Calimacil LARP Weapons

If you are going to trust your theoretical life to a weapon, you want to know that the weapon is the best of the best. And when it comes to live action roleplaying, one of the best weapons you can have is a Calimacil LARP weapon. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have a diverse array of weapons offered from this quality provider to ensure that you have the weapon of your dreams. First and foremost, let us be perfectly clear when we say that a Calimacil weapon is not your average, run of the mill LARP weapon. Each Calimacil weapon is crafted using a unique injection molding process that bond Calimacils unique, ultra-durable foam with a solid, flexible core to create a truly impressive and lasting weapon. Cores are typically made from fiberglass, but sometimes vary between fiberglass, carbon, and even a hybrid of the two, depending on the strength required. Not only are they rugged, resilient, and perfectly balanced for LARP combat, but they are also extremely detailed, lending the weapons a look that will impress the wielder as well as his or her allies and enemies alike. Calimacil weapons are also allergen and maintenance free, which means that each Calimacil LARP weapon is essentially no muss and no fuss. You just wielded it, and it is good. They come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, ranging from typical swords of all types to daggers, axes, maces, and bludgeons of various sorts. We also offer spears, halberds and even double-bladed swords, for those weapon masters who want to try something a little different from the usual LARP fare. It does not matter if you are LARPing, training, playing, or putting on a show for a movie or a theater. If you want the best, then you want a Calimacil LARP weapon, because it will last you through the seasons, just like a warrior weapon should.
Agrippa II LARP Rapier
The Agrippa II LARP Rapier is the perfect role-playing weapon for duelists, musketeers, pirates, and even elven nobles. The LARP blade is crafted with excellent Renaissance style for fencing practice or stage fighting, as well.
Price: $157.00
Baen Si II LARP Sword
Orcs are ruthless warriors, and they frequently loot their defeated foes for their weapons. Deep within their mountains, the Baen Si II LARP Sword has been stripped down and made to fit the big, strong hands of these savage fighters.
Price: $132.25
Battle-Worn Baruk LARP Axe - 144cm
The Battle-Worn Baruk LARP Axe is a large weapon that will help you gain the upper hand on the LARP battlefield. Made of latex-free Calimacil foam, it is impressively detailed throughout for a realistic, battle-scarred look.
Price: $170.00
Battle-Worn Baruk Two-Handed LARP Axe
Control the battlefield with a mighty swing when you wield the Battle-Worn Baruk Two-Handed LARP Axe. This Viking LARP axe has been hand detailed for a highly realistic, battle-weathered look throughout its latex-free foam surface.
Price: $144.00
Battle-Worn Bellator II LARP Bastard Sword
Sometimes, before charging into battle, it is nice to go back to the basics. The Battle-Worn Bellator II LARP Bastard Sword is about as classic as it gets. This foam sword is based on the traditional medieval longsword, complete with a cruciform guard.
Price: $112.75
Battle-Worn Bellator II Two-Handed LARP Sword
Strike a powerful blow against any foe with the Battle-Worn Bellator II Two-Handed LARP Sword. This two-handed medieval LARP sword has been hand detailed for a realistic, battle scarred look all over its latex-free foam surface.
Price: $118.00
Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench
A trusted tool from the workshop can now be your next weapon in LARP battle. The Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench has the look of a large, weathered wrench and is made completely out of highly durable, latex-free Calimacil foam.
Price: $48.00
Battle-Worn Butcher LARP Cleaver
For chefs, orcs, barbarians, or even a post-apocalyptic survivors, the Battle-Worn Butcher LARP Cleaver is a powerful choice. This LARP weapon is versatile enough to fit into many settings and unique enough to still stand out.
Price: $61.00
Battle-Worn Dentist Studded LARP Club
Your enemies will not know what hit them when you bash and crush with the Battle-Worn Dentist Studded LARP Club. Ultra durable and safe for LARP, this latex-free foam weapon has the look of a battle-scarred, studded wooden club.
Price: $95.00
Battle-Worn Diamond Bellator II LARP Sword
As you head into battle, you want to arm yourself with a weapon that will keep you alive. The Battle-Worn Diamond Bellator II LARP Sword may not be elaborate, but for a sword that serves its purpose, there are none better than this.
Price: $112.75
Battle-Worn Edgar IV LARP Sword
Perfect for knights, noblemen, adventurers and more, the Battle-Worn Edgar IV LARP Sword is a versatile LARP weapon for any medieval or fantasy setting. This foam sword is durable, safe, and hand detailed for a battle-scarred look.
Price: $129.00
Battle-Worn Flynn Pirate LARP Dirk
A life on the sea can be rough, with the seasickness and the scurvy, but that does not mean that a swashbuckler like yourself should have to skimp on your sword. Arm yourself with the boast-worthy Battle-Worn Flynn Pirate LARP Dirk.
Price: $108.75
Battle-Worn Griffin LARP Sword
Might meets elegance in the Battle-Worn Griffin LARP Sword. This latex-free LARP sword has Celtic swirls on its guard and dragons designs on the tip of each arm. Ultra durable and safe, this foam sword has a battle hardened look.
Price: $114.00
Battle-Worn Keltis LARP Dagger
The Battle-Worn Keltis LARP Dagger could belong to a noble knight or a Celtic priestess, its style suitable for a great variety of medieval and fantasy roles. This latex-free LARP weapon has a hand detailed, battle-weathered look.
Price: $61.00
Battle-Worn Kiefer LARP Mace
Whether used as the weapon of choice for a dark lord, orc warrior, resourceful knight, or fearsome adventurer, the Battle-Worn Kiefer LARP Mace is a fantastic choice for LARP battle. Hand finishing creates its battle-scarred look.
Price: $125.00
Battle-Worn LARP Combat Hatchet
The Battle-Worn LARP Combat Hatchet is a one-handed axe perfect for striking with controlled, cleaving slashes. This LARP axe is hand detailed for a weathered look, making it a unique, versatile, and highly realistic LARP weapon.
Price: $68.00
Battle-Worn Magnus III LARP Sword
Weathered by hand for a battle-scarred look, the Battle-Worn Magnus III LARP Sword is a fitting weapon for soldiers, knights, and generals alike. This medieval LARP sword is made of very safe and impressively sturdy Calimacil foam.
Price: $136.00
Battle-Worn Malik LARP Scimitar
The Battle-Worn Malik LARP Scimitar has the look of a trusted weapon used time and time again for devastating slices. This curved blade LARP sword has been detailed by hand for a realistic, weathered look throughout is foam structure.
Price: $114.00
Battle-Worn Novice II LARP Bastard Sword
For both beginners and veterans of LARP combat, the Battle-Worn Novice II LARP Bastard Sword is a great choice. This latex-free foam sword suits any medieval or fantasy setting and has a long length suited for the LARP battlefield.
Price: $99.00
Battle-Worn Novice II LARP Long Sword
Especially well-suited for knights of all kinds, the Battle-Worn Novice II LARP Long Sword is a LARP weapon for beginners and seasoned fighters alike. This foam sword has been detailed by hand for a weathered, battle-scarred look.
Price: $95.00
Battle-Worn Odo LARP Mace
Whether as the weapon of a brutal warlord, warrior orc, or any other fearsome medieval fighter, the Battle-Worn Odo LARP Mace is a fantastic addition to any LARP arsenal. This LARP war mace has a hand detailed, battle-scarred look.
Price: $95.00
Battle-Worn Percefer LARP Warhammer
Trusty and efficient for most LARP combat, the Battle-Worn Percefer LARP Warhammer has its hammer head paired with a formidable back spike. Hand detailing creates the battle-weathered look throughout its latex-free foam structure.
Price: $80.00
Battle-Worn Persian LARP Dagger
For nimble fighters and assassins who deal in swift, devastating strikes, the Battle-Worn Persian LARP Dagger is perfect. This long LARP dagger has the look of a trusted, well-weathered weapon made safe through its foam construction.
Price: $69.00
Battle-Worn Pirate LARP Cutlass
Your eyepatch and hook may tell the story of your close victories and persistence, but few things speak of battles won more than a war-worn sword. If you wish to strike fear in your enemies, equip yourself with the Battle-Worn Pirate LARP Cutlass.
Price: $93.25
Battle-Worn Pirate LARP Short Sword
A swordfight on the deck of a teetering, rocking ship flooded with buccaneers means a swordfight in cramped quarters. Luckily, you have armed yourself with the Battle-Worn Pirate LARP Short Sword, giving you the upper hand in close-range combat!
Price: $85.50
Battle-Worn Ragnar II LARP Sword
The Battle-Worn Ragnar II LARP Sword calls to mind Viking warriors returning home with weapons weathered from their adventures. This latex-free foam weapon is hand detailed to create its realistic battle-scarred and antiqued look.
Price: $87.00
Battle-Worn Rob Sharp LARP Sword
Great for all kinds of warriors, the Battle-Worn Rob Sharp LARP Sword has the look of a trusted weapon that has been through fight after fight. Made of ultra-sturdy Calimacil foam, its realistic, weathered look is created by hand.
Price: $125.00
Battle-Worn Robbert Stark LARP Long Sword
A good sword is essential for any warrior, and the Battle-Worn Robbert Stark LARP Long Sword has a straightforward, historical design that makes it a staple in any LARP arsenal. Its weathered, tried and true look is created by hand.
Price: $80.00
Battle-Worn Sanguis II LARP Dirk
Whether used to attack with vengeance or defend its wielder in battle, the Battle-Worn Sanguis II LARP Dirk is a very versatile addition to any LARP arsenal, with its length falling between that of a dagger and a short sword.
Price: $72.00
Battle-Worn Shahin LARP Dagger
Detailed by hand for a unique, weathered look, the Battle-Worn Shahin LARP Dagger resembles a mysterious, ancient weapon or a trusted companion used for battle after battle. This long LARP dagger is made of ultra-durable Calimacil foam.
Price: $53.00
Battle-Worn Skaegi LARP Axe
Inspired by the battle axes of ancient Vikings, the Battle-Worn Skaegi LARP Axe has a rugged and realistic, highly weathered look, as well as an incredibly long haft, making it an intimidating weapon for the LARP battlefield.
Price: $163.00
Battle-Worn Telescopic LARP Spear Head
The Battle-Worn Telescopic LARP Spear Head is a unique LARP weapon piece for aspiring spear-wielders. Made of ultra-durable, safe, and latex-free Calimacil foam, it has a spring mechanism at its core that helps it keep its shape.
Price: $84.00
Battle-Worn Viking II LARP Dirk
Long for a dagger but short for a sword, the Battle-Worn Viking II LARP Dirk has a versatile in-between length that makes it great for all kinds of LARP combat. This Norse-inspired LARP dirk is made of ultra-durable, latex-free foam.
Price: $65.00
Battle-Worn Viking II Short LARP Sword
Weathered by hand to look like the weapon of an ancient Norse warrior, the Battle-Worn Viking II Short LARP Sword is a remarkable LARP blade to take into LARP combat, made of highly durable and wear-resistant Calimacil foam.
Price: $72.00
Battle-Worn Vordr LARP Hammer
Brutal warrior or mysterious mage, the Battle-Worn Vordr LARP Hammer has a powerful fantasy look that makes it suitable for both. Incredibly durable and highly detailed, this foam LARP hammer has a weathered, battle-scarred look.
Price: $114.00
Battle-Worn Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe
Bring grim reckoning from afar when you wield the Battle-Worn Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe. This long LARP pole weapon is a bearded axe head with an impressively long, wood look haft, made of LARP combat-safe Calimacil foam.
Price: $174.00
Bellator II LARP Sword
When the Englishmen became aggressive, pushing into the heart of the land, many did not have the weapons to repulse them. Blacksmiths crafted the Bellator II LARP Sword for those who were to take up arms against the invaders.
Price: $109.00
Beowulf II LARP Scramasax
Received at the coming of age, this Beowulf II LARP Scramasax will go to war with its wielder to seek plunder and glory. This Viking LARP sword serves well for close combat battle with its short, maneuverable design.
Price: $45.50
Big Bertha Wrench
The Big Bertha Wrench is a very realistic reproduction of a metal wrench, which is perfectly suited to our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $49.50
Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer
Invoke the ferocity of a dragon when you wield the Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer in battle. Twin dragon heads form the double-sided head of this fantasy LARP warhammer. This ultra-sturdy LARP weapon is made of latex-free foam.
Price: $216.00
Black Kali LARP Staff
Incredibly versatile as well as safe and durable, the Black Kali LARP Staff is the perfect choice for beginner and seasoned warriors alike. Styled to look like smooth, black wood, this foam LARP staff is incredibly durable and safe.
Price: $46.00
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer is a weapon worthy of the gods and made for man. It is a perfectly brutal armament fit for the hands of any LARP barbarian or monster-hunter, with just a touch of Viking style.
Price: $148.53
Brown Lucrezia LARP Main Gauche
Perfectly adapted to dual-sword fighting characters, the Brown Lucrezia LARP Main Gauche makes the perfect sidearm for any thief or assassin. This parrying dagger is made from durable, lightweight foam designed for extended use.
Price: $49.50
Caesar LARP Knife
Every adventurer needs a good knife. The Caesar LARP Dagger is a versatile foam blade for any LARP arsenal. This latex-free LARP weapon is perfect for carrying as a boot knife, storing in your pouch, or even hanging from your belt.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Cross LARP Dagger
Featuring a classic Celtic design, this Celtic Cross LARP Dagger makes a fantastic sidearm for any historically-inspired cosplay. Be prepared for practically anything with this dagger, from close combat to ceremonies and feasting.
Price: $58.00
Cinquedea LARP Dirk
The Romans are advancing on your peaceful little island, bringing with them death and oppression. If you and your Celtic brethren are to stand against them, you need a reliable weapon. Arm yourself with the Cinquedea LARP Dirk.
Price: $70.50
On Sale For: $64.00
Commando LARP Knife
You may not always have the fanciest of weapons at your side, but you cannot beat the reliability of a loyal and sturdy knife. The Commando LARP Knife is ideal for skirmishes with raiders, mutants, and other wasteland wanderers.
Price: $66.25
Cretzer LARP Sword
Inspired by the legendary weaponry of the German landskenechte, the Cretzer LARP Sword is a shorter version of the Katzbalger. This style of sword became popular during the Renaissance, when warfare underwent a great deal of change.
Price: $124.00
Curved LARP Knife
It may not be fancy or extremely pretty, but this Curved LARP Knife will provide you with incredible reliability for all your adventures. Made from safe and sturdy foam, it is sure to last in even the most rugged environments.
Price: $58.00
Dark Priest Arn LARP Skull Mace
A devoted priest of the dark faith, Arn fought a heretic warband with ghastly zeal, falling upon the battlefield in the middle of his slain foes. His skull was made a part of the Dark Priest Arn LARP Skull Mace to fight his enemies.
Price: $134.00
Destiny Iron Lord LARP Battle Axe
Few warriors are as powerful as the legendary Iron Lords from Destiny lore. You can channel the might of these mythic heroes when you wield the Destiny Iron Lord LARP Battle Axe at your next LARP event, based on the weapon of Saladin.
Price: $245.75
Dopplesoldner LARP Sword
Those among the Landsknechts who wielded a two handed sword were said to earn twice the pay and were thus called Dopplesoldner, or Double Pay. The Dopplesoldner LARP Sword takes its name from these historic 16th century mercenaries.
Price: $218.75
Dorgen LARP War Hammer
Very few weapons give the same bone chilling effect that a powerful war hammer does. The Dorgen LARP War Hammer is the perfect pole weapon for brutish, rough natured characters such as trolls, barbarians, monsters, and dwarves.
Price: $190.00
Edgar IV LARP Sword
The most respected men always have a guardian who would die to protect them. The ideal sword for anyone who is considered a protector, this Edgar IV LARP Sword is designed with efficiency, realism, and above all else quality in mind.
Price: $124.00
Eli Wasteland Walker LARP Sword
The Eli Wasteland Walker LARP Sword is a post-apocalyptic blade captured from the bloodthirsty mutants who roam the land in bands. Part curved blade and part knuckleduster, this LARP weapon has a worn, lethal look.
Price: $115.75
Elrendar II LARP Sword
Years ago, the Elrendar was lost. An Elven lord recovered the blade from its hiding place within a sacred tree, beginning a new age for the Elves. This LARP scimitar displays a handle of striking silver and red coloration.
Price: $124.00
Emerald Knight II LARP Sword
A true knight can talk the talk and walk the walk. Their confidence and air of nobility tell of their prowess before even stepping onto the battlefield. This Emerald Knight II LARP Sword will adequately convey your chivalry and skills.
Price: $152.75
Falcon LARP Halberd
Inspired by the Swiss halberds of the Renaissance, the Falcon LARP Halberd is a LARP weapon with reach. Ideal for attacking foes before they get close enough to strike, this LARP polearm is ultra-durable and safe for LARP battle.
Price: $148.00
Falcon LARP Halberd Head
The Swiss people kept peace during the Renaissance with the use of long halberds that could keep the best knights at bay. The Falcon LARP Halberd Head can be mounted on multiple shafts like bamboo or PVC to suit different characters.
Price: $74.50
Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword
While some people may underestimate elves as small and mischievous woodland creatures, you know better than that. As this Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword displays, elves can also be merciless and lethal warriors towards their enemies.
Price: $140.50

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