Fairy Mirrors

A mirror is good for more than just casting a reflection. Some, like the fairy mirrors found here at Dark Knight Armoury, are perfect for display, too, although like a good mirror should, they will also cast a reflection, meaning that while they are pretty look at, these mirrors are also fully functional and great to use, too. Although with such eye-catching designs, it will certainly be hard to focus on your reflection. Each of these mirrors features a stunning design that depicts a beautiful and distinctive fairy, as well as a uniquely detailed frame that ties in, somehow, to the fairy design. The mirrors are also impressively colored, which helps bring the mirror design to life, while making the fairy look like less of a statue and more like a living, breathing creature. Each one is also strikingly detailed, which is why these impressive fairy mirrors are perfect for display. they are perfect for hanging on walls in rooms and halls, where they will add a touch of fantasy style to the room decor, and they are also a great choice to include in your personal surroundings, either your room, your office, or even your lavatory and dressing room, where you can appreciate both the mirror and its design. You will be sure to find a fairy mirror at Dark Knight Armoury that suits your need, and more importantly, that perfectly suits your personality.
Silver Fairy Mirror
The Silver Fairy Mirror is a beautiful piece to display on any wall or table. This mirror features a beautiful fairy dressed in silver and black. Her beautiful wings sparkle and come to a circle to create the base of the mirror.
Price: $25.00
Woodland Fairy Wall Mirror
See the magic in your own eyes with the Woodland Fairy Wall Mirror. This looking glass is encircled by dancing fairies dressed in natural garbs and is the perfect gift for fantasy fanatics or those with fairy-themed bedrooms.
Price: $70.00

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