Wiccan Home Decor

For those who follow the Wiccan way, a few touches of Wiccan home decor are a welcome balm to sooth their soul. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of different pieces, so that you can bring a touch of spiritual awareness and bewitching style to your home. Better yet, you do not have to be dedicated to Wicca to enjoy these pieces - anyone can see them and favor them, exactly for what they are! Some of the items found here a little eccentric, and all of them are quite intriguing. They consist of a mish-mash of various pieces, ranging from mystical accents like spirit calling boards, dream catchers, and scrying bowls, to more ambient focused touches like candle holders, incense burners, and oil warmers. All of them feature a common thread of design, though, and that is a tie-in with natural designs and the greater spiritual forces in the world. As such, many of the home decor pieces in this section, whether it is a spirit board, candle holder, classic cauldron, or a scrying bowl, feature pentagrams in their decoration, or include elements from the natural world, like leaves, vines, and more. Some also feature the classic triple goddess, the maiden mother and crone, which occur often in Wicca tradition. A touch of intriguing design has never hurt decor before, and with the Wiccan home decor section at Dark Knight Armoury being so open, now you have the chance to bring some intriguing and spiritual accents into your home, and at the very least, make your guests a bit more aware of the powers in the world that surround them.
Angel Spirit Ouija Board by Lisa Parker
If you plan on contacting the other side, it is good to have a guardian angel present. This Angel Spirit Ouija Board by Lisa Parker offers a method to reach and communicate with the beyond while showing off artwork of an angel.
Price: $24.00
Arachnafaria Ouija Board by Anne Stokes
The Arachnafaria Ouija Board by Anne Stokes offers a dark fairytale twist on the mysterious Ouija board. Whether used as a unique decor piece or as a spiritual tool, this gothic spirit board will make an unforgettable impression.
Price: $36.00
Awake Your Magic Art Print
Illuminated by the rays of a setting sun, a snowy owl flies through a forest. This wintery scene is depicted by Anne Stokes in our Awake Your Magic Art print. With a pentagram clasped in its talons, to what destiny does the owl fly?
Price: $11.90
Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes
A ghostlike bird glides silently through the moonlit sky. An unearthly hush overtakes the forest. The Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes presents a 3D rendition of a painting designed by a highly acclaimed fantasy artist.
Price: $89.00
Baphomet Incense Burner
Based on the pagan idol the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping and the Sabbatic Goat image drawn by Eliphas Levi, the Baphomet Incense Burner features the head of a screaming goat and several pagan and occult symbols.
Price: $20.00
Bewitched Art Print
Let the eyes of this black cat captivate you in Lisa Parkers Bewitched Art Print. In the glow of ancient magic, the mysteries of the spell book are unlocked. You too can bring a touch of magic home with this piece of fantasy art.
Price: $11.90
Book of Magic LED Light
A book of dark magic is very dangerous. The book that is shown in the Book of Magic LED Light is so dangerous that the witch shown on the cover of the book has a skull for a face! Do not try any spells from this glowing book!
Price: $24.00
Book of Spells LED Light
Beware the witches book of spells! The eye on the cover sees what you do and the magic that leaks from its cover can harm you if you are not careful. The image that accompanies that warning is that of the Book of Spells LED Light.
Price: $24.00
Bronze Cerridwen Plaque
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Bronze Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque
The four arms of this elemental cross reach to the four seasons, the circle encompassing all in its celestial arc. The Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque shows off an intricate mix of details designed by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $44.00
Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque
The Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque uses many potent symbols of protection for the home. This detailed pentacle displays Celtic knotwork and animal spirit symbols around the edges of the five-pointed star.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Wheel of the Year Plaque
The Wheel of the Year represents the eight seasonal celebrations of pagan tradition throughout the year. The Bronze Wheel of the Year Plaque illustrates these festivals with seasonal icons decorating the outer edge.
Price: $44.00
Broom and Cauldron Gazing Ball
Bring clarity to your readings with this Broom and Cauldron Gazing Ball. This finely detailed gazing ball set is built with a cold cast resin base supporting a clear glass crystal ball that is ideal for decoration or divination.
Price: $40.00
Brown Cerridwen Plaque
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Brown Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $30.00
Brush with Magic Art Print
No witch is really complete without her black cat or broomstick. Our Brush with Magic Art Print by Lisa Parker depicts these two essentials in fantastic detail, making it an excellent addition to any fantasy home decor.
Price: $11.90
Brush with Magic Statue
Let this adorable witchs companion into your home and heart when you decorate with the Brush with Magic Statue. This collectible polystone statue depicts a green eyed black cat brushing up against its witchs trusted flying broomstick.
Price: $60.00
Cat Pentagram Ouija Board
That Cat Pentagram Ouija Board is not your typical Ouija board. This beautiful board features a number of details that place it well beyond the scope of something as simple as a board game, or even a spiritual tool.
Price: $76.00
Celestial Ouija Board by Lisa Parker
Ouija boards have come a long way since 1890, and further still from the days of automatic writing! This Celestial Ouija Board by Lisa Parker takes the design and transforms it into a work that any occultist would want to show off.
Price: $24.00
Celtic Cerridwen Plaque
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Celtic Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.
Price: $30.00
Double Fairy Oil Burner
Two beautiful fairies come together as the Double Fairy Oil Burner, in order to enjoy the delightful and soothing scents of heated oils. This oil burner is a fantastic way to heat your favorite scented oils.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Dragon Pentagram Ashtray
Every aspect of your home decor should reflect your unique tastes and personal style. With both Wiccan and fantasy elements, the Dragon Pentagram Ashtray can be easily implemented into any design for its function and decoration.
Price: $8.00
Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque
The four arms of this elemental cross reach to the four seasons, the circle encompassing all in its celestial arc. The Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque shows off an intricate combination of details designed by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $32.00
Fortune Teller Art Print
Folklore tells of cats seeing beyond this realm and into the unknown. In our Fortune Teller Art Print, a grey tabby gazes curiously at the viewer while mysteries of purple, silver, and blue swirl about inside a crystal ball.
Price: $11.90
Greenman Scrying Bowl
Enchanting in its design, the Greenman Scrying Bowl adds a touch of natural magic to your surroundings and themed displays. The curious face of a greenman made up of vibrant green leaves decorates the outer walls of the bowl.
Price: $17.50
Hanging Pentagram Dreamcatcher
The Hanging Pentagram Dream Catcher is an intriguing conversion of an old Chippewa talisman into a modern symbol of religion and spirituality, while remaining partially true to the design and purpose of the original concept.
Price: $9.00
Hear, See, and Speak No Evil Black Kitten Statues
Three kittens with vivid expressions and postures make this a proverbial accent piece. Our Hear, See, and Speak No Evil Black Kitten Statues are made of Polystone, a cold-casted material that is easy to mold and is easy to paint.
Price: $26.60
His Masters Voice Art Print
A loyal familiar even when parted by death, this black cat patiently waits to commune with his master, his paws ready to operate the Ouija board. His Masters Voice Art Print, by Lisa Parker, depicts this scene in stunning detail.
Price: $11.90
His Masters Voice Ouija Board
Let this black cat be your companion in spirit when you use His Masters Voice Ouija Board. Inspired by the artwork of Lisa Parker, the graphic printed on the board depicts a black cat conducting a seance of his own at its center.
Price: $20.00
His Masters Voice Round Lamp
The only thing spookier than a cat holding a seance for its departed owner is when its owners ghost arrives, casting an eerie glow on the whole scene. The His Masters Voice Round Lamp allows you to see this process in action.
Price: $20.00
Horned Moon Candle Holder
Hanging low in the sky, a horned moon is sometimes seen as an omen. With this Horned Moon Candle Holder in your decor, though, any night can have a horned moon, one lit by the eerie yet mystic flicker of a candle as it burns down.
Price: $17.99
Large Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque
The detail on this plaque makes it an instant favorite, so much so that even the original artist loves this piece! And for good reason, as the look of this Large Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque makes it quite the impressive accent to see.
Price: $89.99
Lisa Parker Raven Wall Clock
The entire day will feel like the witching hour when you hang this spooky clock upon your wall as a part of your home decor! The Lisa Parker Raven Wall Clock features the gorgeous work of a celebrated fantasy artist.
Price: $16.00
Lisa Parker Wise One Wall Clock
A creature often associated with wisdom, the owl symbolizes intuitive knowledge and deep insight. The Lisa Parker Wise One Wall Clock displays one of these wise birds as it appears atop a wooden pentagram design.
Price: $16.00
Lisa Parker Wolf Spirit Ouija Board
Believed by many to be a mere parlor game, Ouija boards are believed by occultists to be a tool to converse with spirits. The Lisa Parker Wolf Spirit Ouija Board displays the customary markings of these tools in an eye pleasing design.
Price: $24.00
Love Tonic Potion Bottle
Great witches and warlocks know that there is a good potion for anything, even falling in love. Create your own love potion and make sure to store it in the Love Tonic Potion Bottle so you can always have it at a moments notice!
Price: $15.00
Lunar Pentagram Scrying Bowl
You never know what you might see when you take a peek into a scrying bowl. Maybe just water, or maybe a sight from your future? This Lunar Pentagram Scrying Bowl replicates the mystic look of a bowl used for decoration and divination.
Price: $22.00
Magical Cat And Mouse Incense Burner
There is something undeniably cute about the Magical Cat and Mouse Incense Burner. Perhaps it is the combination of the absolutely gorgeous black cat with the cautiously brave mouse that makes this incense burner so adorable.
Price: $17.00
Maiden Mother and Crone Tea Light
The intriguing Maiden Mother and Crone Tea Light depicts one of the more common triads of divine figures. The three goddesses are represented as an entity with three aspects, just as this candleholder depicts.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $15.00
Maiden Mother Crone Mirror
See your own visage from a new perspective when framed by the three faces of the Triple Goddess. Hand painted to resemble stone, The Maiden Mother Crone Mirror is a beautiful and thoughtful decoration inspired by the Pagan goddess.
Price: $24.00
Medieval Cauldron
Nothing is quite so reminiscent of the witch as her cauldron. This Medieval Cauldron echoes that infamous piece of cookery, offering plenty of size for large batches of stew and sauce, as well as plenty of character for your decor.
Price: $126.00
Mini Horned Moon Candle Holder
The elegance of the moon meets Celtic-inspired beauty in the Mini Horned Moon Candle Holder. Made in the USA of high quality, lead-free pewter, this Wiccan candle holder features a pentacle at the center of a sideways pointed moon.
Price: $17.99
Mini Pewter Pentacle Candle Holder
Taking the shape of a five pointed star, the ends of its arms curling underneath it to form the legs, the Mini Pewter Pentacle Candle Holder is an elegant blend of Celtic and Pagan style that will bring a sense of magic to your home.
Price: $17.99
Mother Maiden Crone Candleholder
The Mother Maiden Crone Candleholder displays the Triple Goddess in exquisite detail. Made of cold cast resin, each side of the candle holder depicts a different member of the divine trio around a central stone-colored pillar.
Price: $32.00
Mother Maiden Crone Ivory Candleholder
These three goddesses of the Wiccan faith represent the female life cycle and the phases of the moon. The Mother Maiden Crone Ivory Candleholder is a beautiful depiction of the triple goddesses, making this a treasure for the collector.
Price: $32.00
Mother Maiden Crone Wall Mirror
The Mother Maiden Crone Wall Mirror displays the Triple Goddess in gorgeous detail. Made from cold cast resin and hand painted to ensure incredible attention to detail, this beautiful mirror depicts each member of the divine trio.
Price: $60.00
Mystic Aura Ouija Board
An enchantingly beautiful fairy woman looks at you from behind the bold print white letters and numbers of the Mystic Aura Ouija Board. This finely detailed piece of wiccan decor is based off the titular painting by Anne Stokes.
Price: $20.00
Mystic Aura Ouija Board by Anne Stokes
Add undeniable enchantment to any setting using the Mystic Aura Ouija Board by Anne Stokes. This illustrated spirit board blends elements of fairy magic and fantasy with the lettering and structure of a more traditional Ouija board.
Price: $36.00
Mystic Trio Oil Burner
Together, these mystical women burn an offering of scented oil in order to enact an ancient ritual. The Mystic Trio Oil Burner depicts robed figures holding a glass brazier, which makes the perfect place to burn your own scented oils.
Price: $20.00
Ouija Skull Statue
The Ouija Skull Statue is an essential collectible for fans of the occult. This cold cast resin replica human skull is decorated with the classic letters, numbers, words, and symbols commonly seen on traditional Ouija boards.
Price: $30.00
Owl Witches Potion Bottle
The wise old owl is an iconic symbol of witchcraft. It is believed that these birds are able to pierce the veil of darkness and see what other cannot. Display your love of these mystical creatures with the Owl Witches Potion Bottle.
Price: $15.00
Pan Ashtray
The Pan Ashtray features a Celtic bowl, with three images of Pan on the sides. In Greek mythology, Pan is the companion of the nymphs. He is the God of shepherds and flocks. This ashtray is made of cast resin and painted by hand.
Price: $11.50
Pentacle Candle Holder
An exceptional accent to help create the aura of mysticism that you desire, the Pentacle Candle Holder features an eye catching design with a large pentacle shaped stem and is functional for use with tapered candles.
Price: $16.00
Pentagram and Black Cat Art Scroll
Black cats have something of a bad reputation. After all, how could something so adorable be bad luck? The Pentagram and Black Cat Art Scroll is bewitching, depicting a kitty cat backed by a symbol of old magic and mysticism.
Price: $20.00
Pentagram Ashtray
Pentagrams embody a wealth of symbolism in their star-shaped design, representing the five senses, the wounds of Christ, magical properties, and more. The Pentagram Ashtray features a gray tray in a star shape.
Price: $11.00
Pentagram Dragon Plaque
Let the fearsome, stone colored Pentagram Dragon Plaque guard your home from evil. The dragon depicted on this wall decoration is intertwined with a large pentagram, its head reared up in a toothy snarl with its wings outspread.
Price: $60.00
Pentagram Incense Burner
The Pentagram Incense Burner is a great way to get back to the basics of incense burning. It is uncomplicated yet pleasing to the eye. All you need to do is add a stick of lit incense. After that, you just bask in the pleasing aromas.
Price: $6.00
Pentagram Ouija Board
The Pentagram Ouija Board is perfect for your next seance, printed with a Lisa Parker-inspired graphic sure to set the mood. The artwork of the board displays a pentagram and candle at its center, surrounded by Celtic designs.
Price: $20.00
Pentagram Pillow
Liven up your couch, arm chair, or bed with beautiful and meaningful symbolism when you decorate with the Pentagram Pillow. This pillows bold design displays a pentagram surrounded by a braided wreath intertwined with leafy ivy vines.
Price: $26.00
Pentagram Skull Ashtray
If an ashtray is a device that is used in your home, do not just settle for any old tray to hold your cigarettes. Make sure your ashtray fits into your personal style, which is easy to do with this unique Pentagram Skull Ashtray.
Price: $12.00
Pentagramatron Trinket Dish
As seen in the Pentagramatron Trinket Dish, the pentagramatron is quite possibly the most powerful magical symbol in existence. The points of the pentagramatron are made up of smaller pentagrams, making it five times as powerful.
Price: $12.00

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