Functional Leg Armor

Are you looking for some leg armor to wear when you head onto the field of battle? Well, look no further than at Dark Knight Armoury, because we offer a wide selection of functional leg armour that will keep your legs as defended as you desire! Not only will it keep you protected, but our various styles of leg armor will also make you look that much more like a true medieval warrior. Historically, leg armour came in various shapes and forms, and we endeavor to provide historical accuracy here, so we offer various styles as well. Greaves and tassets are among the most basic forms, as greaves are worn on the lower leg and provide a modicum of protection, although they are also quite light in weight, which means you will not tire yourself out wearing them. Tassets, on the other hand, are worn about the waist like a belt and help to protect your upper legs and thighs. Full leg armour is a bit weightier but also a lot more protective, as it encloses the leg almost completely, making it much harder to strike decisively. Much of our functional leg armour is crafted from either 18 gauge steel or 16 gauge steel, which makes it perfect for use in SCA, reenactments, and LARP battles, as well as for use as casual costume pieces that really make you look like the most powerful warrior around. And because of its great, yet simple look, much of our leg armour will fit into virtually any theme imaginable, so you are free to wear it when and how you want! If you are looking to defend your legs and lower body with some knightly armour, then why not take a brief visit to the functional leg armour section at Dark Knight Armoury? You are bound to find something that will do just the trick.
Functional Full Leg Armor, Steel Full Leg Armor and SCA Full Leg Armor
Do not bother doing things piecemeal when it comes to your leg protection. Instead, visit Dark Knight Armoury and pick up a set of functional full leg armour. This way, you will have a single, cohesive piece of armor that will fully protect your legs from all manner of strikes and blows, while also having a single style that you can match throughout your attire.
Functional Greaves, Steel Greaves and SCA Greaves
Greaves are almost vital for any warrior to wear. They have been in use to warriors throughout the centuries, having been worn by Greek hoplites, Roman soldiers, and by knights and warriors throughout the Middle Ages. Historically, they offered protection to the lower legs, and here at Dark Knight Armoury, our greaves do much the same, with similar effectiveness.
Functional Thigh Armor, Steel Thigh Amor and SCA Thigh Armor
Thigh armour comes in a wide assortment of shapes and forms, ranging from tasset belts to cuisse leg pieces. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an assortment of both, which can be found right here in our functional steel thigh armour section. So if you are looking for a way to protect your upper legs and thighs, there is no better place to start then right here.

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