Functional Steel Backplates

It is good policy, as a warrior on the field of battle, to never show your back to your enemy, at least, not if you can help it. Yet no matter how a warrior might try, it is bound to happen sometime, and the best way to ensure that your enemies do not capitalize on that moment of weakness is to wear a functional steel backplate from Dark Knight Armoury. Our functional back plates are designed to be fully compatible with our functional steel breastplates. They feature leather straps that match up easily with the straps and buckles on many of our corresponding breastplates. Many of our backplates are crafted from high quality 18 gauge steel, which gives it the strength necessary to hold up under the duress of combat, ensuring that you can use it for something as non-threatening as LARP or as harrowing as SCA reenactments! Others are crafted from 8-9 oz leather, which offers a good balance of protection and lightness that some of the more mobile warriors might prefer. Our metal backplates also come in a variety of finishes, many of which offer their own distinct examples. We do not recommend that you voluntarily turn your back to an enemy, either real or simulated, for any period of time, but when it does happen, you can do so with confidence knowing that Dark Knight Armoury has your back protected, thanks to the great functional steel backplate that you are wearing.
Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior - Size Large
The wise warrior never enters the LARP battleground with the back exposed. The Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior-Size Large safeguards your spine, allowing you to concentrate more fully on the adventure that lies ahead.
Price: $79.00
Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior - Size Medium
While the adage, never turn your back on an enemy, is sage advice, it is often hard to follow. When a band of foes besets you, or an assassin sneaks upon you, the Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior-Size Medium proves its worth.
Price: $69.00
Backplate for King or Templar - Size Large
Prepare for the customary stab-in-the-back at your next LARP event with the Backplate for King or Templar â€" Size Large. Enter the battleground in armour suitable for a noble or royal warrior, and protect your spine while doing so.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $62.00
Backplate for King or Templar - Size Medium
When participating in a LARP battle, one never knows when ones friends, or rather frenemies, may try a surprise attack. Be properly defended on every side with the Backplate for King or Templar â€" Size Medium to complete your armour.
Price: $61.00
On Sale For: $55.00
Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Large
Prevent injury to your back and spine during LARP by wearing suitable armour. Whether you choose to be a warrior from a fantasy realm or a Templar knight, the Backplate for Warrior or Drake â€" Size Large has your back, literally.
Price: $69.00
Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Medium
When adventuring into a LARP kingdom, be ready for whatever lies ahead, and for the occasional fool who may try to surprise you. The Backplate for Warrior or Drake â€" Size Medium prevents injury to your spine during said attacks.
Price: $64.00
Backplate for Warrior or Drake- Size Small
Enjoy the fun and excitement of a LARP battle, while avoiding unnecessary injuries. The Backplate for Warrior or Drake â€" Size Small features a design that emphasizes durability and safety, offering protection to your back and spine.
Price: $55.00

"A lady named Kayla helped me make my order.' She went above helpful when she made two trips into the warehouse.' Then the sword I wanted was out of stock and now discontinued.' She went and found another sword.' She took a lot of time with me.' That's why I order from you.' Nobody's going to beat your customer service.' I've never sent anything back yet, only my third order.' But I'm sure, with people like Kayla, it would not be a problem!'"

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