Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts

It is a sad loss to let the coming of colder seasons deprive you of the greatness that is gothic style. Pay us a visit at Dark Knight Armoury, where we can keep you gothically garbed all year round, thanks to a selection of long sleeve gothic shirts that are perfect for when the temperatures start to drop. Of course, gothic garb is not solely the province of men or women, and so we offer long sleeved garments for both sexes, and we make getting to them easy to dividing them up into two different sections - one for men and one for women. But both contain a starting selection of shirts, all of which feature stunning gothic graphics that feature both immense detail and great coloration. Our mens shirts lean towards more classic forms, featuring stunning graphics that adorn the front, back, and sleeve of the shirt in beautiful detail. By comparison, our womens shirts are a bit more varied, featuring eccentric and esoteric styles that feature great graphics and intriguing design elements, which serve to make each garment a truly unique thing for any girl to wear! And of course, all the traditional gothic graphics are in play, offering variations on the dragon, the dark angel, the vampire, the skull, the grim reaper, and others, so that you can have the design that most appeals to your sense of taste! Great gothic design is what you will find here, ladies and gentleman, so take a moment to look through Dark Knight Armourys selection of long sleeved gothic shirts, to better see how you can stay in gothic garb throughout the whole length of the year!
Mens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts
This is one instance where gothic style will not only keep you looking good and stylish, but it will also help keep you warm in the winter season! A mens long sleeve gothic shirt features not only great design and comfort, but also full-length sleeves that help to stave off the cold, and you can find a good selection of those garments right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Womens Long Sleeve Gothic Shirts
Unique is a good word to describe Dark Knight Armourys collection of womens long sleeve gothic shirts. Why? Because unlike long sleeve shirts reserved for cold weather wear, this section features long sleeved shirts in various forms and designs. Some are made for cold weather, and some are made for all-weather wear, allowing you to enjoy their look at any time of the year!
Skeletal Viking Warrior Long Sleeve Shirt
The bravest Vikings go to Valhalla when they die. But sometimes the call of battle is strong enough to break the barrier between life and death. The Skeletal Viking Warrior Long Sleeve Shirt shows these undead brawlers ready to fight.
Price: $25.25

"I had a question about one of my purchases that I received in a very timely manner, seriously much faster than I thought. When I called they asked me a couple questions and for an email. I talked to three different ladies and all three were amazing at their customer service. Their names were Sierra, Kayla, and Rachael. They answered my questions and took care of situation in a hurry, and they made it an actual enjoyable conversation at that. So I would like to say thanks for the sweet gear, low price, and insanely good customer service. This site rocks and I will make sure to get any further gear from here. "

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