Functional Armor

If you are looking for a suit of armor like they wore in the Middle Ages, then you are looking in the right place, so long as you are here, looking at Dark Knight Armoury. Here, we have everything you need to outfit yourself from head to toe in gleaming steel armor that will give you the total protection that the knights of old enjoyed when they rode into battle. Browsing through our functional armour section will show you that we do, indeed, carry quite a few pieces of armor, both as individual pieces, partial sets, and full suits of armour. This variety allows you to pick your level of protection and build on it, if you desire. This means that if you are looking for partial protection, you can browse through our selection of functional arm armour and functional leg armour to find just the pieces you want to keep your limbs safe. Add in a piece or two of functional body armour and you will be almost set for battle. Did you pick out a pair of functional steel pauldrons to wear? Well, you will need a functional steel gorget to go with it, as this will not only keep your neck safe, but it will also keep the pauldrons secured on your shoulders. You can also cut out the hassle of building your own suit and just pick up either a functional steel armour package or a full suit of armour. Our steel armour packages offer various levels of protection, ranging from minimal coverage to maximum protection, and our functional full suits of armour take that a step further, by layering you in steel that will keep you protected from virtually anything you encounter. Our functional steel armour is great for medieval reenactments, stage events, and theater productions, as it lends a touch of authenticity and realism to your look. And of course, it also goes without saying that it is perfect for SCA events and LARP battles, where you will really appreciate the level of protection that a good suit of steel can provide. Are you heading into battle any time soon? Do you want to be perfectly protected behind a suit of steel? Then you are right where you need to be, right here in the functional armour section at Dark Knight Armoury.
Functional Arm Armor, Steel Arm Armor and SCA Arm Armor
Given how important your arms are in a fight, it makes sense to keep them fully protected. The functional arm armor found here at Dark Knight Armoury works wonders for keeping your arm protected, ensuring that no matter what weapon comes hurtling your way, your arms will be safe and secure behind several different pieces of plate armor.
Functional Body Armor, Steel Body Armor and SCA Body Armor
One of the most iconic things for a warrior to wear in the Middle Ages was the suit of armor, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer pieces of functional body armor for the modern-day warrior to wear! Our functional plate armour is hardy and rugged, possessing a great look as well as a strength that will keep you safe from sword-blows and spear-thrusts.
Full Suits of Armour, Suit of Armor and Knights Armour
For a level of protection that cannot be beaten, you will want to invest in one of Dark Knight Armourys functional full suits of armour. These suits of armor are modeled after the typical examples of plate armour that would have been common during the Late Middle Ages, and will give you both the protection and the look of a real knight in shining armour.
Functional Leg Armor, Steel Leg Armor and SCA Leg Armor
Are you looking for some leg armor to wear when you head onto the field of battle? Well, look no further than at Dark Knight Armoury, because we offer a wide selection of functional leg armour that will keep your legs as defended as you desire! Not only will it keep you protected, but our various styles of leg armor will also make you look that much more like a true medieval warrior.
Functional Armor Packages and Steel Armor Packages
Dark Knight Armoury offers, by far, the easiest way to put together a complete and cohesive looking suit of armor, thanks to our numerous functional steel armor packages. Each one is chock-full of great pieces that are all battle-ready, ensuring that no matter which one you get, from our smallest to our biggest, you will be equipped with the protection you seek for your battles ahead.
Functional Gorgets, Steel Gorgets and SCA Gorgets
A gorget is more than just a typical piece of armor that protects your neck. In fact, they are that, and so much more. Any one of the functional steel gorgets you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury will not only protect your neck, collar bone, and shoulders, but they are also made for helping you wear other pieces of armor, as well!

"This company ROCKS! I ordered something and it was too big. Their return policy was super easy and when I called and spoke to Rachael about adding something to my order she took care of everything over the phone and even ensured I would have my costume by Oct 25th. In this world where customer service seems to be a thing of the past it is so nice to deal with a company that puts customer service first! Well done!"

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