Helmets are a distinctive part of any warrior attire, whether he or she is from the medieval era, a world of fantasy, or anywhere in between. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an absolutely huge selection of helmets, all offered from some of the top suppliers possible, to ensure that you get a helmet to protect your noggin, you do so with quality armor and with great style. Like so many other pieces of equipment from the Middle Ages, helmets are incredibly varied. They come in dozens of different styles, many of which are attributed to many different cultures. Some are more effective than others, while others are far more appealing because of their appearance. But the one thing you can rest assured of is that when you get your helm here, you are definitely getting a quality helmet that look great, whether you wear it or display it on a helmet stand as a display in your home or office. And like the rest of our medieval wares, we endeavor to offer as wide an assortment of helmets, from as many sources, cultures, and time periods as is possible. Of course, Greek helmets and Roman helmets are well-known and so we carry lots of those, ensuring that reenactors and collectors who are interested in early history can have the helmet of their dreams. We also offer Viking, Norman, and Saxon helmets, for those who are interested in the helms worn by those during the early era of the medieval times. Medieval helmets offers some of our most numerous options, ranging from sallet helms to great helmets to pot helmets and more, while our selection of fantasy helmets includes impressive examples from the world of fantasy and fiction, so much so that they are sure to be impressive no matter what. The leather helmets we offer range from medieval to fantasy and beyond, and are great for a variety of situation and uses, too. We also offer helmet stands for displaying your helmets, as well as miniature helmets for the collector who prefers to keep things small and space-efficient. And that is only a small sampling of what we offer, so if your interest has been piqued, then take a moment to browse through the helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury, to see what is out there and what else might capture your interest.
Fantasy Helmets
Sometimes, it is good to break from tradition. These fantasy helmets depart from typical medieval-styled helmets and instead possess a distinctive look and feel that truly corresponds to the realm of fiction and fantasy, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer them. Some are a bit more decorative than others, but each one is impressive to behold.
Greek Helmets, Spartan Helmets and Trojan Helmets
While the Corinthian helmet might be the most popular and the most well-known Greek helmet, it is not the only one. And Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a selection of historically accurate Greek helmets that are perfect not only for display, but also for wearing, either as a part of a costume or as a functional piece of battle-ready armor.
Helmet Stands, Helmet Display Stands and Wooden Helmet Stands
A helmet stand is good for more than just a casual display of any helmets that you might own. Any one of the helmet stands you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury are great for turning even your most precious battle-ready helmets into stunning displays that will certainly awe those who see them while also acting as amazing conversation pieces.
Japanese Helmets
As can be expected, if you go a whole world away from the medieval struggles of Europe, you are going to find a completely different style of armor. Japanese helmets, like the ones offered here at Dark Knight Armoury, tend to be quite distinctive, especially when they are compared to their European cousins, although their impressive look does not detract from their high degree of protection.
LARP Helmets
One good knock to your skull is all it takes to remove you from combat, both literally and in a LARP situation. Of course, a good helmet can mitigate that factor, so you should always keep your head protected, just like a good warrior. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of great LARP helmets that will go a long way in keeping your head safe and sound.
Leather Helmets
If you are looking for an alternative to a metal helmet, then look no further, because Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of leather helmets that are sure to fit the bill. Leather is many things, but among the more important qualities it confers to these helmets is a lightness and comfort not typically found in metal helmets.
Medieval Helmets
Medieval helmets are among some of the most varied helmets available, coming in a variety of styles that gradually offer increasingly different levels of protection. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a full line of medieval helmets, ranging from the early examples of great helmets to the late burgonet helmets of the later Middle Ages.
Miniature Helmets
Just because you are more concerned with spatial restraints does not mean that you have to stop yourself from collecting medieval helmets. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a full line of miniature helmets that are perfect for medieval enthusiasts that might have reasons to limit how much space their collection takes up, without having to sacrifice on the detail of their collectibles.
Roman Helmets
Roman helmets are some of the most iconic and instantly recognizable helms from history, and for that reason, Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a more than adequate selection of helmets that would have been favored by generals, legionaries, centurions, legates, gladiators, soldiers, and more, all for reenactors or collector who loves that Roman style!
Viking Helmets
When it came to battle, Vikings were not a complex people, and this shows quite heavily in their arms and armor. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of great looking Viking helmets that are both historically accurate and plenty protective, ensuring that you can look as much like a Viking as you wish, while also staying safe from stray blows to the head.

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