Epic Armoury LARP Weapons

When you are looking for variety, look no further than at Dark Knight Armourys line of Epic Armoury LARP Weapons. The variety you will find here is so wide that it is hard to put to words, but rest assured that no matter what style of LARP event you are participating in, you can and will find an effective Epic Armoury LARP weapon here that will definitely suffice. Of course, that is only putting it mildly, because many of these weapons will do more than just suffice. Epic Armoury LARP weapons run the whole gamut of styles, ranging from beginners pieces that come with a fairly modest price tag and a basic look to more advanced pieces that are perfect for the LARPer who has very specific requirements and needs. We offer medieval LARP weapons, including swords, axes, maces, and more that are perfect for a straight-up brawl, as well as more fanciful fantasy weapons that perfectly suit conquering warlords, skulking dark elves, crusading high elves, marauding orcs, and more. We have modern-day tools, like pipes, wrenches, clubs, and more that are perfect for a more modern era LARP. And for those who want something a little more far reaching, we also offer a few weapons with a touch of post-apocalyptic flare, including vibro swords and chainsaw blades that are more likely terrify your enemies than anything else. Shields are also a priority for a warrior, and so we offer plenty of those too, to help keep you safe from harm. Each and every Epic Armoury LARP weapon is crafted from a flexible yet sturdy fiberglass core that is wrapped in durable foam, sealed in strong latex, and capped with a Kevlar tip. The end result is Epic Armoury weapons are sturdy and strong, and will withstand the rigors of practice and LARP combat. Plus, Epic Armoury LARP weapons are also quite safe, making them a great toy or plaything to let your kids have fun with, too! Beginners and veterans of LARP alike are sure to find something from the Epic Armoury that suits their needs, so check them out here at Dark Knight Armoury the next time you are in the market for a new LARP weapon to try your hand at.
Adventurer LARP Sword
It was an opportunity of a lifetime, or so your partner said, to earn coffers full of gold and build a legendary reputation. You remind yourself of this, while saving your friend from a horde of orcs with the Adventurer LARP Sword.
Price: $60.00
Aether LARP Dao
The Aether LARP Dao is a latex foam weapon perfect for fantasy LARP characters who attack with magic and want a blade to match. This latex foam hybrid LARP sword is based on a traditional Chinese sword design given a fantasy twist.
Price: $129.00
Aether LARP Jian - Purple
Inspired by the swords of ancient China, the Aether LARP Jian in Purple has a long, straight blade that does not taper until its point. This latex foam blade has a rippled purple coloration that can represent lightning or magic.
Price: $129.00
Aether LARP Katana
The ghostly weapon that is the Aether LARP Katana is a shadowy blade that finds its home in the hands of deadly assassins and vengeful warriors. Ethereal lightning crackles along its dark blade, a grim glimpse of the aether.
Price: $128.00
Alluvium Dao LARP Sword
Extra-dimensional weapons such as the Alluvium Dao LARP Sword bear scars from the magic that tore them from their home plane on their blade. This magical essence makes them more powerful, and more mysterious, than any blade on Earth.
Price: $128.00
Alluvium LARP Jian - Blue
The Alluvium LARP Jian in Blue has a long, narrow blade with dark ripples across its surface to represent the powers of the deep. This water-themed fantasy LARP sword draws structural inspiration from traditional Chinese weaponry.
Price: $129.00
Alluvium LARP Katana
If you wish to wield a weapon that has been imbued with the power of a lightning storm, look no further than the Alluvium LARP Katana! The long blade of this foam latex weapon appears to crackle with the electric energy of a storm!
Price: $128.00
Ancient LARP Spear
Age does not hold this spear back at all. The Ancient LARP Spear has the look of a spear from an ancient culture that has been buried by the sands of time. It is crafted from quality latex and durable foam.
Price: $168.00
Angelic LARP Sword
For holy warriors and those pure of heart, the Angelic LARP Sword is a worthy weapon. This fantasy LARP sword is made of Epic Foam in a latex-free construction, perfect for paladins, crusaders, and other divinely inspired fighters.
Price: $60.00
Assassin Inquisitor LARP Throwing Knives
Note the elaborate etchings on the hilt and blade of a dagger set that could only belong to one whose skill has earned rank and wealth. The Assassin Inquisitor LARP Throwing Knives are sure to gain the information that you desire.
Price: $20.00
Assassin Liberty LARP Throwing Knives
Observe the clever design of these fine daggers. A set like this proves useful when sneaking up on an assigned target. The Assassin Liberty LARP Throwing Knives belong in the hands of the warrior who values stealth and swiftness.
Price: $20.00
Assassin Rebel LARP Throwing Knives
The mercenary waits patiently, blending into the shadows just beyond the town gate. The caravan reaches its destination. The target emerges from the carriage. The Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives assist in completing the quest.
Price: $20.00
Assasin Sword - Special Edition
When a poison fails to take effect, or a dagger misses its mark, the Assassin Sword â€" Special Edition assists in cutting down the target quickly and efficiently. Wherever a LARP mission may take you, keep this sword at your side.
Price: $80.00
Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives
The soldiers of a brutal dictator encroach upon Elven lands. The noble queen sends forth her finest warrior to cut down the threat. A character that values the ways of the forest will enjoy the Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives.
Price: $20.00
Baker Roll for LARP
While it may be tempting to use the Baker Roll for LARP for pie making, that is not the true purpose of this foam prop. Whether you wish to spice up a LARP event, or defend you bakery, this throwing weapon will assist in your quest.
Price: $20.00
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler
Make sure you stand out on the field of battle by carrying a distinctive shield that your fellow warriors will recognize. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler displays a design that is simple yet eye-catching.
Price: $40.00
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield
Intimidate your enemies in battle with the look of this solid black kite shield on your arm! The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield shows off a golden strip around the edge, simulated to look like riveted metal.
Price: $49.00
Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield
This fantastic round LARP shield provides the protection you need in the heat of battle along with a striking design. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a solid black center to intimidate your enemies.
Price: $49.00
Black LARP Shuriken
A silent and deadly weapon is the best weapon for assassins. For those who want to take a page from the legendary ninja, few throwing weapons can match the grace and capability of the lethal looking Black LARP Shuriken.
Price: $8.00
Black Liquid Latex - 1000ml
The toll of battle can come in various ways, but do not let your trusty LARP weapons fall victim to abuse. Keep those accessories in tip top shape with a bottle of Black Liquid Latex - 1000ml, which is ideal for LARPing weapons.
Price: $20.00
Black Liquid Latex - 500ml
The toll of battle can come in various ways, but do not let your trusty LARP weapons fall victim to abuse. Keep those accessories in tip top shape with a bottle of Black Liquid Latex - 500ml, which is ideal for LARPing weapons.
Price: $11.00
Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield
Grab your sword and fall into rank with the Black Roman Calvary LARP Shield. You cannot head into battle without the essentials, so complete your costume with this realistic shield that balances looks with function.
Price: $84.00
Bladesinger Long Sword
Our Bladesinger LARP Long Sword can be used for medieval and fantasy themes. This latex sword features a curved blade with an extra long handle for two handed use. It is an affordable LARP sword without sacrificing quality and style.
Price: $88.00
Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock
The most formidable spells require a focus made from an object of meaning, granting the ability to wield more power. The Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock is a bumpy, veined stone in a blue hue that can serve as a projectile weapon.
Price: $8.00
Blue LARP Elven Shield
Guard yourself against harm under the assurance that comes with Elven smithing when you bring the Blue LARP Elven Shield into battle! Made from a hard EVA foam, this elegant shield will aid you in deflecting enemy sword blows.
Price: $118.00
Bollocks LARP Dagger
This Bollocks LARP Dagger possesses a unique shape that was popular in England for quite some time. Despite being made from foam, this kidney dagger remains an effective weapon in the hands of a highly skilled warrior.
Price: $40.00
Bone Blade LARP Sword
Be you a dark elf from the underworld or an undead warrior of the night, the Bone Blade LARP Sword will bring down a multitude of foes. Instill terror into the hearts of your mortal enemies with this one-handed chopping sword.
Price: $88.00
Bone LARP Scimitar
Known across the realms for its ghostly appearance and bone handle, the Bone LARP Scimitar is a deadly weapon for a skilled warrior. This legendary hybrid scimitar is the culmination of Orcish and Dark Elven craftsmanship.
Price: $118.00
Bone LARP Throwing Knife
A perfect projectile weapon for orcs, barbarians, and other warriors of the dark forest, the Bone LARP Throwing Knife features incredible detailing such as a realistic bone texture and sculpted leather cord wrapping on the handle.
Price: $8.00
Braced LARP Staff
Never underestimate what a staff can do. In skilled hands, this Braced LARP Staff is a double-ended defeat-dealer, capable of whirling about, striking from a variety of different angles in a way that would make martial artists proud!
Price: $119.00
Brown Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrow - Round Tip
Battling at night is great fun, but finding your arrows in the dark can be challenging. With these Brown Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrows, you will be able to see wherever your ammo landed after a scouting mission or torchlight tourney.
Price: $14.00
Brown Sandstone LARP Rock
A popular building material since ancient times, this sandstone rock serves a far more violent use. The Brown Sandstone LARP Rock makes a unique accent and a potential primitive addition to your arsenal.
Price: $8.00
Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword
Take charge of the battle with the might of the Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword in your hands. This distinguished foam latex weapon is expertly crafted for a captivating and realistic appearance made safe for use in LARP events.
Price: $74.00
Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword
Norse myth abounds with tales of mighty warriors and their epic battles. The Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword makes a fine blade for any LARPer looking to embody the robust fighting spirit of these ancient Northern people.
Price: $79.00
Carved Hilt Viking Short LARP Sword
Raid the English coast, and partake in the rich spoils discovered there, as a Norse warrior from the Viking Age. The Carved Hilt Viking Short LARP Sword is a trustworthy companion for said adventure, lending its strength in battle.
Price: $64.00
Cavalier LARP Sword
Lead the charge with the Cavalier LARP Sword in hand. This latex-free, Epic Foam LARP blade is inspired by the swords and stories of 17th century cavaliers, elegantly curved and wickedly stylish with its guarded handle style.
Price: $59.00
Celtic Braced LARP Shield
Deflect another blow and send your enemy crashing to the ground with the Celtic Braced LARP Shield. This LARP weapon follows a traditional design inspired by the wooden shields used by various cultures during the early Middle Ages.
Price: $79.00
Celtic Leaf LARP Sword
Stand strong on the battlefield with the Celtic Leaf LARP Sword. This medieval inspired LARP sword has a double-edged leaf blade made of high quality, shred resistant foam paired with gorgeous Celtic knotwork accents on the hilt.
Price: $103.00
On Sale For: $93.00
Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword
The warriors of the ancient Celtic tribes wielded mighty swords with leaf-shaped blades and curved guards, a style which is replicated in the Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword! With this weapon, you can fight like a mighty Celtic warrior!
Price: $88.00
Celtic Leaf Short LARP Sword
Fight like a mighty Celtic warrior on the battlefield with the Celtic Leaf Short LARP Sword! This medieval inspired short LARP sword is crafted in the double-edged, leaf-bladed style that the Celts preferred with their swords.
Price: $69.00
Chain Saw Sword - Dark Moon Collection
The future is bleak, hopeless, and dark. To survive in this world, make sure your guard is up and your weapons ready. Dark Moon gear like the Chain Saw Sword is great for modern, futuristic, and post-apocalyptic LARP scenarios.
Price: $132.00
Choppa LARP Sword
Taking inspiration from the mythos that surrounds the Orc warrior, the Choppa LARP Sword features a hammered blade fashioned from the spoils of war. Unleash your ever-burning rage upon your enemies with the aid of this foam sword.
Price: $94.00
Classic Mage LARP Staff
The staff is a powerful part of a mages equipment. Not only can a sorcerer channel magic through it, but it also serves as a matchless pole weapon in skilled hands. Ensure you are properly armed with the Classic Mage LARP Staff.
Price: $148.00
Claymore LARP Sword - 140cm
Nothing compares to the raw power of a two handed weapon like the Claymore LARP Sword â€" 140cm. Modeled after the great swords of history, this massive blade is designed to be swept back and forth, breaking through the enemy line.
Price: $133.00
Clear Liquid Latex - 1000ml
The toll of battle can come in various ways, but do not let your trusty LARP weapons fall victim to abuse. Keep those accessories in tip top shape with a bottle of Clear Liquid Latex - 1000ml, which is ideal for LARPing weapons.
Price: $19.00
Clear Liquid Latex - 100ml
The toll of battle can come in various ways, but do not let your trusty LARP weapons fall victim to abuse. Keep those accessories in tip top shape with a bottle of Clear Liquid Latex - 100ml, which is ideal for LARPing weapons.
Price: $5.00
Clear Liquid Latex - 500ml
The toll of battle can come in various ways, but do not let your trusty LARP weapons fall victim to abuse. Keep those accessories in tip top shape with a bottle of Clear Liquid Latex - 500ml, which is ideal for LARPing weapons.
Price: $10.00
Cutthroat LARP Throwing Knife
Elegant, sleek, and merciless, the Cutthroat LARP Throwing Knife appeals to stealthy rogues and ambitious nobles alike. This LARP blade displays incredible detail with realistic iron and marble texture and coloration.
Price: $8.00
Dai Katana LARP Sword
Become a fearless samurai of the Edo Period with the Dai Katana LARP Sword in your grasp. Your movements are both swift and graceful as you rid the village of the ruthless bandits that have harassed the peasants for far too long.
Price: $84.00
Dark Elven Hunter LARP Blade
As you move swiftly through the shadows, you strike with the grim elegance of a moonless night. The Dark Elven Hunter LARP Blade is a latex free LARP weapon made of innovative Epic Foam and designed for tough, yet safe, LARP combat.
Price: $59.00
Dark Elven LARP Axe
Dark elves are particularly known for their cunning and viciousness, and this Dark Elven LARP Axe represents those qualities perfectly. In spite of its sinister look, it is rather safe, being made from quality latex and foam.
Price: $84.00
Dark Elven LARP Glaive
In battle, the drow choose armaments that give them the greatest chance of winning. When grasped in your hands, the Dark Elven LARP Glaive proves to be an excellent weapon that will help you achieve victory over your enemies.
Price: $158.00
Dark Elven LARP Longblade
You can tell a dark elf by their weapons. Wicked yet graceful, this Dark Elven LARP Longblade is a stunning weapon with an eerie look that seems all too capable of slicing cleanly through the stoutest of defenses.
Price: $93.00
Dark Elven LARP Staff
Drow sorcerers and priests are as feared as their warriors are. Given that they typically wield weapons like the Dark Elven LARP Staff, it is not hard to see why. This staff serves as both a symbol of power and deadly skill in battle.
Price: $172.00
On Sale For: $155.00
Dark Elven Throwing Knife
You will not see this blade coming without the senses and reflexes of the keenest of the dark elves. The Dark Elven Throwing Knife displays a curved shape with texturing, a curved handle, and a rounded notch within the blade.
Price: $8.00
Dark Elven War LARP Axe
If you thought that axes were not an elvish weapon, then you were wrong. This Dark Elven War LARP Axe features the brutal style that dark elves are famous for, while being constructed from foam and latex, making it safe for LARP combat.
Price: $93.00
Dark Guardian Warhammer
Rescue your allies from a legion of foes with the Dark Guardian Warhammer. Whether the battle requires close combat, or a high-impact attack while on horseback, this LARP weapon proves useful for bludgeoning through the enemy line.
Price: $84.00
Dark Soul Stealer Sword
All shall tremble, whether mortal or undead, at the might of the elven warrior who wields the Dark Soul Stealer Sword. A cold, brutal aura surrounds this LARP sword, making it a suitable weapon for a ruthless drow of the underdark.
Price: $89.00
Demon Slayer LARP Mace
Streams of molten lava glow beneath your feet, and the agonized wails of the undead pierce the air, but your courage never falters. With the Demon Slayer at your side, you prepare to exact revenge on the armies of the netherworld.
Price: $69.00
Dervish LARP Spear
For your clan, war is a constant. Just as you need meat to sustain you and leather armor to protect your green skin, war keeps your thirst for chaos and violence sated. This Dervish LARP Spear is inspired by a primitive glaive.
Price: $157.00

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