Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall

If ever there was a collection of fairy statues to not pass up, then it was this collection of Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall. With their bright colors and their amazing detail, these statues will capture your heart and mind, transporting you to the same world from which artist Josephine Wall seems to draw much of her inspiration! A distinctive style of coloration makes each one of these pieces unique, as does the level of detail that makes each one a stunning piece to look at, whether you are seeing it for the first time or the for the fiftieth. Artist Josephine Wall has long-been inspired by the works of Arthur Rackam and the surrealist artists Magritte and Dali, and these semi-surrealist influences can be seen in her paintings and in her statues. Her fantasy work, however, remains as her most popular works, and such is her detailing that many of her pieces, which influence these fairy statues, contain hidden images or faces, which has gradually become a trademark of her work. If you are looking to add that true artistic touch of fantasy to your decor, or if you want to give the perfect gift to a fellow fairy enthusiast, then there is no better way than to pick up one of these Fairies from the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall, which always feature a level of detailing and color that makes them a true gem among other examples of fantasy art.
Blue Bird Statue by Josephine Wall
This is not your average fairy in any sense of the word. Instead, the Blue Bird Statue by Josephine Wall is a bright and colorful depiction of a strange and beautiful creature that is as much a bird as it is a fairy and a girl.
Price: $30.00
Love of Mermaid Statue by Josephine Wall
Love defies things like race, even when the difference is extreme, as is shown by this Love of Mermaid Statue by Josephine Wall. This statue depicts a touching scene between a man and his mermaid love as they dance beneath the waves.
Price: $40.00

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