jacket exists. It is light weight, comfortable, great in style, and perfect to wear on cool spring or autumn days.
Price: $32.97
Casual Bell Sleeved Medieval Shirt
When something is casual, it is something that you can wear every day. Well, you can certainly do that with the Casual Bell Sleeved Medieval Shirt, whether you are costuming at the fair or creating your unique style!
Price: $25.12
Casual Sleeveless Dress
This Casual Sleeveless Dress is the definition of the word. It is a garment that a lady can easily wear any day of the week for fun or show. Its fine look ensures that when she does, she is bound to look her best in it, too.
Price: $54.95
Celtic New Age Dress
A bit of the old and the bit of the new can come together to make beautiful things. In this Celtic New Age Dress, the two combine into a stunning garment that is classic enough for costuming but modern enough for casual wear!
Price: $58.09
Embroidered Long Sleeve Blouse
Extra design can help your attire to really transform your look into something spectacular for a variety of occasions. This Embroidered Long Sleeve Blouse is definitely a show-stopper as far as attire can go with its great design.
Price: $40.51
Embroidered New Age Dress
If you are looking to bring a bit of new age style to your attire, then the Embroidered New Age Dress may be the garment you have been waiting for. It is beautiful, unique, and a touch eccentric and adventurous in its look.
Price: $61.23
Embroidered Sleeveless Top
When it is a wonderful day outside, the last thing you want to wear are sleeves. This Embroidered Sleeveless Top lets you do away with the sleeves, while still allowing you to show off your own style, look fashionable, and feel good.
Price: $26.69
Embroidered Summer Dress
Who said that elegance cannot be casual? The Embroidered Summer Dress proves that statement wrong with ease, as it shows off a casual yet classy elegance, featuring a cut and a look that is perfectly suited for everyday wear.
Price: $54.95
Hooded Bell Sleeved Blouse
You will feel as playful as a pixie when you put on this Hooded Bell Sleeved Blouse. This garment is inspired by the same shirts that pixies themselves might have worn. And now, you can wear their style as your own, if you like.
Price: $48.67
Hooded Pixie Blouse
Pixies are well known for their playful fantasy style. Now that style is something you can enjoy, too, with this Hooded Pixie Blouse. With this piece, you can casually enjoy a pixies playful beauty whenever you want!
Price: $54.95
Hooded Pixie Blouse Dress
One glance at this Hooded Pixie Blouse Dress will likely be all that is needed to pique your interest. After all, it is not every day that you see a nice blouse with a deep hood and a long, cool, asymmetrical hem!
Price: $46.79
Jagged Hem Gypsy Skirt
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this Jagged Hem Gypsy Skirt is just for gypsy looks and costumes. Instead, consider it a classification of style for a garment that can look great in just about any outfit.
Price: $39.25
Laced Up Blouse Dress with Hood
Sometimes, new age style draws its influence from an old world look. The Laced Up Blouse Dress with Hood is proof of that concept, featuring fantasy and historical style, while still looking great with contemporary looks.
Price: $48.67
Lacy Steampunk Corset Top
Able to be worn on its own or as an undershirt, the Lacy Steampunk Corset Top shows off panels of floral lace over the front with a strip of studs running down the middle. This steampunk camisole has thin spaghetti straps for support.
Price: $24.00
Ladies Ruffled Blouse
A good blouse is one that you can wear on any given day of the week with minimal planning. This Ladies Ruffled Blouse is one such garment that any girl will be happy to wear, thanks to its casual appeal.
Price: $23.55
Long Bell Sleeved Dress
Cool weather will not stop you or your good style when you have the Long Bell Sleeved Dress at your disposal. You can have great style in this casual dress that is comfortable and great looking, while still staving off the cold, too.
Price: $59.66
Long Length Hooded Blouse
Everyday attire should be casual in its look and comfortable in its fit. The Long Length Hooded Blouse fits that description down to the letter! Its lovely look makes it a garment for a girl to enjoy on any given day of the week.
Price: $61.23
On Sale For: $55.00
Long Sleeved Jagged Blouse
Who says that you cannot have fairy style in your modern apparel? That is not true at all, because this Long Sleeve Jagged Blouse carries a casual dash of pixie charm that any lady can enjoy on any day of the week!
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $32.00
Long Sleeved New Age Dress
There is a touch of old-world style in this Long Sleeved New Age Dress, and perhaps that is what makes it such a striking piece to wear. Based on new age designs, this dress remains a fine addition to any ladies modern wardrobe.
Price: $61.23
Pointed Pixie Hood Jacket
Pixies may only be a fairy tale, but their style certainly is not! It is alive and well, and even now, you can show off great fantasy style with new age flair by wearing this Pointed Pixie Hood Jacket as a part of your ensemble!
Price: $37.37
Short Sleeveless Dress
A short skirt and no sleeves? That sounds like a winning combination for summer wear! This Short Sleeveless Dress makes a nice summer garment, also doubling as a fine casual piece for any lovely lady to wear!
Price: $42.39
Slashed Long Sleeve Pixie Blouse
If you are looking to add unique fantasy flair to your attire with new age style, then you have found just the garment! As its name implies, this Slashed Long Sleeve Pixie Blouse has a great fantasy cut and plenty of style, too.
Price: $48.67
Slashed Pixie Jacket
A bit of slashed and tattered style never hurt anyone. Sometimes that element pushes your style above and beyond the limits of the norm! This Slashed Pixie Jacket is definitely capable of accenting your style to the limit.
Price: $53.07
Sleeveless Cinch Dress
If you thought that casual elegance would be hard to achieve, you thought wrong. This Sleeveless Cinch Dress makes it as easy to get as one, two, three. All you have to do is pick it out, put it on, and show it off!
Price: $54.95
Sleeveless Jagged Blouse
Controlled chaos is not necessarily a bad thing. This Sleeveless Jagged Blouse has an asymmetrical hem, yet that adds to its appeal and its character, making it a great new-age piece for any lovely lady to own, wear, and enjoy.
Price: $24.81
Sleeveless Ruffled Dress
Sleeves? Who needs sleeves? You certainly do not, especially not when you wear this Sleeveless Ruffled Dress, which has such a stunning look that it does not need much in the way of extra decoration or adornment.
Price: $53.07
Sleeveless Summer Dress
Summer brings about a change of wardrobe for many people. Warm weather necessitates cool clothing. This Sleeveless Summer Dress is just that, featuring a lack of sleeves and a light material that make it great for the summer months.
Price: $56.21
Steampunk Brown Cotton Belted Halter Dress
The most charming steampunk dress you have ever seen is here to take over the world of fashion with its retro flair! The Steampunk Brown Cotton Belted Halter Dress shows off solid brown material with a brown belt to accent the waist.
Price: $66.00
On Sale For: $62.70
Steampunk Cylinder Garter
Steampunk fashion finds the perfect mix between flirty and elegant with this stylish garter. The Steampunk Cylinder Garter features a lace ruffle around its bottom edge along with several bullet-like cylinders for decoration.
Price: $19.00
Steampunk High Collar Striped Brown Cotton Dress
Striped brocade adds a touch of detail to the collar, waist, and sleeve cuffs of this charming steampunk dress. The Steampunk High Collar Striped Brown Cotton Dress makes a fine vintage option to introduce to your wardrobe.
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
Steampunk Lacy Top with Collar
The elegance of the Victorian period meets the unique aesthetic of steampunk in this lovely short-sleeved top. The Steampunk Lacy Top with Collar features a patterned lace blouse that comes with a matching choker collar.
Price: $54.00
On Sale For: $49.00
Steampunk Long Sleeve Lace Shirt
The Victorian element of lace combines with leather-like brown straps in this fantastic steampunk overshirt! The Steampunk Long Sleeved Lace Shirt features sheer lace that adds elegance to a layered steampunk look.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Steampunk Long Sleeved Brown Cotton Chain Dress
This season, try something new like this ultra-chic, long-sleeved steampunk dress! The Steampunk Long Sleeved Brown Cotton Chain Dress shows off a rich brown color accented by chains that drape around the sides of the waist.
Price: $74.00
On Sale For: $70.30
Steampunk Off the Shoulder Blouse
The Victorian influence on the steampunk genre provides its fashion with a sense of elegance and sophistication. The Steampunk Off the Shoulder Blouse features cap sleeves that can be pulled up to cover the shoulder if desired.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $52.00
Steampunk Pouch Mini Skirt
Pieces of apparel that combine functionality with its superb style make up the best sort of fashion. The Steampunk Pouch Mini Skirt includes a pouch that clips to one side that is perfect for holding your necessities on the go.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $54.00
Steampunk Ruffle and Lace Mini Skirt
When you need something playful to wear when heading out in the evening or to a steampunk event, this skirt makes a fun pick! The Steampunk Ruffle and Lace Mini Skirt displays overlapping layers of material with lace underneath.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Steampunk Single Breasted Ruffle Jacket
When you want a formal look with a touch of steampunk flair, you can find just what you are seeking in this lapel jacket! The Steampunk Single Breasted Ruffle Jacket buttons twice in the front before swooping down to a long ruffled tail.
Price: $98.00
On Sale For: $88.20
Tied Neckline Long Sleeve Shirt
Sometimes, you just want to be casual. The Tied Neckline Long Sleeve Shirt is as casual as it gets, paired with comfort to make sure that when you do wear this, you look your best and feel quite nice for wearing it, too.
Price: $18.53
Vintage Print Shawl Collar Dress
Embrace the retro look of this fantastic black and white patterned alternative dress. The Vintage Print Shawl Collar Dress features a scooped, shawl neckline and a black satin ribbon that ties around the waist into a bow at the back.
Price: $50.75

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