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Do your hands regularly get cold, even while in costume? If they do, then perhaps you should consider a quality pair of medieval styled gloves from Dark Knight Armoury. They will assured work wonders for keeping your hands snug and warm. We offer an assortment of different gloves to ensure that no matter what look you need, you can find the pair of gloves that will accompany that look excellently. We have white leather gloves, suede gloves in different colors, and even a few amazing, licensed gloves that come from well-known sources. Of course, gloves are not just only for keeping your hands warm since they can also provide additional grip and keep your hands safe as well. The fabulous gloves in this section make for great finishing touches for almost any costume or look.
Black Leather Historical Gloves
Protect your hands when entering into combat with the help of these top notch leather gloves! The Black Leather Historical Gloves are ideal for training, drilling, and dressing for re-enactments with their comfortable fit.
Price: $43.00
Brown Leather Historical Gloves
Protect your hands when entering into combat with the help of these top notch leather gloves! The Brown Leather Historical Gloves are ideal for training, drilling, and dressing for re-enactments with their comfortable fit.
Price: $43.00
Gothic Crown Lace Fingerless Gloves
Regal beauty will be within your grasp at your next formal occasion with the addition of these gloves to your ensemble. The Gothic Crown Lace Fingerless Gloves make an elegant accessory to serve as a finishing touch for your attire.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Gothic Crystal Bow Fingerless Gloves
When heading out to the opera, a wedding, or other formal occasion, make sure that every detail of your ensemble is complete. The Gothic Crystal Bow Fingerless Gloves make the perfect finishing touch to a fancy ensemble.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Gothic Lace Ruffle Fingerless Gloves
No opera gown, wedding dress, or ensemble for a formal occasion is complete without a pair of elegant gloves. The Gothic Lace Ruffle Fingerless Gloves extend up the forearm with elegant ribbons that crisscross over the back.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Hartwig Suede Gloves
These soft suede gloves are the perfect accessory for any medieval inspired or LARP outfit. Exceptionally comfortable, the Hartwig Suede Gloves are sold in pairs and great for wearing on their own or underneath gauntlets.
Price: $20.00
Lacy Steampunk Glovettes
When you are dressing up in steampunk style for a formal event, make sure you have stunning Neo-Victorian accessories to complement your look. The Lacy Steampunk Glovettes make a fantastic finishing touch to elegant ensembles.
Price: $13.00
Leather Celtic Gloves
If you find your medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy outfit lacking in detail, consider the Leather Celtic Gloves. These fingerless leather gloves will take your characters style to the next level, whether at a LARP event or Ren fair.
Price: $40.00
Medieval Falconers Gloves
Whether you are fond of birds or simply need a good pair of gloves to round out your historical outfit, the Medieval Falconers Gloves will do the trick. These forearm length gloves are made of leather with select suede detail.
Price: $49.00
Medieval Leather Gloves
A good pair of gloves goes great with just about any medieval look. Knights, kings, brigands, swordsmen, warriors, wizards, rogues, and more can benefit from the style and versatile appeal that these Medieval Leather Gloves offer.
Price: $60.00
Medieval Leather Gloves
Gloves do more than protect your hands. Sometimes, they accent your look. At other times, they help secure your grip on your weapon or anything else in-hand. Thus these Medieval Leather Gloves are an accent that can do without.
Price: $37.00
On Sale For: $30.00
Medieval Sleeves
It is easy to get cold at a Renaissance fair, with winter wind biting any exposed skin. If only more underdresses came with sleeves. Luckily, you can now keep your arms covered without sacrificing authenticity with the Medieval Sleeves.
Price: $15.58
Robin Archers Glove
Maintain a firm grip on your bow as you let loose an arrow, striking your target between the eyes. The Robin Archers Glove protects your drawing hand from the inconvenient injury and pain caused by recoiled strings and passing arrows.
Price: $12.00
Steampunk Gear Single Fingerless Glove
Advertise your fantastic steampunk style with this fingerless glove that is sure to draw eyes! The Steampunk Gear Single Fingerless Glove covers one of your arms from your knuckles to near your elbow.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $17.10
Steampunk Mesh Single Arm Warmer
This unique steampunk accessory lets you add a hint of rebellion to your neo-Victorian style. The Steampunk Mesh Single Arm Warmer covers your lower arm from wrist to elbow with its eye-catching design.
Price: $11.00
Steampunk Pocket Arm Band
When you want your steampunk ensemble to stand out from all the rest, you will need to find the perfect accessories to accompany it! The Steampunk Pocket Arm Band combines functionality and style into its design.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $11.70
Suede Celtic Gloves
You cannot underestimate the power of a great pair of gloves. Whether as the next piece of your cosplay, reenactment outfit, or LARP character, the Suede Celtic Gloves will help you form a cohesive look while lending light protection.
Price: $29.00
Suede Gauntlet Gloves
Most gauntlets are not intended to be worn without an underlayer of protection, and these Suede Gauntlet Gloves offer that protection in comfortable style. They feature a top stitched quilted appearance and moderately extended cuff.
Price: $29.00
Suede Kandor Gloves
Made of high-quality leather and featuring adornments both stylish and functional, the Suede Kandor Gloves are great for wearing as part of any LARP or historical reenactment look and are also suitable for wearing under gauntlets.
Price: $26.00
Suede Leather Gloves
Fine gloves go well with just about any look you can imagine. Knights, kings, warriors, swordsmen, soldiers, brigands, bandits, wizards, and more can all enjoy the look of good gloves, and these Suede Leather Gloves are just that.
Price: $48.00
Suede Swordsman Gloves
These gauntlets are made from suede leather and are very comfortable and soft. Whether you do real sword reenacting or LARPing, if you want to avoid losing grip of your weapon due to sweaty hands, you will need a good pair of gloves.
Price: $30.00
Thief Leather Gloves
Skilled thieves require dexterity and a good grip. The Thief Leather Gloves offer both! With their fingerless design, you gain the mobility and sensitivity of bare hands alongside the palm protection provided by leather gloves!
Price: $35.00

"By doing a Google search for "authentic pirate clothing" I stumbled upon your site. Part of my order arrived within a few days of ordering it and the rest has just shipped. What Ive received so far has exceeded my expectations, especially at the prices I paid. Great quality, fair prices, and very attentive and helpful customer service. Business done right! Thank you!!!!"

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