Leather Masks

Anyone who is experienced in the world of costumes and masquerades likely has a fair degree of experience with masks. These leather masks, however, take the notion of a mask to a whole new level. Solid and sturdy, these masks go beyond the typical latex piece and instead feature a level of detail that is sure to excite anyone with an interest in a good mask. These masks are solid and sturdy, having been crafted from quality leather and hand painted to feature a vivid array of color that makes each one a truly striking piece that is worthy of display and decoration. A better idea, though, is to wear any one of these masks out and about, as a part of your latest costume, ensuring that you wow and awe all who see you with your masked appearance. The masks range in style, consisting from classic masquerade pieces that are operatic and Victorian to stunning pieces that draw on gothic and fantasy style to create dragon masks, skull masks, and butterfly masks that are truly a sight to behold. And of course, a good Victorian mask with some gears and gizmos makes for a great addition to any steampunk masquerade, making these masks a great choice for the stray Steampunk citizen who might need a mask for the next big costume ball. Each and every one of these leather masks are a fantastic alternative to latex masks, and as you can expect, they are a big hit at Halloween. Pick one up today for your own costuming needs today, and you will not regret the big dose of style the subtle hint of intrigue and mystery that a good leather mask can add to your costume or look.
Butterfly Leather Half-Mask
Fairies are commonly seen with butterflies and other beautiful creatures around them, a feat that lesser mortals can hardly manage. Thanks to this Butterfly Leather Half-Mask, you can echo the beauty of a fairy and her butterfly.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $34.00
Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask
This mask has a shape and form similar to the one worn by a classic phantom from literature, although this mask also features its own unique touches. The Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask covers half the face with gear details.
Price: $90.00
Leather Plague Doctor Mask
An eerie sight during the height of the Black Plague, the plague doctor or beak doctor would treat his patients in a striking bird-like mask. The Leather Plague Doctor Mask allows you to dress like this iconic medieval doctor.
Price: $84.00
Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask
This mask gives its wearer a rare opportunity. Better than dragon-scales, this Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask will make you look and feel like you are actually wearing a dragon, as it curls protectively across your face.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $52.00

"I ordered the Dark Rogue harness piece with hood just in time for MegaCon and it was fantastic! I loved the design and layout and it worked great with my character (Green Arrow). I appreciate the business and to see that those negative comments do not reflect you guys today. I look forward to ordering more from you in the near future. Thank you so very much for the professionalism and prompt service. "

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