Barrel Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are using your oak barrel at all to age spirits, then trust us when we say that you are going to need some of the items from our Cleaning and Maintenance category. Not only does Dark Knight Armoury offer a cleaning kit that will keep your barrel clean between uses, but we also carry a number of replacement parts, because accidents do happen. Now, why, exactly, do you need to clean your oak barrel? Imagine this situation. You are nearing the end of a two-month aging stent, getting ready to sample some delicious, home-aged orange brandy. But before that, you aged Irish whiskey in your barrel, and you did not clean it out, either. Now, your first taste of aged spirits is not the delectable taste of orange brandy, but a strange thing that tastes strongly like brandy but with odd notes that are distinctive of Irish whiskey. That is cross-contamination for you, and that is why a cleaning kit is important for your barrel. It ensures that, when done properly, your barrel gives you pristine taste with every spirit you age, without muddling or mixing flavors. A cleaning kit also includes what you need to store your barrel when it is not in use. You will also find replacement spigots and bungs here, because sometimes, things happen and these are the two pieces that, more often than not, get broken or misplaced. So if you plan on using your oak barrel for aging different flavors, then this Cleaning and Maintenance section at Dark Knight Armoury is your gateway to ensuring that every batch, no matter what flavor it is, comes out tasting perfect and pure.
Airlock with Rubber Bung System for 10 Liter
The airlock system is used to prevent beer or wine contamination by allowing carbon dioxide gas to escape from the barrel but preventing oxygen from entering the barrel. The 3 piece design is great for easy cleaning.
Price: $6.99
Replacement Bung for Oak Barrels
This is a replacement bung for any of our oak barrels. The bung is the closure piece for the barrel, just like a cork. However it is not made out of cork! The replacement bungs are made out of wood and have leather wrapping.
Price: $3.99
Replacement Spigot for Oak Barrels
This is a replacement spigot for any of our oak barrels. The replacement spigots are made out of wood and have a brass fitting. We offer replacement spigots for all size barrels, 1 Liter, 2 Liter, 3 Liter, 5 Liter and 10 Liter.
Price: $9.99
Total Cleaning & Care Kit for Oak Barrels
Everything you need to clean and maintain your barrel. The kit includes barrel cleaning solutions, liqueur thickening formula, a spigot cleaning brush, barrel wax, and 20 storing tablets. It is a must have for maintaining a clean barrel.
Price: $24.99

"Hands down the best customer service I've ever had!! I know I probably wasn't the best customer, had poor Megan changing things left and right. But she had done everything I asked and was extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely be ordering from Dark Knight Armoury again and recommending them to everyone!! Can't wait to get my order. Thanks a million!"

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