Fairy Tables

Are you looking for a grand fairy decoration, one as large as it is stunning in its appearance? Are fairy figurines just not big enough to fill the fantasy void in your home decor? Well then you have come to the right place, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we know that sometimes, you just need something as large and impressive as a good fairy table. These fairies are absolutely massive in size, and yet size has not done anything but enhance their beauty and their appearance, while also giving them a secondary functionality. Of course, you could always just place one of these stunning pieces of fairy furniture in the corner of a room and let others admire it, although they are also great for use as an actual table, for holding trinkets and lamps. Heck, they are even great for displaying other pieces of your fairy collection! Each one of these fairy tables is amazingly detailed, especially for its size, and each one comes complete with a glass tabletop that allows one to place things atop this helpful fairy, while still being table to see through the table to the fairy that rests beneath. They come in all manner of sizes, ranging from tall, narrow fairy tables that make perfect stands and displays to little fairies that make for perfect end tables and bedside tables, all the way to low-set, elongated fairies that make perfect coffee tables! Sometimes, a little fairy just is not enough. When you need a big fairy, your best bet is to come to Dark Knight Armoury and check out our fairy tables, as these are some of the biggest fairies you will ever find.
Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table
Fairies are such a part of nature that butterflies often land on them, mistaking them for trees and flowers, as evidenced by the Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table. Just as these insects use her as a perch, you can use her as furniture.
Price: $440.00
Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table
With their jewel-bright wings, it is no wonder that butterflies occasionally mistake fairies for the flowers upon which they feed. The Field of Dreams Glass-Top Fairy Table reveals a fairy sitting among flowers and butterflies.
Price: $360.00
Tribal Wolf Fairy End Table
Violet blooms cascade from the ancient tree that marks the path between the fantasy realm and the modern world. Admire the beautiful combination of nature and myth with the Tribal Wolf Fairy End Table to grace your surroundings.
Price: $480.00
White Dragon Fairy Table
Decorate your home with legend and fantasy with the help of this dramatic dragon accent table. The White Dragon Fairy Table depicts an elegant fairy and a gorgeous white dragon. The base of the table is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $364.00
Woodland Fairy Table
Your walls are covered in fairy art, and the rug, and your shelves, why stop there? You may as well commit and get a piece of fairy furniture. Luckily, the Woodland Fairy Table is here to add the perfect touch of fairy magic to your home.
Price: $440.00

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