Functional Body Armor Sets

If you are looking to put together a suit of armour and want to do things the easy way, it might be in your best interest to look here at Dark Knight Armoury, as we offer a number of great functional body armor sets that are perfect for gearing a warrior up in matching pieces of armor, while still providing all the protection that they need. Our sets of armour come in a variety of styles, echoing designs that were used throughout history by those who favored plated armour as their armor of choice. We offer sets that feature a classic Greek design, making you look like a Royal Guard or an authentic hoplite, as well as styles that feature a designedly Roman look and feel, ensuring that you resemble a centurion, a legionary, or a praetorian right out of history. And of course, we also offer classic sets of medieval armour that are perfect for creating the look of a partially armoured knight or warrior. Many of our functional body armour sets consist of a cuirass and a helmet, which ensures that when worn, you are torso and your head are perfectly safe behind layers of high quality armour that is made from fine steel, as well as various other types of metals. Many of our body armor sets also include a display stand, which ensures that when you are not off fighting battles, you can display your armour with ease in your own home! Our armour is perfect for variety of uses, ranging from simple costume purposes to reenactment tasks, including use in both LARP and SCA. Check with your local chapter to make sure the armour fits all rules and regulations, as they can vary at times. Whether you are fighting in it or just setting it up as a display, you can bet that the functional body armor sets you find here at Dark Knight Armoury are going to be just what you are looking for when it comes to a partial suit of armor.
Blond Plumed Roman Centurion Armour Set
A select number of distinguished Roman officers known as Centurions were so-named because they originally were in control of units of 100 men. The historical Roman Centurion Armour Display comes complete with stand, helm, and segmentata.
Price: $589.00
Chariot Armour Set
A charioteer of Julius Caesars time would have worn armour like this. The Chariot Armour Set includes cuirass, helmet with plume, and wooden armor stand. The Helm and Cuirass are made of polished brass and both are wearable.
Price: $471.25
Early Roman Officers Armour Set
Early armor of Rome was influenced heavily by earlier Greek armour, and it would not be unusual to see early Roman armies wearing armour and helmets similar to those worn by the soldiers of Greece and Gaul.
Price: $537.75
Galahad Paladin Armour Set
Ever the brave and gallant knight, you have become the right hand of your monarch. Tales of your heroic exploits fill the land. The noble beauty and strength of the Galahad Paladin Armour Set shields one worthy of its protection.
Price: $335.00
Medieval Infantry Half-Plate Armour
Full plate armor can be cumbersome, enough to slow any warrior down a bit. This Medieval Infantry Half-Plate Armour offers a solution to that issue, by equipping a warrior with plenty of protection, while leaving the legs free to move!
Price: $1,411.00
Pikemans Partial Plate Armour
Based on the plate armor favored by foot soldiers in the medieval era, this Pikemans Partial Plate Armour combines a few pieces of plate armor that offer excellent protection, without hindering the wearer in any drastic way.
Price: $565.00
Roman Troopers Amour Set
Rome ruled one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, an empire of united government, communication, and a strong army of well drilled fighters. This set recreates the armour that those fighters would have worn.
Price: $533.90
Royal Muscle Armour Set
An exquisitely crafted set of armour reviving the grandeur and attention to detail of noble ancient armours! Each Royal Muscle Armour cuirass has its own attached, sectioned black leather skirted front.
Price: $758.25

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