Functional Steel Thigh Armor

Thigh armour comes in a wide assortment of shapes and forms, ranging from tasset belts to cuisse leg pieces. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an assortment of both, which can be found right here in our functional steel thigh armour section. So if you are looking for a way to protect your upper legs and thighs, there is no better place to start then right here. Cuisses are similar in form to greaves, although while greaves protect the lower legs, cuisses are designed to go around the upper legs and thighs, offering greater protection to the leg. Many of the pieces of thigh and upper leg armour that we offer comes with attached poleyns, which offer protection to the knees, while still featuring enough articulation to keep the leg bendable and moving. The other style of thigh armour that we offer are tassets and tasset belts, which are hanging plates that fall over the thighs and upper legs, providing additional protection to the legs from attacks that might come from above. Together, the tasset and the cuisse provide near-total protection, although apart, they work just fine as well. Many of our cuisse-style thigh armour can be paired with greaves to create total leg protection, while our tassets can typically be paired with any style of armor to increase your level of defense. Some of our tassets can be worn alone, thanks to a belt-like system of straps and buckles, while others require a cuirass to wear. All of them, however, are made from quality materials and are perfect for wearing onto the battlefield, whether you are participating in a reenactment, a SCA event, or a LARP battle. Also, included here are a number of other minor protections that fall near the upper leg and thigh, including things like articulated poleyns and groin plates. If you have got hesitations and reservations about heading into battle without your upper legs and thighs being fully protected by layers of steel armour, then perhaps it is in your best interested to come on over to Dark Knight Armoury, where we will be happy to provide you with all the functional steel thigh armour that you require.
15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guard
Any warrior in battle, from the lowliest foot soldiers to the most trained knights, knew that protecting ones knees was important. That is why many warriors chose to wear protections like these 15th Century Foot Soldier Knee Guards.
Price: $135.00
Blackened Adam Shield Tasset
Further your defense on the battlefield and customize the look of your LARP character with the Blackened Adam Shield Tasset. It offers protection to the thigh area while also serving as a great way to display your own personal herald.
Price: $12.00
Blackened Balthasar Shield Tasset
The Blackened Balthasar Shield Tasset is an easy way to spice up your LARP armour outfits while incorporating extra protection. Easily attached to a belt via two leather loops, this plate armour piece is incredibly versatile.
Price: $14.00
Blackened Georg Tassets
While it is always crucial for an adventurer to protect their chest, they should never neglect their legs, just in case they run into an archer or an angry dwarf. Luckily, the Blackened Georg Tassets are here to keep your thighs covered!
Price: $36.00
Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset
Add an extra element of protection and style to your LARP armour and reenactment looks with the Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset. Attached to belts via two leather loops, this triangular shield is made of blackened 16 gauge steel.
Price: $12.00
Blackened Lucas Shield Tasset
With the Blackened Lucas Shield Tasset, young warriors can display the herald of their clan, while enhancing their defense. Make certain their protection is complete by combining this belt shield with the rest of the Lucas armour.
Price: $11.00
Blackened Markward Shield Tasset
Wear the Blackened Markward Shield Tasset with your favorite LARP and medieval armour sets for extra style and protection. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this functional tasset features a triangular design with curved top edges.
Price: $14.00
Blackened Markward Tassets
The perfect medieval plate armour for protecting your thighs and lower abdomen, the Blackened Markward Tassets possess a practical yet striking design with their sturdy construction, dark metal finish, and riveted detailing.
Price: $80.00
Blackened Mina Armour Belt
The Blackened Mina Armour Belt is ideal for women warriors looking for a stylish and sturdy addition to their battle gear. Great for LARP outfits, this blackened 16 gauge steel belt is decorated with rivets and worn at the hip.
Price: $60.00
Blackened Vladimir Tasset Belt
Highly adjustable, the Blackened Vladimir Tasset Belt is great for protecting upper legs during light reenactment. The dark finish lends it a distinct look, ranging from mysterious to sinister depending on how it is styled.
Price: $111.00
Captains Belt Shields - Polished Steel
Add necessary protection to your medieval or fantasy look with the Captains Belt Shields in Polished Steel. Sold as a set of two, these 19 gauge steel armour plates hang from your own favorite belt and protect your outer thighs.
Price: $39.00
ConQuest Undead Skull Groin Plate
The settlers of the ConQuest kingdom will quickly realize where your loyalty lies when you don the armour of the Undead Flesh. The ConQuest Undead Skull Groin Plate features the insignia of the eternal warriors of the Bone Queen.
Price: $22.00
Dark Drake Tasset Belt
No breastplate is required to wear the Dark Drake Tasset Belt. Suspenders fit over the shoulders and the belt wraps around the waist, creating a unique look. Its versatile design allows more freedom in creating your LARP character.
Price: $154.00
Dark Warrior Tasset Belt
Much thought goes into the creation of a LARP character. Do you rule or serve? Shall you seek the good of the kingdom or become a harbinger of chaos and destruction? Regardless, the Dark Warrior Tasset Belts aids a strong defense.
Price: $155.00
Edward Darkened Tassets
To plot and herald world destruction is the job of the dark knight. How is it that you find your role reversed? Why harm yourself when forced to do good? Ensure your upper legs remain uninjured with the Edward Darkened Tassets.
Price: $44.00
Edward Steel Tassets
The evil scheme of a power-hungry sorcerer has gotten out of hand. All warring kingdoms must form a truce and join forces to vanquish the darkness. Be properly defended and shield your upper legs with the Edward Steel Tassets.
Price: $36.00
Epic Dark Faulds and Tassets
A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Epic Dark Faulds and Tassets help to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.
Price: $182.00
Galahad Steel Tassets
An unforeseen peril overshadows the kingdom. The monarch calls upon the worthy knight to expel the darkness from the land. The Galahad Steel Tassets guard your mighty limbs while you discover the evil source and set things right.
Price: $32.00
Imperial Faulds and Tassets
A blow to the hip or upper thigh might not be lethal, but it can be enough to put you off balance, leaving you vulnerable to another attack. The Imperial Faulds and Tassets help to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.
Price: $168.00
Kaspar Blackened Tassets
Confident in both your mobility and defense, you bring terror to the battlefield when you are protected by the Kaspar Blackened Tassets. Handcrafted from high-quality steel, the layered plates of each tasset move with your movements.
Price: $115.00
Kaspar Steel Tassets
When it comes to combat, protection is a must. But so is mobility! Add both to your armour with the Kaspar Steel Tassets. Each tassets steel plates are securely, yet flexibly layered together, so that the armour moves with your body.
Price: $106.00
Lena Steel Tasset Belt
Invaders dare to tread upon our northern borders. Gather the other women, and prepare to slay these trespassers. Show them no mercy. Let them fear your fierce Amazon spirit with the Lena Steel Tasset Belt adorning your waist.
Price: $80.00
Merc Steel Tassets
These steel tassets are a great addition to the Merc Cuirass. The Merc Tassets are only compatible with the Merc Cuirass. The Cuirass has steel pegs on the fauld, and these tassets have matching holes to fit on to those pegs.
Price: $54.00
Milanese Leg Armour Upper Thigh
With Upper leg and knee protection with three buckled attachment points and outstanding articulation, these pieces of armour are for use with our AB0065 greaves, and a part of the Milanese Suit of Armour AB0063.
Price: $249.00
Scouts Belt Shields - Polished Steel
The Scouts Belt Shields in Polished Steel are perfect for adding extra protection to any armoured look. Each steel plate easily slides onto your own favorite belt, giving protection to your upper thigh without sacrificing mobility.
Price: $29.00
Soldiers Belt Shield
Whether you are marching off to battle or simply favor an armoured look for your LARP character, the Soldiers Belt Shield is a staple addition to any warriors outfit. This plate armour piece attaches to belts with wide leather straps.
Price: $35.00
Steel Adam Shield Tasset
The Steel Adam Shield Tasset offers protection to the thigh area while also serving as a great way to display your own herald. Like the rest of the armour in the Adam series, this belt shield displays corrugated detail along the rim.
Price: $11.00
Steel Balthasar Shield Tasset
Featuring a classic, triangular shape and decorative rivets, the Steel Balthasar Shield Tasset is a versatile addition to any LARP or medieval reenactment look. It can easily be attached to most belts via two sturdy leather loops.
Price: $12.00
Steel Galahad Shield Tasset
With its classic design, the Steel Galahad Shield Tasset matches a variety of armour pieces, allowing you to create a unique LARP character while strengthening your defense. Paint your own herald across its center for further customization.
Price: $12.00
Steel Georg Tassets
When you plan to adventure into dangerous lands, armour is a must, but your focus should not solely be on your head and torso. The Steel Georg Tassets are just what you need to protect your upper legs from the onslaughts of enemies.
Price: $31.00
Steel Gustav Shield Tasset
For extra protection and style, add the Steel Gustav Shield Tasset to your favorite LARP armour outfits. Made of 16 gauge steel, this belt tasset features a traditional triangle shape and two leather loops for easy attachment.
Price: $11.00
Steel Lucas Shield Tasset
The Steel Lucas Shield Tasset allows young warriors to display the herald of their clan, while lending protection to the upper leg. Make certain their defense is complete by combining this belt shield with rest of the Lucas armour.
Price: $10.00
Steel Markward Shield Tasset
Add extra protection to any historic outfit with the Steel Markward Shield Tasset. The sloped sides at the top of this 16 gauge steel armour piece add subtle elegance to its versatile design, easily paired with most LARP looks.
Price: $12.00
Steel Markward Tassets
The perfect medieval plate armour for protecting your thighs and lower abdomen, the Steel Markward Tassets possess a practical yet sleek-looking design with their sturdy construction, bright metal finish, and riveted detailing.
Price: $71.00
Steel Mina Armour Belt
Ladies of the battlefield can slay their enemies in style with the Mina Armour Belt. Made of 16 gauge steel, this sturdy armour piece is worn at the hip and fastened by adjustable straps. Rivets adorn the edges of the unique belt.
Price: $51.00
Steel Vladimir Tasset Belt
Featuring a highly adjustable design, the Steel Vladimir Tasset Belt consists of two tassets with a layered, segmented construction attached to a leather buckled belt. The tassets are secured to the belt with eyelets and cord.
Price: $100.00
Warrior Tasset Belt
Our Warriors Tasset Belt is a must for those of you who do not want to wear a breastplate just to have Tassets. Before, tassets would only be attached to body armour. If you just need tassets, this is the belt for you.
Price: $134.00

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