Fantasy Daggers

Every dagger you find here in the Fantasy and Unique Styled Daggers section at Dark Knight Armoury is not going to be your typically dagger. A far cry from your typical medieval daggers and Renaissance blades, each of these fantasy daggers is a distinctive and a unique piece that would look as great on a display as it would belted to a warriors side. Some of the daggers held in this section are unique looking blades that were inspired by the blades seen and used during the course of movies, video games, or other works of fiction. These replications are, in many ways, just as stunning in appearance as they were when they first debuted in their original production, and thus make for fantastic display pieces, and many are just as lethal looking, which means that many of these movie and game knives are great for wearing and showing off, too. Others among this distinctive selection of knives are designed purely from the creative minds of fantasy artists and blade-makers across the globe, giving these fantasy knives a great variety of looks that can be, at times, esoteric and eccentric, yet rarely are they anything if not impressive, offering a range of looks ranging from dragon daggers to neck knives to hand claws and cestus, all the way down to impressive displays that feature one or more dagger-like blades. And of course, some knives are fully functional and they just fall into this category because of their distinctive blade. The infamous kukri is one such example of knife that can be found here. If you are looking for a distinctive blade that is rather unique in appearance, or if you are seeking one of the well-known blades from such famous franchises as Assassins Creed or Conan the Barbarian, then you have come to the right place, as you will find all of those and more right here in the Fantasy and Unique Styled Daggers here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Angel of Death Zombie Blade
A wicked looking weapon, the Angel of Death Zombie Blade will make anyone look like the latest incarnation of the Grim Reaper. The unique knuckle duster design features long, slightly curved blades extending from each side.
Price: $49.95
Antique Gold Medieval Dragon Dagger
With an open jaw that looks ready to devour all who oppose, the Antique Gold Medieval Dragon Dagger features the fearsome face of a fantasy beast decorating its steel guard in high detail, reminiscent of art from the Middle Ages.
Price: $17.00
Arabic Jambia
While its name translates literally to dagger, the Arabic Jambia is often a reference to a more specific kind of dagger, one that has personal and ceremonial meaning. This replica recreates the shape of a common style of Arabic blade.
Price: $60.00
Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger
When trapped in an alternative Neo Victorian timeline, choose a knife as unique as the Bike Gear Handle Steampunk Dagger! Made of stainless steel, this spear point blade is attached to an eye-catching bicycle gear style handle.
Price: $19.00
Bird of Prey Fantasy Dagger Set
The predatory features of the Bird of Prey Fantasy Dagger Set match the prowess of a royal huntsman or infamous assassin. Whether your game walks on four legs or is of the two-legged variety, these blades are sure to come in handy.
Price: $20.90
Black and Silver Locking Double Daggers
Inspired by traditional martial arts weapons, the Black and Silver Locking Double Daggers conjoin to form a short staff. Versatile, stylish, and unique, this decorative weapon set is perfect for taking friends and foes by surprise.
Price: $29.00
Black Sacred Flames Dagger with Scabbard
No matter what you carry into battle, it speaks volumes about who you are as a warrior. Our stainless steel Black Sacred Flames dagger is intricately detailed from point to pommel and it displays a distinctive inscribed triangle along the blade.
Price: $25.99
Black Ulak Saber Claw
One of the most sinister blades a fighter could use in close combat, this Black Ulak Saber Claw mimics the design of a sharp and deadly claw from a big cat and turns it into a swing blade capable of slicing and stabbing with ease.
Price: $17.90
On Sale For: $16.11
Black Widow Sword Spider
This is not a cute spider from a nursery rhyme. The Black Widow Sword Spider is an arachnid that hardly needs poison to do its dirty work, especially not when you consider that this spider has eight blades on the tips if its legs!
Price: $82.00
Bladed Double Dragon Cestus
The cestus was a classic weapon of antiquity, serving to put a fighters punch behind the force of a blade. This Bladed Double Dragon Cestus takes that concept further, creating an impressive weapon and an even greater decoration.
Price: $56.00
Blood Red Blade Dragon Dagger
Straight from the pages of high fantasy lore, the ghastly beast of the Blood Red Blade Dragon Dagger is ready to take a nasty bite out of your enemies, or in most situations, to add an intimidating touch to home and office settings.
Price: $63.00
Blue Wyvern and Dragon Dagger
A wyvern with sinuous neck and tail faces off against a dragon crouched with wings unfurled. The mythical beasts are poised for battle on this Blue Wyvern and Dragon Dagger, an excellent addition to any fantasy blade collection.
Price: $11.90
On Sale For: $10.71
Bronze Conan the Barbarian Dagger by Marto
Barbarian or no, even Conan would fall back to a dagger if it was his only option. Learn from this example and fall back on the Bronze Conan the Barbarian Dagger by Marto. This licensed reproduction will not disappoint.
Price: $293.00
Bronze Draconic Rex Dragon Display
What better way is there to represent a dragon in its fearsome strength than to show one covered in deadly blades? The Bronze Draconic Rex Dragon Display does just that, and in the process, creatures an amazing decoration.
Price: $110.00
Bronze Falcon Dagger
A medieval warrior with trusted animal companions, a horse and falcon, decorates the scabbard of the Bronze Falcon Dagger. The bird of prey lands on its masters outstretched hand in a scene reminiscent of folktales and historical lore.
Price: $23.50
Bronze Wolf Dagger
A pair of wild canines completes a hunt under the cover of night in the scene that decorates the scabbard of the Bronze Wolf Dagger. One beast lifts its head to howl at the moon while the other stares bravely at what lies ahead.
Price: $23.50
Caged Skeleton Dagger
Imprisoned for all eternity, the unspeakable crimes of this inmate are lost to memory. An intriguing weapon worthy of display, the Caged Skeleton Dagger features a skeleton prisoner trapped within its unique, medieval style hilt.
Price: $47.00
Celtic Flame Dagger
This magnificent Celtic Flame dagger has magical Celt appeal! Each flame like blade of steel is individually and masterfully forged by hand and comes with its own leather sheath which is made individually to fit each kris blade.
Price: $122.75
Chaos Skull Dagger
The Chaos Skull Dagger is a great decorative piece for those enthralled by medieval fantasy. Its gothic theme also lends authenticity and fierceness to the role of calculating dictator, ruthless barbarian, or ignoble knight.
Price: $45.50
Coiled Dragon Dagger
Of all the various design styles for blades, dragon themed weapons look the most vicious. The Coiled Dragon Dagger looks absolutely lethal, with its serpentine dragon decoration and engraving and its eternally bloodied blade.
Price: $36.50
Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Demon Skull Dagger by Marto
Conan the Barbarian, created in 1932, has, over the years, become an iconic figure in the American fantasy genre. Our Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Demon Skull Dagger by Marto celebrates this success and is a licensed reproduction.
Price: $300.00
Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Temptress Dragon Dagger by Marto
Nothing can be more dangerous than a deceivers words or a temptress guiles. A clever woman might strip away a man like Conans defenses and strike him down with the Conan the Barbarian Cimmerian Temptress Dragon Dagger by Marto.
Price: $300.00
Crane Versus Snake Dagger
Many Chinese legends exist concerning the longstanding rivalry between the two creatures of the Crane Versus Snake Dagger. The immortal crane and the cunning snake exhibit qualities that have inspired martial artists for centuries.
Price: $23.50
Cruciform Dagger
The Cruciform Dagger has a carefully designed 3.5 inch long stiletto blade and a 0.5 inch thick cruciform cross section that tapers to a needle-like point. It features a somewhat unique handle, designed to facilitate almost any grip.
Price: $10.00
On Sale For: $8.00
Curled Dragon Ring Blade
Even the smallest of dragons are to be feared, and nothing proves that point as well as this Curled Dragon Ring Blade. In spite of its small size, this wicked dragon weapon features enough blades to shred any warrior into ribbons.
Price: $34.00
Curved Guard Fantasy Dagger
Daggers were indispensable tools and had many uses, from being used as an eating utensil to personal defense when not in use on the battlefield. This Curved Guard Fantasy Dagger makes a great display item or medieval costume weapon.
Price: $19.50
Dagger of Azrael
In many traditions, Azrael is known as the Angel of Retribution and is identified with the Archangel of Death. The Dagger of Azrael, an exact reproduction of a 19th century French piece, offers a stunning homage to the deadly angel.
Price: $195.00
Demon Dragon Dagger
The evil, demonic forces of the dragon scourge can be seen on the wicked looking blade known as the Demonic Dragon Dagger. Every one of the red-eyed, winged lizards on this knife are creatures from the deadliest parts of the abyss.
Price: $48.50
Demon Skull Interlocking Curved Daggers
Summon the wicked might of a fiendish beast when you show off the Demon Skull Interlocking Curved Daggers! This intense Gothic weapon set includes two curved, interlocking daggers, a connecting chain, and a wooden stand for display.
Price: $60.50
Demon Skull Interlocking Double Daggers
Summon fiendish fury with the Demon Skull Interlocking Double Daggers! These wicked twin daggers feature hilt guards shaped like horned demon skulls and can be locked together at their pommels to form a long, double bladed weapon.
Price: $57.50
Double Bladed Dragon Knuckle Dagger
Here is a close combat weapon that is sure to delight warriors who appreciate the ferocity and sheer power of the medieval dragon. Combine your fascination for weaponry and fantasy lore with the Double Bladed Dragon Knuckle Dagger.
Price: $45.00
Double Dragon Damascus Knives
What appears to be an amazingly detailed yet harmless scroll case is actually so much more. Far from just your mundane decoration, the Double Dragon Damascus Knives are a cleverly concealed pair of decorative combat knives!
Price: $54.00
Double Fanged Snake Dagger
Only a fool would dare to cross the warrior that wields the Double Fanged Snake Dagger. The venomous creature that it depicts bespeaks a cold heart filled with venom and rage. This wicked blade adds a dark touch to your surroundings.
Price: $33.00
Double Fantasy Dagger Set
The perfect fantasy ensemble needs an intimidating weapon to complete it. The Double Fantasy Dagger Set is just that, giving you two versatile and deadly blades to finish off your favorite costume or cosplay with dual wielding power.
Price: $32.00
Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger
Designed with a fantasy styling, the Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger is a spectacular decorative weapon which features an eye catching dragon theme on both the elegantly curved handle and the sleek, satin finished blade.
Price: $14.00
Dragon Bladed Glove
Add an extra touch of darkness and fierceness to the role of warlord or ignoble knight with the Dragon Bladed Glove. The blades that extend from this fingerless glove mimic the deadly claws of your mystical totem, the medieval dragon.
Price: $60.50
Dragon Family Dagger
Mother dragons raise their hatchlings until a certain point in their lives. After that point, the mother dragon scares the babies away, as can be seen on the Dragon Family Dagger. Those babies will be just fine, so do not worry!
Price: $48.50
Dragon Fire Neck Knife
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Wickedly shaped into a dragon breathing a jet of flame, the Dragon Fire Neck Knife is a wickedly attractive tool.
Price: $8.00
Dragon Hatchling Ring Blade
Even baby dragons can be dangerous little beasties. This Dragon Hatchling Ring Blade is the perfect example, as it shows that even a newborn hatchling can possess claws of steel, as well as a look that will lure in many an unwary mortal.
Price: $46.00
Dragon Head Pen Knife
It is a common misconception that fantasy knives are too large to carry around on a daily basis. This Dragon Head Pen Knife will change that, though, as it is stylish enough to feature great style yet are small enough to use.
Price: $24.00
Dragon Red Bladed Glove
Medieval warlords, battlemages, and modern streetfighters alike will appreciate the ferocity and power of the Dragon Red Bladed Glove. The blades that extend from this fingerless glove mimic the deadly claws of the reptilian beast.
Price: $60.50
Dragon Slayer Display Dagger
Not all dragon slaying weapons are grand swords or brutal axes that could cleave through dragon scales. Some, like the Dragon Slayer Display Dagger, are smaller, although they look just as impressive and commemorative.
Price: $46.00
Dragon Tail Neck Knife
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Every part of a dragon should be considered a weapon, and the Dragon Tail Neck Knife reminds us of this fact.
Price: $8.00
Dual Black Dragon Daggers
The Dual Black Dragon Daggers are fearsome looking weapons that resemble the blades of a ninja master. Mounted upon their wooden plaque, these deadly dragon blades are double bladed fantasy weapons of destruction that you need!
Price: $47.50
Dual Black Dragon Knives
The mythical beasts of the Dual Black Dragon Knives add fierceness to your punch. Their inclusion in a cosplay costume contributes to an air of intimidation. The ambience of a home or office benefits from their presence as well.
Price: $53.90
Dual Chrome Dragon Knives
The mythical beasts depicted by the Dual Chrome Dragon Knives originate from the legends of the East. These fantasy weapons add a fierce edge to your punch, creating the right look for cosplay or enhancing the ambience of your home.
Price: $53.90
Dual Wing Blade Skull Dagger
Add a fierce, gothic touch to your arsenal of collectible fantasy weaponry with the Dual Wing Blade Skull Dagger. Skulls, bats, and blood splatter bring to mind tales of vampires and other creatures that move under the cover of night.
Price: $49.90
Eagle Claw Dagger Display Set
The Eagle Claw Dagger Display Set follows an ancient motif that exists in both Native American and Mexican folklore. The bald eagle, a symbol of strength and majesty, battles the venomous rattlesnake, a herald of death and punishment.
Price: $40.50
Elven Crusader Dagger
A unique combination of Elven decoration and medieval construction, the Elven Crusader Dagger brings a hint of fantasy to the medieval crusades that swept through Jerusalem and Israel. It is the perfect blade for an Elven Knight!
Price: $14.50
Fantasy Damascus Dagger with Wooden Sheath
As you battle evil elves, orcs, and goblins, a simple dagger just simply will not get the job done. You need a blade that will inspire you when it is in your hand, a blade just like this Fantasy Damascus Dagger with Wooden Sheath.
Price: $149.50
On Sale For: $134.55
Fire Blade Dragon Daggers
Few creatures can compete with the power of a dragon, especially when that dragon unleashes an unstoppable blast of fire from its maw. That is what is depicted by these impressively decorative Fire Blade Dragon Daggers.
Price: $52.00
Fire-Breathing Dragon Dagger
There is nothing more terrifying than dragon fire, although it makes for an incredible display of power, too. That terror and power combine in this Fire-Breathing Dragon Dagger, creating an impressive weapon and fantasy display.
Price: $36.00
Fire-Breathing Dragon Wing Blade
Usually, when you imagine a punch-blade, you do not imagine a weapon like this. The Fire-Breathing Dragon Wing Blade is a unique form of knife, designed to be decorative yet possessed of a truly intimidating and lethal looking design.
Price: $44.00
Fire-Breathing Medieval Dragon Dagger
The Fire-Breathing Medieval Dragon Dagger brings easily to mind the many tales surrounding the mythical creature that it represents. One can imagine the searing heat as the great beast unleashes another blast of fire on its enemies.
Price: $23.00
Fleur de Lis Cross Neck Knife
Reveal a deep appreciation for the Middle Ages with the Fleur de Lis Cross Neck Knife. Not only does it go great with modern apparel, but lends aid to the role of noble knight or righteous crusader during a historical costume event.
Price: $9.00
Galactic Firebird Dagger
A phoenix will always arise from its ashes, greater than before. And like a phoenix, the Galactic Firebird Dagger has arisen from the ashes of pure function to become something greater and grander, lethal and beautiful.
Price: $50.00
Galaxy Warrior Punch Blade
If you thought that punching weapons could not get any more brutal, then you thought wrong! The Galaxy Warrior Punch Blade is a frightful bruiser that will scare away anyone who finds themselves on the wrong end of this weapon.
Price: $36.00
German SS Dagger Model 1933
This replica of a German WWII dagger will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. The blade of Denix German SS Dagger is cast from a metal alloy and cannot be sharpened, making it safe for display in family environments.
Price: $41.00
German SS Dagger Schutzstaffel
This replica of a German WWII dagger will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. The blade of Denix German SS Dagger is cast from a metal alloy and cannot be sharpened, making it safe for display in family environments.
Price: $45.00
Gold and Silver Locking Double Daggers
From a short staff to a pair of matching knives, the Gold and Silver Locking Double Daggers are a surprising set of martial arts inspired weapons. These slender stainless steel daggers interlock to form a gold and silver combat staff.
Price: $29.00

"I want to take this moment to say that I am impressed at the service from your business.' First of all, some of the wooden swords I wanted were not in stock and someone called to ask if I'd like a different item. I did of course so that made me happy. Then I received them the day after they were shipped. Just in time for our re-enactors to use them at that nights practice. I was so relieved. I am the Educational Entertainment Director for the Celtic Society of West TN and our annual festival is Nov. 1st. We are doing a battle scene from the first century AD where Boudicca, the Iceni Warrior Queen from Britain, tries to defend against the invading Romans. Thank you so much for being courteous and prompt!"

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