Steampunk Jewelry

The world of Steampunk is an eccentric and unique thing, filled with wonders that the modern world has rarely glimpsed. Gears, cogs, and strange machines make up the everyday style in this world, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we are all too eager to give anyone the chance to glimpse this wondrous world, in the form of amazing Steampunk Jewelry. What we pass as strange and surreal is likely all too common-place in a Steampunk world. In this world were steam reigns supreme, technology has taken a turn for the better, creating technological innovations that can hardly be fathomed, and many of these innovations are small enough to be worn as jewelry. And that is precisely what you can do with them. Offered here, we carry a huge assortment of great Steampunk jewelry, in a wide range designs, ensuring that no matter what you desire from this esoteric world of tech, you can find it here. Strange gizmos and gadgets sit here, looking like little machines that are ready for use, including surreal things like mechanical darters and clockwork dragonflies, as well as various other little things that use gears, cogs, sprockets, screws, joints, and other industrial parts as casual and cunning decoration. Rings hold keys and clockwork gears, while earrings look like little machines that might translate every word you wear. Necklaces that hang around your neck suspend proper gears and little flying boxes that look like they might take off if given the chance, and medals decorated with wings, strange symbols, and odd commendations will make you look like an official Steampunk citizen. All this and more are what you can find here, in our section that is fully devoted the wide wonders of Steampunk style. All in all, Steampunk jewelry is an impressive thing, one that somehow manages to look antiquated, pseudo-modern, and futuristic, all at once. At Dark Knight Armoury, you will find Steampunk jewelry enough to fill several jewelry boxes, ensuring that male or female, noble or not, you can find the Steampunk jewelry that you desire, whether it is your first foray into the surreal world of Steam or yet another trip back into a strange world that you have come to know and love.
Acidic Eye of the Dragon Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of an ancient beast draped around your neck. The Acidic Eye of the Dragon Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Amber Dragon Eye Cufflinks
These Amber Dragon Eye Cufflinks are a phenomenal accessory that can complement any gentlemans attire, allowing any formal shirt or jacket, be it modern or historical, to feature just a touch of his preferred personal style.
Price: $18.00
Amber Dragon's Eye Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of an ancient beast draped around your neck. The bright Amber Dragon's Eye Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Amber Victorian Drop Earrings
These cute earrings would be a lovely addition to any Steampunk or Victorian outfit. They are made from antique brass hammered headpins with round amber glass beads and antique brass bead caps and French style lever back ear wires.
Price: $14.00
Antique Clockwork Steampunk Ring
The Antique Clockwork Steampunk Ring is a magnificent accessory that is a perfect addition to any Steampunk costume. Not only is it a fantastic costume accessory but it is also a great little ring to wear for virtually any occasion.
Price: $8.00
Antique Copper Steampunk Cuff
There will be no disputing your Steampunk style whenever you adorn yourself with accessories like this Antique Copper Steampunk Cuff. Elegant and ornate, this cuff can be worn anywhere on the arm to accent many different looks.
Price: $14.95
Antique Dragonfly Gear Pin
Molding technology and nature into one, this Antique Dragonfly Gear Pin is a great accessory that looks like an impressive Steampunk invention consisting of machined dragonfly wings attached to a series of gears and mechanisms.
Price: $8.00
Antique Evil Dragon's Eye Ring
Have you ever wondered what pure evil looks like? Well, it might look something like this Antique Evil Dragons Eye Ring. This reptilian eye has something of a dark and sinister glare as it stares out from its antiqued filigree band.
Price: $15.00
Antique Gear Wings Pin
Earning your wings on an airship is a grand occasion. Commemorate your accomplishment by wearing this Antique Gear Wings Pin on your lapel. This decorative brooch is an excellent addition to any Steampunk or Neo-Victorian outfit.
Price: $7.95
Antique Gentleman's Pocket Watch
Pocket watches are an accessory from a bygone age, once worn by folks of all sorts as a time piece and as a fashion accessory. They are making a comeback, though, and none look as traditional as the Antique Gentlemans Pocket Watch.
Price: $30.00
Antique Window Pane Pocket Watch
Pocket watches came in a variety of different styles. Some have solid lids, and others, like this Antique Window Pane Pocket Watch, have lids that are decorative and reminiscent of ornate looking window panes.
Price: $30.00
Automaton's Eye Ring
Straight from the workshops of famed Steampunk inventor Ezekiel Rosenstein, this Automatons Eye Ring is an ocular wonder - a Steam-powered robotic eye, complete with a working lid, mounted on a band and worn like a ring!
Price: $99.50
On Sale For: $89.55
Aviamore Owl Brooch
When soaring through the sky on your steam-powered airship, take a suitably flight-friendly companion along. The Aviamore Owl Brooch features such a creature, depicting a copper plated steampunk owl with mechanical gears and wings.
Price: $21.00
Aviamore Owl Earrings
Let these two owls impart their wise advice when you wear them on your next Neo Victorian venture. The Aviamore Owl Earrings each depict an identical mechanical owl face plated in copper and detailed with synthetic emerald gemstones.
Price: $21.00
Aviamore Owl Pendant
On wings of clockwork, the intriguing mechanical owl takes flight through the slumbering Victorian town. The Aviamore Owl Pendant depicts this ingenious creature plated with copper and embellished with synthetic emerald gemstones.
Price: $21.00
Beaded Sparrow Charm Earrings
These lovely earrings display antique brass sparrow bird charms suspended by a beaded link, with small clear faceted glass beads and a bead of your color choice. It is a cute addition to any Victorian or Steampunk ensemble.
Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $5.00
Black Steampunk Gear Choker
The Black Steampunk Gear Choker adds a touch of elegance and ingenuity to any look, whether it is overtly Neo-Victorian, gothic, or more modern. This lovely accessory is a treasure, no matter which time period captures your fancy.
Price: $4.00
Blast Furnace Behemoth Necklace
A Victorian mad scientists dream or futuristic creation of ambition and genius, the Blast Furnace Behemoth Necklace depicts a monstrous yet benevolent steam-powered mechanical dragon of immense proportions.
Price: $75.00
Blue Dragon Eye Cufflinks
These Blue Dragon Eye Cufflinks are a phenomenal accessory that can complement any gentlemans attire, allowing any formal shirt or jacket, be it modern or historical, to feature just a touch of his preferred personal style.
Price: $18.00
Blue Dragon's Eye Filigree Ring
It is no surprise that this ring gives others the distinct impression that there is someone, or something, watching them. Featuring a reptilian looking eye, this Blue Dragons Eye Filigree Ring is quite the accessory to wear.
Price: $15.00
Brass Anchor Bracelet
Prepare to set sail and dazzle the world with a little help from the magnificent Brass Anchor Bracelet. This adventurous accent will become a signature piece after you confidently model it during your next social event.
Price: $21.00
Brass Anchor Earrings
You will never be too far from the freedom of the sea while wearing the remarkable Brass Anchor Earrings. This extraordinary set will set you apart from everyone in the room when you confidently model this nautical accent.
Price: $15.00
Brass Anchor Jewelry Set
Make a splash on the fashion world with a daring and vibrant collection like the Brass Anchor Jewelry Set. You will be showered with compliments after you proudly model these original accents to your next social function.
Price: $33.00
Brass Octopus Bracelet
Dazzle your friends and family with a remarkable and original accent like the Brass Octopus Bracelet. Everyone will admire your bold fashion taste after they see you proudly modeling this at the next social event.
Price: $21.00
Brass Octopus Jewelry Set
Now you can bring home the ocean without getting your feet wet with the adventurous Brass Octopus Jewelry Set. This daring accessory will have your friends and family all impressed by your love of the sea and its creatures.
Price: $33.00
Brass Orb Chronometer Pendant
Pacing the steamship deck, the captain waited for her navigator to return with his calculations. Grasping the Brass Orb Chronometer Pendant in her gloved hand, she checked the time, then smiled at the sound of approaching footsteps.
Price: $18.00
Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings
Nothing says Steampunk more than a couple of decorative gears. The Bronze Steampunk Gear Earrings will suspend a pair of tooth-edged gears from your ears, creating an industrial look that compliments existing Steampunk styles.
Price: $4.00
Bronze Steampunk Key Ring
This accessory might be the key to all your problems. Fitted on the hand like a weapon, the Bronze Steampunk Key Ring displays an old bronze skeleton key that has been repurposed into an eclectic and incredible piece of jewelry.
Price: $4.00
Burnished Silver Keys Necklace
How nice it would be to carry a skeleton key around at all times! This Burnished Silver keys Necklace features three such little trinkets that look like they would open their fair share of locks.
Price: $8.75
Cameo Necklace And Earring Set
This striking jewelry set is a fine example of Victorian style at its greatest. The Cameo Necklace and Earring Set are a trio of beautiful pieces that depict an elegant silhouette of a woman, decorated with rich, golden detailing.
Price: $4.50
Cerulean Dragon Eye Cufflinks
These Cerulean Dragon Eye Cufflinks are a phenomenal accessory that can complement any gentlemans attire, allowing any formal shirt or jacket, be it modern or historical, to feature just a touch of his preferred personal style.
Price: $18.00
Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant
Wearing this medallion will make it seem as though you have the eye of a great and ancient beast draped around your neck. The Cerulean Dragon's Eye Pendant is a touch of fantasy style that looks awesome with costumes and modern styles.
Price: $15.00
Clavitraction Earrings
The Clavitraction Earrings are an archetypal reflection of steampunk ethos. Mechanistic cogs of retro industrial progress are repurposed as keys of intricate, clockwork precision, bringing Neo-Victorian ingenuity to any ensemble.
Price: $20.00
Clockwork Bison Skull Steampunk Necklace
Apparently the artisans of a steampunk setting were not lost on the appeal of the skull as a decoration. This Clockwork Bison Skull Steampunk Necklace takes the grim skull of the bison and applies a liberal dose of steampunk style.
Price: $16.50
Clockwork Collage Steampunk Ring
Steampunk style just is not complete unless there are a few gears floating around. But when you wear this Steampunk styled Clockwork Collage Steampunk Ring, you will take clockwork gear designs in Steampunk to a whole new level.
Price: $12.00
Clockwork Crescent Moon Pendant
Nothing can escape being upgraded in the realm of technical fantasy! Even the moon in the Clockwork Crescent Moon Pendant has been redesigned and repurposed to present incredible steampunk elements with an exclusive pagan touch.
Price: $30.00
Clockwork Moon Man Earrings
The man on the moon can be found in many stories and cultures. It is no surprise that you might find him being upgraded in the world of technical fantasy. The Clockwork Moon Man Earrings give a new look to this classic character.
Price: $50.00
Clockwork Peace Pendant
The Clockwork Peace Pendant makes combining bohemian and industrial tastes easier than ever! With its sterling silver build, this little steampunk pendant provides an eclectic charm of opposing styles in a fun and fashionable way!
Price: $45.00
Clockwork Peace Ring
Embrace the soothing aura of bohemian life and the hardworking nature of industrial fantasy by wearing the Clockwork Peace Ring! With its incredible sterling silver build, this unique accessory fuses the styles in eclectic charm.
Price: $47.00
Coeur du Moteur Necklace
The heart and soul of a mechanically-minded lover, this gear necklace bears the color of life-blood and the intricate workings of a complex mind. The Coeur du Moteur Necklace makes a great addition to steampunk attire.
Price: $55.00
Compass Gear Steampunk Necklace
After a foray into a steampunk setting, it seems a shame to have to leave without a souvenir. This Compass Gear Steampunk Necklace embodies the core of Steampunk design with Victorian style blended with clockwork technology.
Price: $16.50
Copper Anchor Bracelet
Embrace the wind in your sails and the fashion benefits of the spirited and vibrant Copper Anchor Bracelet. This extraordinary accessory will take your look to a new level and have everyone admiring your daring outfit.
Price: $21.00
Copper Anchor Jewelry Set
This Copper Anchor Jewelry Set is idea for anyone who loves the thrill of adventure and the styles of sailing. Now you can add a new dimension to your wardrobe with a little help from this nautical themed collection.
Price: $33.00
Copper Octopus Bracelet
Begin a new fashion trend this season with a little help from the unique and dazzling Copper Octopus Bracelet. This adventurous accessory will add new dimensions to your wardrobe so pick one up for yourself today.
Price: $21.00
Crescent Moon Steampunk Necklace
Display the beauty of the night sky and the unique design of steampunk style at the same time with this Crescent Moon Steampunk Necklace. This stunning geared necklace will look wonderful around the neck of any steampunk enthusiast.
Price: $12.00
Crimson Eye Ring of the Dark Lord
Having been inspired by the all-seeing eye of the dark lord, wearers of this ring had best beware, because while this Crimson Eye Ring of the Dark Lord is incredibly stylish, it is also yet another eye for this evil to look through.
Price: $15.00
Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Gold Plated Pendant
The Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Gold Plated Pendant takes inspiration from a famous drawing created by Leonardo in 1490. Within his writings, he states, Man is the model of the world. This sketch of the human body embodies this concept.
Price: $12.25
Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Pendant
The Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Pendant takes inspiration from a famous drawing created by Leonardo in 1490. Within his writings, he states, Man is the model of the world. This fascinating sketch of the human body embodies this concept.
Price: $9.75
da Vinci's Vitruvian Ring
Created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1487, the Vitruvian Man is a world-renown drawing that depicts, according to Roman architect Vitruvius, the ideal human proportions. Now you can show off this design with da Vincis Vitruvian Ring.
Price: $12.00
Dark Metal Steampunk Gear Necklace
Steampunk is often characterized by bold designs, and this Dark Metal Steampunk Gear Necklace does not disappoint in that regard. Large size and clockwork gears ensure that this pendant looks like it came from a grand machine.
Price: $9.00
Dragon's Acidic Eye Ring
The last place any human wants to be is staring down a dragon, although the danger is greatly lessened when staring at this Dragon's Acidic Eye Ring. Of course, that is assuming that the ring does not show the dragon everything it sees.
Price: $15.00
Dragon's Verdant Eye Cufflinks
These Dragon's Verdant Eye Cufflinks are a phenomenal accessory that can complement any gentlemans attire, allowing any formal shirt or jacket, be it modern or historical, to feature just a touch of his preferred personal style.
Price: $18.00
Dual Dragon Heart Steampunk Necklace
A world that fuses fantasy and steampunk into one setting is likely to be filled with incredible sights and experiences! From a world like that comes this lovely accent for you to own and wear - the Dual Dragon Heart Steampunk Necklace.
Price: $16.50
Dueling Pistol Pendant
Reminiscent of days gone by where gentlemen were known to settle their disputes the old fashioned way, the Dueling Pistol Pendant is a stainless steel charm that displays an intricately detailed vintage style handgun.
Price: $13.00
Evil Gothic Eye Ring
Mortals had best beware, because something wicked this way comes, and it comes with an eye of crimson fire, caged by curls of blackest night. This Evil Gothic Eye Ring is a piece of jewelry that features a big dose of style.
Price: $15.00
Eye of the Dark Lord Pendant
Unyielding and infernal, this Eye of the Dark Lord Pendant is inspired by the all-seeing eye itself. Far from subtle, this pendant is as sinister as it is stylish, and it will send chills down the spines of all those who meet its gaze.
Price: $15.00
Fibonacci Golden Spiral Pendant
One need not be a clever Neo-Victorian scientist to appreciate the Fibonacci Golden Spiral Pendant. This stylish Nautilus shell necklace works just as well with an outfit meant for the beach as for one assembled for steampunk society.
Price: $35.00
Gear Butterfly Necklace
Forget the bullet. A necklace with butterfly wings is much more stylish, and it hurts a lot less, too. The Gear Butterfly Necklace is the perfect addition to any steampunk outfit, and it also makes a great accessory for casual wear.
Price: $17.00
Geared Up Steampunk Earrings
These long dangle style earrings are a must have for any Steampunk enthusiast. Whether you wear them everyday to express your love of Steampunk or pair these with your favorite Steampunk ensemble, they will look lovely either way.
Price: $12.00
Gearwork Tree of Life Necklace
The retelling of Celtic myths and the constructing of mechanical wonders are passions that draw both your mind and time. The Gearwork Tree of Life Necklace is a fine piece of steampunk jewelry to add to your Neo-Victorian attire.
Price: $14.00

"I ordered the Dark Rogue harness piece with hood just in time for MegaCon and it was fantastic! I loved the design and layout and it worked great with my character (Green Arrow). I appreciate the business and to see that those negative comments do not reflect you guys today. I look forward to ordering more from you in the near future. Thank you so very much for the professionalism and prompt service. "

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