Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Weils

Take one look at any of the fairy statues contained here in this section, which holds the Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Wells, and you will fall in love with her work. Not only do these fairies feature impressive detailing and color, but each statue also features a small level of symbolism that makes each piece that much more attractive. Jane Starr Wells has long-showed an interest in both history and art, particularly being interested in ancient cultures, myth, and magic. Medieval era art, history, and legend are a great influence on much of her work, and the small touches of symbolism in her pieces allows her to weave bits of myth and legend in every work, ensuring that every time you look at one of these statues, there is a chance for you to see something new. Many of her statues featured here depict fairies that are based on flowers and plants, depicting fairies in one of their more classic and natural surroundings. Each one possesses an impressive level of detail, both in the fairy herself and in the flowers that surround her. Just one of these Fairy Statues by Jane Starr Wells is a fantastic piece to include in your collection, as well as a great gift to give, although once you see the detailing in one, you will likely want to come back and get the rest, too.
Sunflower Fairy by Jane Starr Weils
The Sunflower Fairy by Jane Starr Weils features a beautiful fairy in a red, orange, and yellow gown. She is standing in a group of sunflowers, and a red butterfly rests at her feet. This statue made in hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $24.00
Tiger Lily Fairy by Jane Starr Weils
The Tiger Lily Fairy by Jane Starr Weils features a fairy in an orange dress. She is walking through the grass and there are lilies on her right. She holds a wooden staff. This fairy statue is hand painted and made of cold cast resin.
Price: $24.00

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