Hanging Fairy Ornament

Why bother going through the hassle of building your own fairy display when all you need for one is right here, in this hanging fairy ornament category? Available right here at Dark Knight Armoury are a number of attractive hanging fairy ornaments, which include not only the actual fairy ornament, but also a base as detailed as the fairy is! Most of these hanging fairy ornaments are a two-piece set, including both the fairy ornament, which can be hung virtually anywhere that has an appropriate hook or way to secure the ornament up, and a base, which acts as a home for the fairy that complements her appearance and holds her up when she is not displayed elsewhere. Many of our hanging fairy ornaments depict a beautiful, colorful fairy as she seems to fly or float over a field of flowers. They are available in different colors and styles, which ensures that no matter your personality or your preference, you are likely to find a fairy ornament here that suits your tastes. When you first pick up one of these hanging fairy ornaments, you can display them together, but as time goes on, the fairy is likely to wander, as she makes a great display piece in a variety of different locations. So basically, when you get one of these hanging fairy ornaments, you really get two decorations, which make these fairy decorations a real bargain. After all, two for the price of one is always a good thing.
Fairy Moon Dreamcatcher
When the stars come out and mortals sleep, the fae folk step from the shadows and frolic across the land and sky. One such moment of this magical time of night is beautifully and playfully captured in the Fairy Moon Dreamcatcher.
Price: $24.75
Hanging Fairy Dreamcatcher
Sometimes, a fairy comes in the night to take your teeth, and other times, one comes in the night to take your bad dreams. The Hanging Fairy Dreamcatcher may not leave you quarters, but it makes a lovely decorative piece for any bedroom.
Price: $22.50

" Beautiful item (DK1055) and a great price. Super fast delivery. I'll definitely be buying from this vendor again!"

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