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Welcome to Azeroth, a fictional world of magic and fantasy where almost anything is possible. World of Warcraft is a massive computer game that is played the world over, allowing hundreds of thousands of players, if not millions, to adopt a new persona in a world of high fantasy. Thanks to the World of Warcraft Costumes here at Dark Knight Armoury, you can take that persona out of the game and show it off as a great costume, too! We offer a number of kits, masks, and more that make transforming your real-world self into your digital character that much easier, ensuring that your transition from human to blood elf, tauren, or forsaken is relatively painless and quite easy, as well as visually impressive to behold. Each and every one of these WoW accessories are fantastic for a variety of purposes, ranging from creating unique and individualized characters to recreating your favorite characters, whether that happens to be Illidan, Thrall, Malfurion, or any other inhuman race that you might favor from the game. We offer masks and accessories that will transform you into one of the common races of WoW, ranging from the lowly goblin to the minotaur-like Tauren and the werewolf-like Worgen. We also offer ear kits for giving yourself night elf ears or blood elf ears, as well as prosthetic kits that are perfect for giving yourself the pale, rotted look of the undead Forsaken. There are even prop weapons, modeled after some of the more famous weapons found in the game! There is even a murlock you can wear on your head. So come one, come all, and do not worry if you are Horde or Alliance, because Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide both with the World of Warcraft costumes, masks, and accessories that you need to start or finish your ideal WoW costume.
Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard from World of Warcraft
Our Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard is licensed from the popular game World of Warcraft. This Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard will make you look and feel just like an Orc! The Orc Deluxe Latex Mask with Beard comes as it is shown.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $44.00
Undead Prosthetic Kit from World of Warcraft
Our Undead Prosthetic Kit is licensed from the game World of Warcraft. The Undead Prosthetic Kit includes a latex jaw prosthetic, spirit gum and remover, 4 color make-up palette, washable white cream make-up, and a sponge applicator.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $16.00

"By doing a Google search for "authentic pirate clothing" I stumbled upon your site. Part of my order arrived within a few days of ordering it and the rest has just shipped. What Ive received so far has exceeded my expectations, especially at the prices I paid. Great quality, fair prices, and very attentive and helpful customer service. Business done right! Thank you!!!!"

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