Deepeeka Swords

For breadth of raw history, not many sword manufacturers can match the variety of Deepeeka. Diversity is one of their biggest strengths, as their selection of arms includes much of the ancient world, ranging from as far back as the Greek era to as far forward as the late medieval age. Deepeeka swords are made from fine materials, and serve well as costume or training weapons. Deepeeka focuses particularly on historic weapons, and most of their swords resemble artifacts that were found in archaeological digs, or ones that are currently represented in collections or museums around the world. This serves to bring an impressive touch of realism to every weapon appearance, ensuring that whether you are hefting a Roman gladius, a Greek kopis, or a Viking broadsword, you feel like you are holding the real deal. They are made using natural materials, so brass and steel finishes are the most common, and many swords feature little additional detailed touches here and there to finish their appearance with more accurate detailing. Many Deepeeka swords are also made slightly heavier than their historical counterparts, which is an aspect to be aware of, if you plan on swinging it around as a part of your solo training. It is the realism and the variety of styles that makes Deepeeka a true star among our sword manufacturers, so if you are looking for variety, or for something that has that truly authentic look from history, any one of our Deepeeka swords might just happen to be the one that you are looking for.
11th C. Viking Sword
This 11th C. Viking Sword is an almost instantly recognizable style of sword, one that is as iconic as the people who made it famous! In your hands, it will make you feel more like a Viking, allowing you to channel your inner Norseman.
Price: $161.00
12th C. Crusader Sword
A crusader lived or died, by their blade, so as you can imagine, some took their swords very seriously. For pure efficiency, a sword in the style of this 12th C. Crusader Sword would have been favored, for its shape and its availability.
Price: $161.00
13th C. Sword of St. Maurice
St. Maurice, also known as Mauritius, was the leader of the Roman Theban Legion during the 3rd century. This 13th C. Sword of St. Maurice venerates him and his actions, which made him the patron saint of soldiers, knights, and warriors.
Price: $187.00
1432 Milanese Sword with Finger Guard
Based on a famous museum piece found in the Royal Armouries in Leeds, this 1432 Milanese Sword with Finger Guard is a part of the Primus collection, as well as stunning recreation of the Type XIX Oakeshott style sword.
Price: $180.00
15th Century Blunted Ring Hilt Sword
Every sword enthusiast needs a stunning piece to complete their collection. The 15th Century Blunted Ring Hilt Sword is just that, its eye catching features and blunted edge making it ideal to be a sword on your wall or your side.
Price: $189.00
15th Century Ring Hilted Sword
When you are sword fighting, you need a weapon that is functional, alluring, and protective. The 15th Century Ring Hilted Sword encompasses all three of these features, making it your ideal sword for light combative use.
Price: $248.00
1796 Light Cavalry Saber
Known as the finest cutting sword ever manufactured, few blades have the history and fame that the 1796 Light Cavalry Saber has. This style of saber was later adopted by several countries, used primarily during the Napoleonic Wars.
Price: $117.00
18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword
This 18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword is a somewhat middle-ground when comes to the evolution of the sword. It features the ornate hilt of later eras, but still possesses a blade that is considerably thicker than the smallsword or rapier.
Price: $113.00
1940s Soviet General Saber
The cavalry saber has always been a prolific weapon, used during times of war for centuries. The 1940s Soviet General Saber is a stunning depiction of a sword used by officers of the Soviet Army, used both in battle and to show prestige
Price: $225.00
3rd Century Roman Spatha
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This 3rd Century Roman Spatha is an ornate sword, featuring straight edges that culminate into a vicious, angular point.
Price: $180.00
3rd Century Roman Sword
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This 3rd Century Roman Sword is an ornate spatha, featuring long, straight edges that culminate into a vicious, angular point.
Price: $153.00
Arming Broad Sword
The sword of the medieval knight was the arming sword, although this Arming Broad Sword offers a subtle variation on that classic blade. As its name implies, this blade is a bit broader, lending it a more intimidating and powerful form.
Price: $158.00
Arming Sword with Scabbard
The Arming Sword with Scabbard is a replica of the sword that became the traditional weapon of the knight, before the longsword. The weapon is a single-handed sword with a broad blade designed for cutting, slashing, and thrusting.
Price: $143.00
Basket Hilt Cavalry Sword
There is a lot of advantage to having a basket hilt sword. First and foremost, it provides greater protection to the hand. In the case of this Basket Hilt Cavalry Sword, it reflects the style of the saber, a popular choice among riders.
Price: $113.00
Black Caesarean Gladius
Some of Romes ancient rulers were warriors before they were emperors, and even those who were not favored a gladius as a symbol of power. The Black Caesarean Gladius looks like a warriors blade, with a stylized look to suit an emperor.
Price: $189.00
Black Masonic Sword
Freemasons have been well known for centuries as excellent craftsmen who take pride in their work. The Black Masonic Sword is a beautiful example of this fine craftsmanship, with exquisite engravings on the blade and the hilt.
Price: $134.00
Black Russian Shashka
The Shashka is somewhat similar to the typical cavalry saber. Originally a saber from the Caucasus region, swords like this Black Russian Shashka were adopted by many Russian forces, and by the Cossacks, who are most famous for them.
Price: $125.00
Blackened Cavalry Sword
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this is a blade just to wield on horseback. The Blackened Cavalry Sword is a multi-purpose weapon, one that will serve you well on the high seas, on horseback, in the military, and more.
Price: $126.00
Blackened Short English Saber
Duelists of the later eras often favored a variety of weapons. One master might prefer the small sword, while another, the cut-and-thrust sword. This Blackened Short English Saber is another style of sword that had its own advantages.
Price: $126.00
Bone Grip Roman Spatha
Used by a variety of Roman soldiers, the Spatha was created for heavy infantry due to its in length over the traditional gladius. Our Bone Grip Roman Spatha offers a large reach and is easy to wield for variety of swordsmen.
Price: $246.00
Bone Handled Gladiator Dolch
Perfectly suited to the combat of the gladiatorial arenas, short weapons like this Bone Handled Gladiator Dolch were used by many a Roman gladiator. As weapons, they also helped ensure an exciting match for the spectators, too.
Price: $72.00
Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword
The basket hilt sword developed alongside the rapier, and was often dubbed a broadsword in comparison. This Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword is, by name and style, of the Scottish origin, where heavier swords were more favored.
Price: $180.00
Brass Cross Ceremony Sword
Some swords are ideal for their utility in battle, while some are sought after for their powerful symbolism and beauty. The Brass Cross Ceremony Sword is a stunning display sword, making it a special piece in your collection.
Price: $122.00
Brass Handled Gladiator Dolch
Perfectly suited to the combat of the gladiatorial arenas, short weapons like this Brass Handled Gladiator Dolch were used by many a Roman gladiator. As weapons, they also helped ensure an exciting match for the spectators, too.
Price: $81.00
Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword
Not all Celtic weapons were designed with function in mind. Take, for example, the Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword. This weapon features an effective blade and a hilt set with a flowing, decorative pommel, all cast in bronze.
Price: $360.00
Bronze Celtic Short Sword
Seldom does a warrior go into battle with just one weapon, and even if you do not plan on wielding it, it is always nice to have a back-up. The Bronze Celtic Short Sword is based on a blade that would have went with many warriors to war.
Price: $248.00
Bronze Celtic War Sword
Despite any differences between bronze and steel, there is no denying that Bronze Age weapons possess an appearance that rivals those of steel. The Bronze Celtic War Sword, for instance, has a fine gilded look that is undeniable.
Price: $351.00
Celtic Short Sword
Not all situations called for a traditional sword. Sometimes, a warrior needed something smaller, but still big enough to be battle-ready. In those moments, Celtic warriors would likely reach for a blade like this Celtic Short Sword.
Price: $108.00
Chained Renaissance Saber
Not all sabers are curved swords that saw use in the military. Some, like this Chained Renaissance Saber, were more ornate pieces that would suit the style of a duelist, renaissance gentleman, or a sword-master who has need of a blade.
Price: $113.00
Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard
Modeled after the typical Viking sword, this blade is a weapon fit for a Viking leader or warlord. Historical in its design, the Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard is a straight-forward blade that was designed for battle.
Price: $167.00
Cinquedea Short Sword
Born of the Italian renaissance, the Cinquedea Short Sword was a popular weapon during the 15th and early 16th centuries. Named for its width (cinquedea means five fingers), it was favored by civilians, thanks to its hardy make.
Price: $216.00
Classic Medieval Long Sword
As swords evolved from the Middle Ages to the High and Late Middle Ages, they became longer and stronger. This Classic Medieval Long Sword, for instance, is an example of a Late Middle Age sword, made for use with one or two hands.
Price: $187.00
Cluny Hand and a Half Sword
A few unique touches are enough to make this Cluny Hand and a Half Sword into a unique medieval arm, one that is not only appealing to look at, but also a fine blade that any warrior would want to carry as their weapon of choice.
Price: $196.00
Cruciform Bastard Sword
Easy to make and highly effective, it is not hard to see why swords of the cruciform shape were a mainstay of many early medieval armies. This Cruciform Bastard Sword echoes the shape for warriors who prefer a larger sword.
Price: $187.00
Cruciform Knights Sword
This Cruciform Knights Sword is patterned the Marshall Sword, which is a part of the William Wallace Collection, and is also named after one of the finest knight found in the pages of English History, Sir William Marshall.
Price: $161.00
Cruciform Late Viking Sword
Vikings were practical in combat, preferring to stick with what worked. Gradually, the narrow guards of their swords (no doubt inspired by earlier Roman designs) gave way to weapons more like this Cruciform Late Viking Sword.
Price: $161.00
Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard
A typical crusader sword was usually an arming sword or a longsword, depending on the era and the crusader. This Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard is a fantastic battle ready arming sword that features impressive crusades-era style.
Price: $189.00
Culloden Scottish Basket Hilt Sword
As swords changed in Southern Europe across the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, so too did they change in the North. This Culloden Scottish Basket Hilt Sword is an example of what the typical sword would have looked like in Scotland.
Price: $156.00
Damascus 3rd Century Roman Spatha
This sword is modeled after one of the longer blades wielded by the Legion during 3rd Century Rome, with one exception. Instead of regular steel, this Damascus 3rd Century Roman Spatha has a blade patterned after damascus steel.
Price: $540.00
Damascus Late Roman Sword
This Damascus Late Roman Sword is modeled after the spatha, which was similar to the gladius, except it featured a longer blade. This weapon also differs as it features a ripple to its steel that is only found in damascus weapons.
Price: $540.00
Damascus Medieval Leaf Shaped Sword
Damascus steel was fabled not only for its appearance, but also for its incredible strength and its ability to hold a superb edge. This Damascus Medieval Leaf Shaped Sword features the look and feel of that same legendary steel.
Price: $639.00
Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius
The gladius was the Roman weapon of choice for many years, and it exceled during its years of service. This Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius mimics the classic Roman sword and enhances it with a resplendent damascus steel pattern.
Price: $594.00
Damascus Viking Sword
In medieval days, damascus steel was used in Middle Eastern swordmaking, and was reported to be much stronger than European steel. If that is true, then this Damascus Viking Sword would be quite the weapon, thanks to its blended design.
Price: $545.00
Damascus Viking Sword
Not only was the damascus steel of the Middle Eastern swordsmiths of old possessed of immense beauty, but it was also legendary for its sharpness and strength. If such were the case, then this Damascus Viking Sword would be unbeatable.
Price: $545.00
Damascus Viking Sword
The sword of a Viking warrior was already an impressive weapon, but in this Damascus Viking Sword, it is combined with the almost-legendary damascus steel, creating a weapon that looks every inch to be beautiful yet formidable.
Price: $545.00
Dark Ages Arming Sword
They were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. It was dangerous times, and a mans best friend in that era was the sword at his hip. This Dark Ages Arming Sword delivers to you the classic sword of the age, to use in your endeavors.
Price: $161.00
Delos Sword
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This Delos Sword is a simple blade with obvious Hispanic influences that is modeled after a Roman sword found in Delos, Greece.
Price: $201.00
Early Irish Hilt Sword
This sword predates the typical basket hilt Irish swords, although the lack of a basket hilt does not make this Early Irish Hilt Sword any less effective. In fact, this sword remains a viable option thanks to its blade design.
Price: $156.00
Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman armies, and in trained hands, this blade became one of the most effective in history. The Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword is modeled after the Pompeii gladius, which featured parallel edges.
Price: $135.00
Five Lobe Viking Sword
When it came to swords, Vikings had a surprisingly diverse taste. Far from just wanting sharpened steel, they tended to favor ornate blades. This Five Lobe Viking Sword, for instance, is a combination of subtle detail and effective form.
Price: $161.00
Forged Iron Anix Cutlass
Blades like this Forged Iron Anix Cutlass were popular with seaman for a few reasons, and most of them had to do with ease of acquisition, as well as ease of use both in terms of raw skill and the limitations of ship-board combat.
Price: $108.00
French Grenadier Infantry Sword
Sabers have been favored the world over, for hundreds of years, as military swords, and this French Grenadier Infantry Sword reaches back into the 1700s, serving as a symbol of office and rank, as well as a battlefield companion.
Price: $121.00
Gallowglass Sword
The Scots were not without their own mercenary force in the Middle Ages, and theirs were, locally, some of the best fighters around. This Gallowglass Sword is based on the weapon of that group, as well as carrying their name!
Price: $178.00
German SS Saber
Sabers can trace their origins back as far as the 1500s, to the European backsword. Originally a functional arms, they have remained a part of an officers attire, even into modern times. This German SS Saber is one such example of that.
Price: $135.00
Gladiator Barbarian Sword
The Romans had a habit of replicating conquered enemies in the gladiatorial pits, allowing citizens to relive the conquests of the armies. Even weapons like this Gladiator Barbarian Sword could be found in the hands of a gladiator.
Price: $234.00
Gladius of Mainz Sword
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman legion, and in trained hands, this short blade became one of the most effective in history. The Gladius of Mainz Sword is modeled after an early Roman gladius that featured a waisted blade.
Price: $207.00
Gothic Bastard Sword
The bastard sword, also known as the hand and a half sword, was an effective weapon of the medieval ages, and this Gothic Bastard Sword is no different, featuring the same design infused with a bit of gothic design for style.
Price: $187.00
Gothic Cross Arming Sword
Medieval culture and Gothic elements often went hand in hand. The Gothic Cross Arming Sword is the perfect display weapon for a dark knight, offering a blunted edge that is safe to carry with plenty of realism to complete any look.
Price: $179.00
Gothic Cross Bastard Sword
The hand and half sword, also known as a bastard sword, is one of the most iconic swords of the Middle Ages. This Gothic Cross Bastard Sword adds a dark touch to this classic blade, making it a great addition to your medieval weapons.
Price: $208.00
Grecian Straight Sword
When a Greek soldier, known as a Hoplite, marched into battle, they favored group tactics, using javelins to soften their foes from afar before switching to a sword, likely this Grecian Straight Sword, to use when fighting.
Price: $223.00

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