Pirate Bracelets

It should come as no surprise that pirates love jewelry, as much because it is valuable as because of an interest in style and fashion, and that means that any good pirate is bound to love a good bracelet, which is why we carry a selection of pirate bracelets here at Dark Knight Armoury, so that any pirate can have a good piece of pirate wrist-wear. Pirate jewelry is typically flashy in one way or another, more often than not because flashy jewelry was expensive jewelry, and expensive jewelry usually always caught a pirates eye. Some of our pirate bracelets embrace this thought, possessing a rich and extravagant look that uses various pirate designs and ornate decorations to create a pirate bracelet that is quite the sight to behold. Others are a bit more subdued, which is not all that strange either, because as nice and shiny as pirates wanted to look, going unnoticed at port is also a good thing. Virtually all of our pirate bracelets feature a pirate symbol of some kind, whether it is a skull and crossbones or something else, making them immediately identifiable as true pirate jewelry. So if you happen to know a pirate who is looking to acquire a shiny new trinket, then it is in your best interests to visit us at Dark Knight Armoury, because we have a few nice pirate bracelets that you will not want to go without.
Gothic Pirate Skull Chain
Whether you enjoy the gothic style or are a fan of pirates, the Gothic Pirate Skull Chain is an incredible piece of skull themed jewelry to own! This chain consists of five stainless-steel skulls that have been linked together.
Price: $15.40
King Skull Bracelet
The King Skull Bracelet is a cuff bracelet that features a skull wearing a crown. Intricate artwork is on the sides. This bracelet is made of lead free alloy. The King Skull Bracelet is one size fits all and can be slightly adjusted.
Price: $14.50
Pirate Captain Bracelet
You can finally complete the look of that sailing outfit with the stylish and shocking Pirate Captain Bracelet. This adventurous jewelry accent will inspire you to seek great riches and danger, so purchase one for yourself today.
Price: $15.00
Pirate Leather Bracelet
Pirates are incredibly fashionable, which is probably because they plunder wealthy merchant ships. Whichever pirate is wearing the Pirate Leather Bracelet, though, has decided to add a uniquely dark pirate flair to their outfit.
Price: $20.00
Pirate Skull Bracelet
A pirate could not ask for a better bracelet than the Pirate Skull Bracelet. This attractive accessory features a classic pirate style that is difficult to beat, featuring several segments, all with great skull and crossbones designs.
Price: $19.50
Pirate Skull Leather Bracelet
You have put together the perfect swashbuckling outfit for your pirate cosplay, but you cannot help but feel you are missing something. That something has to be the Pirate Skull Leather Bracelet! It is almost too pirate themed!
Price: $19.50
Pirate Skull Wrist Cuff
Pirates have a very specific look to their clothing. The mind pictures pirates as wearing flowing shirts, sashes and bandanas, and lots of leather. The Pirate Skull Wrist Cuff is a pirate themed piece of leather apparel for you!
Price: $20.00
Skull and Crossbones Leather Wrist Cuff
The Skull and Crossbones Leather Wrist Cuff is an interesting mixture of the punk rock, gothic, and pirate styles. This handsome studded bracelet is the epitome of hardcore leather wrist apparel, as these styles blend nicely!
Price: $20.00
Skull Coin Bracelet
A pirate could not ask for a better bracelet than the Skull Coin Bracelet. This attractive accessory features a classic pirate style that is difficult to beat with several small coins, all of which feature a scowling skull design.
Price: $17.50
Skull Studded Pirate Wristband
To pirates, intimidation is a tool to help them get the spoils of a ship faster. Skulls are naturally intimidating, and so are spikes, so the Skull Studded Pirate Wristband would be perfect for any intimidating swashbuckler!
Price: $20.00
Spiked Skull Pirate Wristband
The skull and crossbones are the mascot image of the pirate genre. This means that anything with a skull and crossbones on it has a certain pirate theme to it, like the Spiked Skull Leather Bracelet, which is also gothic and rocker.
Price: $20.00

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